‘Yellowstone’ Season 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Kayce Avenge His Kidnapping?

Season one of Yellowstone ended with Dan Jenkins being confronted by Kayce Dutton, the youngest son of the patriarch John Dutton, for his involvement in a real estate merger with Thomas Rainwater, who wanted to build a casino right next to the Yellowstone Dutton ranch. Monica and Kayce separate as he decides to work and live on the ranch with his father. She did not want him to turn into his father, who was a ruthless landowner. John Dutton worries about his legacy; having his youngest son around serves the purpose and fills the void left by Jamie, his other son. Beth, on the other hand, still proved to be the most loyal child in the family.


Spoilers Ahead

Was John Dutton Sick?

John Dutton, as established in season one, is the owner of the Yellowstone Ranch, which has been passed down to him by his family. Yellowstone is a legacy land that has stayed with one family for generations. John Dutton was aware of his duties as the current owner and the importance of his ancestors, who added value to the property. He had a sense of pride because of his legacy, and he expected his children to follow in his footsteps.


John Dutton could be called the “Tywin Lannister” of the Yellowstone universe, as he is consumed by his family legacy. At the end of the first episode of the second season, everyone in the family was aware of his prostate cancer diagnosis. John wanted to put all conflicts to rest before passing the ranch to his children, and having Kayce around was one of the reasons as well.

John and Jamie were also at loggerheads since the son decided to chart his own path and fight for the office of district attorney without his father’s support. John was willing to place a candidate against his son to put him in his place and had a show of support from his only daughter Beth and her on-and-off lover Rip Wheeler.


John planned to be the most powerful person in the state, and he would not let anyone be an obstacle to his ambitions, going so far as to thwart Jamie’s ambitions to run independently without the support of his father. John, on the other hand, was also having an affair with Montana State Governor Lynelle Perry, which helped him gather power. John Dutton was indeed an influential man, and he planned to hold onto his position to protect his land.

What Happened Between Kayce And Monica?

Kayce and Monica separated, and as the youngest son, he decided to move in with the cowboys being employed by the Dutton patriarch. This lifestyle allowed him to come to terms with his roots and legacy, as well as the importance of being loyal to the land and the family he was born into. Kayce was in the hope of emulating his father’s footsteps and understanding the workings of the ranch.


Monica, on the other hand, had begun her physiotherapy after her injury in the first season. Monica joined the faculty at Montana State University and started teaching Native American history. Since she is a native American herself, she had different methods of talking about her culture and legacy, which resonated with the students. Apart from her professional life, Monica was struggling with her feelings for her physiotherapist. Throughout their separation, Monica and Kayce felt a sense of longing when both were in the same room.

Was Jamie Considering Going Against The Family?

Jamie was away from the family, planning to fight for the district attorney’s office on his own, and was hoping to gather support through a public campaign. Jamie also gave an interview to a journalist about his father after the falling out, which was his way of getting back at the patriarch to break his arrogance. Just like in the first season, Jamie was desperate to prove his position in the family. Jamie always had a difficult time and walked on eggshells while dealing with his father and his sister Beth Dutton, and they perpetually branded him meek. His fight was against their idea of who he was. His girlfriend and consultant on the campaign, Christina, was his only source of moral support that kept him going.

His plans of running for office came crashing down with Thomas Rainwater, his father’s nemesis, offering to fund his campaign, which would officially create a rift between him and his family. As a person who was not keen to continue this rift in a public arena, he chose to take his family’s side and step away from the campaign. Jamie ultimately had to break up with his girlfriend, and he found a way back to Yellowstone Dutton Ranch after a brief period of separation.

After reconciling with the family, his biggest concern was Sarah Nguyen, the journalist to whom he had given the interview. His father asked him to find a solution since he was the one responsible for the problem. Jamie had no choice but to kill Sarah and make it look like an accident to prove his loyalty to his family. Rip helped him cover up the crime, but Jamie was borderline suicidal after the murder and began living with the other workers on the ranch. This further created a rift between him and Beth.


What Were The Beck Brothers Up To?

Malcom and Teal Beck were another bunch of local businessmen who were bothered by the upcoming casino coming up as a joint venture between Thomas Rainwater and the real estate developer Dan Jenkins. They were also concerned about John Dutton’s growing power and tried to create a rift between the two warring businessmen. The brothers tried every trick in the book to create a full-fledged public war between Rainwater and Dutton in the hope of gaining some traction out of the friction.

The brothers were responsible for the deaths of many cattle on the Dutton ranch and were responsible for cornering Dan Jenkins by canceling his liquor license for the upcoming casino he was about to establish. Both groups were done with the bullying and manipulation tactics used by the Beck brothers and practically had no solution in hand to chase them off despite having money and influence. Dutton and Thomas Rainwater found a common enemy in these siblings.


What Happened To Beth Dutton And Dan Jenkins?

Beth Dutton and Dan Jenkins were the most difficult people to crack, as they were not willing to bend the rules to pave the way for Teal and Malcolm Beck. In retaliation, Beth Dutton was viciously attacked by assailants at her place of work who killed her assistant. Beth was quick to inform Rip she was in danger, and he barged in at the right moment and rescued her.

Dan Jenkins’ home was trespassed on, and his bodyguard was killed. The main man was murdered inside his home as he uttered his last words, ‘This is America’. Both were eliminated for not allowing Teal and Malcolm to prosper, and the attack was a show of power. Dan Jenkins’ death was a message sent to Thomas Rainwater and his influence over the casino project; meanwhile, attacking Beth was to perturb John Dutton and his family. The brothers underestimated both groups, especially Beth, because of her gender.


Who Kidnapped Tate?

To further push the Dutton family to the corner, Kayce and Monica’s son Tate was kidnapped, and it was obvious who was behind the crime. John Dutton, being powerful and one of the richest men in the state, used all the power and influence he could to make sure his grandson survived and was brought back safely. Kayce and Monica, on the other hand, came back together after months of being separated. The ordeal of losing Tate brought them closer, and Monica moved back to the ranch. The last episode of the show was about the family coming together as one unit to rescue Tate.

The local police were quick to conclude Beck brother’s involvement in the kidnapping, and that they’d hired a group of assailants to carry out the kidnapping. Thomas Rainwater came to their rescue, offering his bodyguard Mo as help in this time of crisis. Both groups were united against a common enemy who had become a nuisance. Casualties were expected as John and Kayce were ready to put themselves in the line of fire for Tate.


Did Kayce  Avenge His Kidnapping?

Kayce and John Dutton finally managed to locate the kidnappers and Tate after a long search exercise. Monica extracted a promise from Kayce to kill those who were responsible for Tate’s kidnapping and for putting him through a horrible ordeal. Tate was a young kid, and he would be traumatized by the incident. Teal Beck was caught in his lavatory by Kayce and killed by him. Malcom Beck, on the other hand, was caught and confronted by John Dutton. There is uncertainty regarding Malcolm’s death as he was kept alive till the medical assistance arrived. Kayce and John were back triumphant, and they found an unusual ally in Thomas Rainwater.

Yellowstone Season 2 ended with Beth and Rip falling in love. This was the first time Beth allowed a man to come closer to her life, and she found a partner who would accept her wholeheartedly. Beth and Rip had been each other’s comfort pals and lovers for many years. They come together as romantic partners, and Beth could see herself in love with him for the rest of her life. Beth also witnessed her father crying over having the family back as one and not having to lose a member to the clash. Kayce and Monica found their footing in each other, and with Tate back, they were closer than ever. The second season would be the family trudging forward, with everyone coming back to the ranch and looking forward to other obstacles that could threaten their property.


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