‘Young Royals’ Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Wilhelm And Simon End Up Together?

Everything wrapped up happily in Young Royals‘ final episode. Previously in the series, in episodes 1–5, we came to know that Wilhelm’s brave yet problematic speech on embracing his sexuality caused a stir at Hillerska Boarding School. The school had been facing a difficult time, as the board wanted to close it. In the meantime, Wilhelm and Simon were also having serious problems in their relationship because there was a vast difference in their social status as well as ideologies. Simon wanted to stay away from Wilhelm’s royal family and especially his elite class problems, which Simon couldn’t relate to. On the other hand, Wilhelm also felt that the distance between him and his lover had been increasing. So, one day, when Simon told him that their relationship hadn’t been working out, it didn’t come as a shock for Wilhelm, even though it crushed his heart and he struggled to concentrate on anything.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Hillerska?

Episode 6 picked up where episode 5 had left off. Wilhelm was devastated after learning that Simon didn’t want to be with him anymore. Wilhelm poured his heart out in front of his friend Felice, who had also been dealing with the break up of her friendship with Sara. Felice could relate to Wilhelm’s problems because both of them were heartbroken, and Wilhelm felt comfortable opening up in front of her. Wilhelm told her that Simon did love him, but there were certain differences between them that had been affecting their relationship.


On the other hand, Simon wasn’t happy either because he had to make a hard decision, and he had been regretting what he had told Wilhelm. However, even though Simon had been overthinking about the matter, he knew that his relationship wouldn’t work out with Wilhelm until his lover made changes in his behavior. Wilhelm began to realize that his royal status had been preventing him from socializing with everyone all along, but his hands were tied, as no matter wherever he went, he had his bouncers around, creating a protective shield around him, which was very frustrating for him as well as Simon to accept. August had been repenting for his previous actions, and we saw he had a genuine desire to change himself and become a better person. Even his group of friends, who used to be the bullies, started accepting the fact that they had been bullying innocent freshmen for no apparent reason.

Sara decided to go back to school to resume her studies, and Simon accompanied her. During one of the outdoor classes, suddenly the teacher was informed that the school was on the verge of closing because of all the scandals caused by Wilhelm’s speech. This time, there was a final announcement that the school would soon be closing after the end of the session, so the students would have only a few months with each other. During this time, Simon and Wilhelm stumbled upon each other quite a few times but couldn’t have a heartfelt conversation about their own desires. Finally, one day, a closing ceremony was organized in which all the students would gather together, wearing white clothes, to bid farewell to each other. August was pretty hesitant to party anymore, but his friends urged him to throw a party one last time.


Wilhelm and Simon didn’t want to attend the farewell party and decided to cry back at home, but their friends were not okay with this decision at all. While Sara, Rosh, and others convinced Simon to come to the party, Felice came to Wilhelm’s dorm room, asking him out. She asked him to be happy, even though he didn’t have any reason to be. Wilhelm finally decided to give it a shot and agreed to attend the gathering one last time.

After Sara bumped into August, she felt uneasy when August tried to hug and kiss her. Sara made herself clear that she didn’t want to see August anymore because their relationship had been over for her. It broke August’s heart, but he realized that he might have deserved this because of the terrible things he had done and said to her family. Sara’s decision to choose her own family over her love interest is indeed a wiser decision.


Wilhelm and Simon couldn’t help but spend time together on the bank of a lake and talk to each other about their issues. Knowing that they might not meet each other again or have this beautiful moment together, they kept all their issues aside and embraced each other for the last time. Many things around Hillerska have been changing. Students were getting more and more open-minded about their sexuality, all thanks to Wilhelm and Simon’s initiatives. Felice found her two roommates making out in the morning, and even though she found them, she chose not to disturb them at all. It made her happy that her friends were finally changing as people and accepting themselves the way they are. Even August’s friend also accepted the fact that he liked to sleep with guys, and neither August nor his other friends judged him for his confession.

What Finally Happens To Wilhelm And Simon?

In the concluding moments of the episode, we saw a closing ceremony at the school, where the students got their graduation degrees and had to say goodbye to each other. Sara stumbled upon Felice and they apologized to each other for their previous misunderstandings. Meanwhile, Wilhelm was worried about his mother’s deteriorating health, and he also knew that his parents had been considering him as an eligible candidate for the throne, but Wilhelm realized that it was not something that he really wanted. He never wanted to become king and follow his royal responsibilities, because if he did so, he would lose his individuality, even though it would keep his family happy. Wilhelm finally decided to choose happiness for himself, and when the Queen came to take him back to the palace, he refused to accompany them. Wilhelm was finally able to realize what his heart truly desired, so forgetting everything, he wanted to go back to Simon and live an ordinary life. He suggested that his mother make August the next king of the royal family, which would be a hard decision for the Queen, but at least she realized that Wilhelm wasn’t ready to take up this role. She let him be who he really was and didn’t put further pressure on him. Finally, in the ending of Young Royals, episode 6, Wilhelm abandoned his royal status and reunited with Simon, the love of his life, to see the world through his eyes. The romantic saga of Young Royals ended with Simon and Wilhelm ending up together, while Felice and Sara reconciled on a happy note and finally forgave each other. 

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