Toom In ‘6ixtynin9: The Series,’ Explained: Does She Keep The Money?

Toom is the heart and soul of 6ixtynin9: The Series. She’s portrayed by Davika Hoorne, who gained fame for her role in the popular Thai film Heart Attack. Toom’s character really shines in this series, and you’ll find yourself drawn to the way she tackles all the challenges that come her way, no matter how tough they get. She’s a character you can’t help but root for, as she navigates the twists and turns of the story.


Spoilers Ahead 

Toom’s Life Challenges

Toom’s story is quite something. She’s a hardworking person, you know, the kind who goes above and beyond, at the Thanachat Insurance Company. In fact, she’s even been named the employee of the year, all thanks to her impressive work skills. But here’s the thing about Toom: She’s a bit of a quiet soul. She doesn’t talk much to anyone and tends to keep her work to herself. That’s just her way of doing things. But then, out of the blue, the company laid her off over some fortune sticks. It hits her hard, and suddenly, she loses all hope. She’s just lying around in her house, feeling like there’s no purpose anymore.


On the other hand, Toom’s relationship with her family is a bit strained, even though she loves them. There’s this sense of Detachment in her life that she can’t quite shake. But just when she’s on the brink of giving up, a knock on her door changes everything. It’s a turning point in her life that sets the stage for the wild ride that is 6ixtynin9: The Series. Toom’s life seems to be a bit of a solo journey. She rarely gets a greeting from anyone in her building or from her friends, except for two notable exceptions: her super-active best friend Fon and a rather creepy neighbor who’s all about those daily phone calls.

When a mysterious box stuffed with cash shows up at her doorstep, Toom decides to check it. What Toom doesn’t realize is, that this cash is actually meant for a deal between two guys named Tong (her boss) and Kanchit. They usually conduct their business in House Number 9. But here’s the twist: Toom’s house number is 6, and sometimes it looks like a 9 when you flip it. That’s how the money accidentally ended up at her place. Now, you’d never think that money would just fall in your lap like that, right? But Toom, being the diligent and responsible person she is, decides to send some of the money to her family. At first, she contemplates leaving the money where it is, but then she has a change of heart. Life has thrown enough problems her way, and this might just be her one chance to turn things around.


Toom’s Encounter With Goons

Just when Toom starts to think that maybe, just maybe, life might get a bit easier, things take a dark turn. Two tough-looking guys show up at her doorstep, and it turns out they’re Kanchit’s top henchmen. These guys are no fools. They notice the change in Toom’s behavior, and that’s when things go south fast. Toom tries to hide the money in a packet, but these guys aren’t messing around. They break in her house, and it gets pretty violent. They’re hitting her so badly that it’s almost suffocating. But in the heat of the moment, with her life on the line, Toom does something that changes everything. Accidentally, she ends up killing Noi, one of the goons, and then Bum, the other one. And just when she thought the worst was behind her, life threw her another curveball.

It’s a dark and intense moment in 6ixtynin9: The Series that shows us the price one has to pay for a chance at a better life, and Toom’s journey is far from over. Toom finds herself in a real bind after that violent encounter. At first, she considered going to the police to report what happened, but then she quickly changed her mind. Instead, she starts brainstorming ways to get rid of the bodies discreetly, hiding them in her own house for now. Throughout all these daunting challenges, there’s one thing about Toom that stands out: her unwavering calmness. It’s like she’s a master at keeping her cool, no matter what life throws at her. Perhaps it’s because she’s always tried to fit in with others, and that’s turned her into an extra cautious, composed person.


But here’s where things get even crazier. Two more goons stumble upon the bodies, and they start connecting the dots. Somehow, they realize that Toom is tied to all this. And what’s even crazier? Toom ends up right in Kanchit’s path – the very person she should be running away from. Toom’s life just keeps getting more complicated by the minute. Despite everything she’s going through, nobody really reaches out to her. People maintain their distance, casually entering her house whenever she’s not around, like there’s an open door policy. And just when Toom is trying to figure out how to make things work with all those hidden bodies, two more unexpected guests show up: Lieutenant John and Sompan, the guy who actually works for Tong.

John realizes, that Toom’s hiding something big, and he decides to investigate further. In reality, all he wanted to do was check if there was a drug party happening in the building from her balcony. But things take a wild turn when he ends up in a gunshot exchange with Sompan, who’s been hiding in Toom’s cupboard. And you guessed it, they both lose their lives right there, adding two more bodies to Toom’s growing list of problems. If you look closely, this money was originally supposed to reach Tong, but fate seems to have other plans. It’s almost like karma in action because, after all, Tong was the one who got her fired from her job in the first place.


Toom’s Ultimate Decision

Having money doesn’t always solve your problems. Sometimes, it even complicates things further. There’s a telling moment when Toom is at a coffee shop, and the way she consumes sugar hints at underlying issues with her mental health. It’s like the series subtly suggests symptoms of depression or anxiety. But it’s when Toom faces the grim task of disposing of those bodies that her life takes a dramatic turn. She loses her best friend, Fon, to one of Kanchit’s men. This serves as a turning point for her Charakter. Even though she manages to take down her friend’s killer and escape, something inside her shifts. She realizes that the bloodied money, that has caused her so much trouble, is no longer worth it.

At one point, Toom is ready to leave her old life behind and escape to Finland. She destroys her documents and throws the bag of money into the water. Who knows, what she’s contemplating, as she moves forward? But it’s clear that she’s looking for a way to live a more peaceful life. The money, in the end, finds its way to someone in need, but Toom’s journey is far from over. Toom has endured a lifetime of problems and moments, where it seemed like nobody cared about her. When she stumbled upon that money, she clung to it desperately, doing everything in her power to hold onto it.


But as her journey unfolds and she faces one challenge after another, there’s a lingering question in her mind: Is it all worth it? Is it worth running and living a life constantly on the edge, filled with fear and uncertainty? It’s a reflection on the true cost of her actions and the weight of her decisions. 6ixtynin9: The Series takes us on a rollercoaster ride through Toom’s life, and in the end, we’re left wondering about the true meaning of it all. It’s a powerful exploration of how life’s twists and turns can lead us to unexpected places, and Toom’s character development is a central part of the story.

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