5 Questions That Remain Unanswered In Yellowjackets’ Season 2

Season two of Yellowjackets has concluded, and it ended with one more casualty from the original team. Natalie was the one who tried to kill herself at the end of season one when Lottie’s men and women decided to bring her to their commune as instructed by Lottie. But by the end of season two, Natalie is accidentally killed by Misty. While her death is tragic and Nat’s friends remain in shock, the season ended by not explaining certain subplots, leaving many open-ended questions. Hopefully, some of the questions asked below in this article will be answered in the third season; in the meantime, let us speculate.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Is Taissa Sleepwalking With Her Alter Ego?

Taissa’s sleepwalking began in the first season, coupled with an alter ego taking over her and Taissa indulging in eating mud off the ground. As her condition worsens, there are no definite answers to what led to her sleepwalking in the forest. Her alter ego, as well, does not speak as such but guides her through the forest. Vanessa, Taissa’s then-girlfriend, steps in, but again, there is no conclusive answer given to what triggered her sleepwalking. Twenty-five years later, Taissa is now married to Simone and running for the post of Senator, but her sleepwalking resurfaces. Along with it, her alter ego resurfaces too. Her deteriorating mental health condition and the ordeal they faced after the plane crash must be discussed in detail. There has only been surface-level talk of how her mind is acting up and Simone leaving her for not seeking any medical help. Taissa does anything but that, and along with Vanessa, Taissa keeps complaining about something wrong with her. Hopefully, there will be an answer to when Taissa’s alter ego came up and why she began sleepwalking in the forest and as an adult as well. Her narrative has been frustrating and far too stretched. Hopefully, there will be a definite conclusion to this problem.


Is Coach Scott Alive?

Coach Scott is the only adult member of the football team with the girls at the cabin. Scott lost one leg in the crash, and ever since, he has moved around with the aid of a crutch. The coach initially tells Misty that he adores her just to protect her feelings. It was Natalie who was quick to conclude that Scott is gay, and he keeps thinking of his secret boyfriend, Paul, from time to time. Now that he is here and has joined the team, Scott has memories of himself with Paul, and the viewers wonder what their love story was and what exactly happened between the two. Scott reveals that he broke up with Paul due to their differences over Scott’s inability to commit, and to get over the breakup, Scott decided to fly off with the team for the nationals. Now that Scott has survived, the guilt in him survives, too, for rejecting Paul. Scott wonders if he could have done things right with Paul by not committing to this football team. He starts having memories of life with Paul, but it turns out most of them were mere fantasies that emerged in Scott’s head as a defense mechanism to stay sane amongst the kids and the wilderness. Hopefully, there would be an answer to what happened to Coach Scott when the cabin was set on fire and whether he would survive the entire ordeal. There is a possibility that Scott might be alive, and that he might have lived the life of an openly gay man after being rescued. This is just a theory. Only season three will let us understand what happened to the coach and his boyfriend, Paul.

Who Is The Antler Queen?

The Antler Queen is someone who was introduced in the prologue of the first season of the show as someone who wears a face-covering white costume with long hair. It can be assumed that Lottie might be the Antler Queen, as she is the one who starts having visions around her post-crash. Lottie was a patient with schizophrenia, and she was on medication. After the crash, slowly, the medicine ran out, and this is when her hallucinations kicked in. Her imaginations were concluded as visions by the believers among the survivors. These survivors were in desperate need of a spiritual guide in this time of adversity, and Lottie joined in to give them that. Though her visions mysteriously become true, she keeps having visions of a woman covered in white from top to bottom. The same antler queen is seen by the adult Lottie as a part of her therapy session, which turned out to be her hallucinations. If Lottie is the one hallucinating the Antler Queen, there is a possibility that somebody else was the actual Antler Queen. There is a possibility that it is Natalie who is the antler queen, and maybe that’s why the adult Natalie says to Travis that the wilderness has followed them. Natalie was also chosen as the next leader after Lottie by Lottie herself. The adult Natalie might have slipped into drug abuse as a coping mechanism to get over what happened in the forest under her leadership as the Antler Queen. What do you think?


Who Is Walter?

Walter comes across as a fellow citizen detective just like Misty, who comes up with plenty of plausible theories regarding Adam Martin’s alleged disappearance. Misty is initially terrified of how accurate Walter’s theories are to the actual murder and burial of Adam Martin that were carried out by Shauna, Taissa, Misty, and Nat. Walter suddenly appears in Misty’s life. She is usually careful about letting people get closer to her, but she allows him to be around her without much hesitation. The man claims to have become a millionaire after winning a lawsuit settlement. Because he doesn’t need a full time job, Walter became a citizen detective. Walter and Misty might come across as very similar to each other, and Misty was quick enough to fall for him. But Walter also sends an anonymous tip to the police regarding the body of Adam Martin, which was just discovered by the local police. It is not revealed what his information is, but this proves Walter is hiding something, and his jumping in to help Jeff to cover up Kevin’s death just to get Misty’s approval comes across as bizarre behavior. Walter could be someone who has come to sabotage Misty and the rest of the women. There is a possibility that he might be related to Adam. So far, there has been no mention of who Adam might have spoken to about his affair with Shauna. Walter might be Adam’s friend or a relative; that’s why he appeared out of nowhere under the ruse of helping Misty. He probably got rid of Kevin so that he could avenge Adam’s death in his own way.

When Will The Survivors Be Rescued?

With their cabin burned down, the girls have nowhere else to go. Maybe it was Coach Scott who carried out the arson to get the girls out of the cabin, which had become a cesspool of many unspeakable horrors, and hopefully this fire would be a wake-up call for the girls. Losing this cabin would mean the girls would have to look for other accommodations. This is where the tree with a huge trunk comes into play with the cave beneath it. But again, how will the cave help the survivors to connect with any of the rescue operations? There is a chance the cave might lead the girls to a home that might be between the forest and the mainland. The cave might be the key to finally finding a way out of the wilderness and being rescued from months of isolation. Maybe Javi found a way through the cave to the point where he spotted human beings who were not his teammates. He probably came back just to let them know about it. It can be assumed that the cave would play a big part in rescuing all of them.


Everything mentioned above is strictly my opinion of what the storyline could be in the third season of Yellowjackets. Some of my projections might be wrong, and that is okay, I assume because they are just speculations based on what we have watched in the first two seasons. Readers can let us know their predictions, point out more unanswered questions, and conspiracy theories based on whatever has been viewed in the second season of the survival drama Yellowjackets

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