‘105 Minutes’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Is Janu Dead Or Alive?

The movie 105 Minutes felt like a real snoozefest—it’s neither thrilling nor scary at all. I mean, I found myself yawning through most of it. It could have ended in 105 minutes, but two hours seemed like a lot. And let’s talk about the special effects—what were they thinking? They’re worse than some Instagram filters! The scenes and dialogue just keep repeating. Anyway, the story follows this girl named Janu, who comes home on a stormy night and starts seeing some seriously strange stuff. Janu is freaking out, wondering if she’s dreaming or if it’s all real. Throughout the run time of the movie, there’s this one line that keeps coming up: “Who are you?” It’s like the only thing they could come up with! Overall, not my cup of tea. But really, who is doing all this? Why is she experiencing such things? Is she dreaming or is it all real? We are going to find out. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Janu After Reaching Home? 

At the beginning of 105 Minutes, we see a very stormy night with thunder rumbling in the clouds. In the midst of this, there’s a girl named Janu trying to get home as fast as possible. As she’s driving, she starts feeling like someone is watching her through the car window – and it turns out to be herself! Naturally, she’s pretty scared, and she hurries to get home, hoping it will stop these hallucinations. But her car stops in the middle of nowhere due to the heavy rain. After a while, thankfully, it starts again, and she finally reaches home. Just as she’s about to feel safe, strange things start happening before her eyes on a much greater scale. To relax, Janu gets into her bathtub and closes her eyes, but when she opens them, she finds herself in a forest! Janu can’t understand if she’s dreaming or not, and at first glance, neither can we. The poor girl to break out, but it feels like she’s trapped by some kind of magic, unable to escape. And there’s this constant sound of a man’s voice tormenting her and making her suffer. She doesn’t realize who it could be. She sees a door and goes through it, only to find herself back in her room, feeling somewhat relieved. But then Janu sees herself in the mirror and her reflection is hitting herself in the head with a bottle, and then she starts bleeding from her head. She doesn’t understand what’s going on.


Then, a man’s voice can be heard asking Janu why she’s scared, because she shouldn’t be. She screams for help, but then the man calmly asks her to make coffee. She makes it, and when she sits down in the dining area, she sees that the whole area is burning from the candle-lit romantic setting, as if it were a date that went up in flames, just like their love, maybe? Then she finds her leg chained to a bracket, unable to free herself. As she struggles to break free, she screams for help, but obviously, no one is coming, not even her love. There’s this constant hissing and repetitive sound, indicating that the man wants her love but knows he can’t have it. That’s why he lost his life, and now he wants to make her suffer and lose her life too. What a horrifying way to take revenge! Do you know why? Janu was actually in a relationship with this man for a long time, and they both thought they were in love. The man thought they were ready to take the next step and asked Janu to marry him, but she refused. What really happened to the man isn’t shown in the movie, but we can guess he died of his depression after this heartbreak. And now he’s determined to make her suffer as his revenge so his soul can rest in peace. What a chilling motive!

Did Janu Survive? 

As Janu tries to make her way through the night, she finds herself trapped in a never-ending loop of suffering, as if there’s no escape. The man is trapping her in this maze because he wants her to relive the pain he’s been through. So, he traps her in a glass room with poisonous gas, as if he wants her dead—but not yet. He wants her to fear him, to show her what he believes she really is—maybe a devilish woman who doesn’t have the right to be happy. She often sees herself laughing horrifyingly, signifying how devilish she really is, despite pretending to be good in the outside world. Then, when she enters her bedroom, she sees that the entire room is like an aquarium, full of water and fish everywhere. She finds herself drowning (I told you about the VFX here! Horrifying!). But as she feels like she’s drowning, she is then again saved- but she prepares herself, knowing that there’s more torture to come! When she looks at the TV, she gets scared as the man’s voice is heard around her, saying that this will be her future. And what does she see on the TV? She twisted her neck with the chains on her legs, attempting to die! He hopes she must die in such a way—that’s the only way to go! Then she looks under the sink and finds a hallway. She feels it’s the only way to escape, and she goes through it. But where does she end up? In a room that’s spinning, making her feel dizzy; she can’t even stand there. She runs as fast as she can from there and finally reaches the roof. She realizes the only way to escape this torment is by jumping from the roof. With her bleeding chained leg, she tries to survive until her last breath, but she kind of gives up because she realizes she has actually caused someone so much pain that his soul is doing this to her! So, she stands on the edge of the roof and jumps! So, to answer your question, no, she did not survive.


During 105 Minutes‘ ending, we find out that it’s a fictional story being written by a writer based on a true event that happened to one of her friends. But is it really just fiction? We see hints that the writer herself might be the protagonist of the story—maybe she’s the real-life Janu! Perhaps she’s the girl who actually broke someone’s heart and now fears that the same tragedy might befall her. So, she writes it as a fictional story, giving it a different name. But maybe, just maybe, she is the real Janu after all! The story doesn’t end there; it might just be the beginning of her own torment. She doesn’t know what’s about to come next—maybe, just like in the story, she’ll be faced with the same tragedy she wrote about! Who knows what the future holds for her? It’s a mystery!

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Sutanuka Banerjee
Sutanuka Banerjee
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