‘007: Road To A Million’ All Participants: Meet The Cast Of Amazon’s James Bond Reality Show

When Jeremy Renner’s Rennervations landed on streaming services, I thought the production company had hit the peak of creativity. Jeremy Renner traveling around the country to create or repair “purpose-built vehicles” was one of the best shows of the year. But now, Amazon Studios has taken it up a notch with their latest offering, the 007: Road to a Million series. In this show, regular folks like you and me are thrust into James Bond-style situations and must solve puzzles to win a million pounds. Narrated by Brian Cox, who also takes the reins of the challenge as the controller, 007: Road to a Million gives its players a chance to visit some of the most exotic places in the world, including Istanbul and Venice, where James Bond carried out his missions. Here’s a complete rundown of all the participants in the 007: Road to a Million challenge.


Josh And Kamara

Kamara and Josh were a young married couple and parents to a cute kid. They took on the 007: Road to a Million challenge because they believed it could change their lives and give them and their son a great future. With Kamara’s razor-sharp wit and Josh’s knowledge of multiple languages, they successfully solved many of the puzzles, including those hidden in Kinlochleven, Puglia, the Atacama Desert, Lascar, and more.

In Puglia, Kamara climbed a hundred-foot-long crane to find the briefcase, and we couldn’t help but think about the scene from the 2006 film Casino Royale, where James Bond (Daniel Craig) clambered up a massive crane while he was chasing a target. Josh was no different, and in their next challenge, he scaled the Lascar volcano to secure a briefcase, even though he had a fear of heights.


Josh and Kamara’s lives were marked with problems that would make anyone give up. Kamara was raised in a single-parent home because her dad walked out on the family. She left home at a very young age and learned how to survive on her own. Josh’s story was no less tragic; he was a survivor of a violent crime when he was stabbed a couple of years ago, which made him lose his self-confidence and instilled a fear of heights in him, but he overcame that fear when he climbed Lascar. Kamara and Josh grew up in social housing and hoped to use their reward money to give their son things they never had.

Sana Pirmohamed And Saiqa Pirmohamed

Sana and Saiqa were sisters who had spent their entire lives together and knew almost everything about each other. Even though Saiqa was just a year younger than Sana, she always looked up to her older sister and wanted to be like her. Sana, too, cherished Saiqa and used to guard her like she was her treasure. The sisters brought out the best in each other despite growing up in a family that had placed too many restrictions on women. Sana and Saiqa were recent graduates with degrees in design engineering and economics, respectively.


Before Sana accepted the 007: Road to a Million challenge, she was working as a process engineer, while her sister, Saiqa, earned her daily bread as a fraud analyst at a bank. Like the others, their journey started in the mountains of Scotland by accepting a call from Brian Cox, but it was cut short when they failed to answer, and the invading army tried to siege Scotland in 84 AD. They guessed them to be the Huns, but it was the Roman army that tried to capture Scotland in 84 AD. Even though the Pirmohamed sisters lost their chance to win the grand prize, they never held it against each other.

Keith And Nick

Keith and Nick have had each other’s backs for as long as they can remember. They both were retired cops and served with each other on the force. They knew everything about one another, including their likes, dislikes, strengths, and flaws, and that gave them an advantage over the others. Thanks to their years of experience, Nick and Keith had a better chance of making it to the end. They solved their first riddles without putting in any hard work and made their way from Scotland to Itlay, where they needed to find and solve another riddle before the time ran out.


In Venice, Keith and Nick came across a new set of riddles in Caseggiato Sciarra, a villa filled with old paintings and sculptures. Here, Keith and Nick tried to find out the answer to how many years of jail time were handed to the thief who sacked the world-famous “Woman With a Fan” painting. After thinking for a while, they locked in their answers, but they were incorrect, marking the end of their journey.

Sam O’Neil And James O’Neil

Sam O’Neil and James O’Neil share a father-and-son relationship, and for Sam O’Neil, his father was his biggest superhero. Sam always looked up to James and admired him for the love and support he’d given him. Sam appreciated everything about his father except his job. James worked on an oil rig, and for that, he had to spend months at sea and away from his precious family. Since he was always at sea, James missed out on many of the important events, like his son’s birthday and his marriage anniversary, but they never blamed him for anything, as they knew how hard James was working to provide for them.

Even though the idea of winning a million pounds was music to their ears, James and Sam were actually more interested in turning the challenge into a father-son outing instead of just chasing after the cash. James himself said that he was less excited to win the money and more relieved that he was going to contest the game with his son, Sam. James regretted being away from his son, and during the challenge, he hoped to bridge that difference and make a memory of a lifetime, all while traveling to some of the world’s most exotic places, like Rio, Chile, Venice, and many more.

Bone Brothers: James And Joey

I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone when I say James and Joey were the best participants to join 007: Road to a Million. From the very beginning, they had us captivated by their hearty banter and peculiar ways of solving their riddles. The brothers were from south London and excited to begin the challenge for mainly two reasons! First, they both wanted to feel like the double 007 themselves and second, they wanted to win the prize money that would change their lives. Joey was married to a beautiful woman and had two cute children, while his brother, James, was single and called himself a free spirit who loved to travel the world.


Thanks to the competition, James and Joey were able to visit far-flung places like Rio and the Amazon Rainforest. Like Kamara and Josh, the brothers, too, saw their own share of hardships and had a far-from-perfect life. Their parents called it quits on their marriage when Joey and James were kids, and they were thus raised by their mother. Joey left home at the young age of 16 and undertook many jobs to provide for his family, including driving taxis and making deliveries, and he made sure that his younger brother got everything he needed, including a quality education.

James admired his older brother and genuinely believed that he wouldn’t have been able to get far, both in his life and in the game, if his brother hadn’t been by his side. My favorite moment was seeing them try to measure a boa constrictor to advance to level 2. I assure you, you would be scratching your heads, finding out if the Bone brothers were good at the game or were just getting lucky.


Danny And Colin

Danny and Colin were two best friends who, unlike the Pirmohamed sisters, were lucky enough to survive their first challenge and make it to level 2, where they needed to choose between the four Turkish tarot cards to advance. Danny and Colin were practically family and would follow each other blindly, without question, to the edges of the earth. Danny was an uneasy one and thought the 007: Road to a Million challenge would give him opportunities to conquer his fear.

Danny wanted to show his lovely wife and kids that nothing is impossible if you put your heart and soul into it. He himself made it clear throughout his journey that he had always been anxious to take on new challenges and wanted them to change. Colin, on the other hand, was an excited fella who never backed down from a challenge. Their journey started in Scotland and took them to the Brazilian rainforest, wherein they found clues to their next puzzle, hidden inside a cave filled with bats. Unfortunately, it ended in the middle of a lake when a floatplane flew over their heads with red smoke, suggesting that they had chosen the wrong answer.


Daniella Gualtieri, Grace Nicoll, Daniel Fenner, And Tanaka Nyoni

Daniella Gualtieri and Grace Nicoll’s adventure began right after the bus dropped them off on a serene road with mountains on both sides. The only thing out of the ordinary was a red phone booth on one side of the road. They picked up the receiver and trekked to the other side of the mountain to find their first challenge, which turned out to be a piece of cake for them. However, Daniella and Grace’s journey ended in Venice when they couldn’t crack the next riddle. Daniel and Tanaka were the unluckiest of the bunch; they couldn’t even crack the first riddle and had to go home empty-handed.

Beth And Jen

Beth and Jen were emergency room nurses who, unlike Daniel and Tanaka, had no trouble solving the puzzles that were hidden around the mountains of Scotland and Lochcarron Garage. Their next challenge took them to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Istanbul, a city common in many of the James Bond movies, like “Skyfall” and “From Russia with Love.” Beth and Jen were among the few contestants who made it to Switzerland for their final challenge.


The highlight of Jen’s career was when she was a part of the RAF (Reserved Armed Forces) and was deployed to Afghanistan. This was a difficult time for Jen, as she was treating young men with horrific and life-threatening injuries on a daily basis. She was one of the many nurses running a medical clinic in the compound of the British Embassy. Like Jen, Beth had also worked in the healthcare industry for almost two decades and met Jen when she was interviewing for a position. With their faith in each other, Beth and Jen became two of the very few to reach the final challenge.

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