‘Wrong Side Of The Tracks’ Character: Ezequiel, Explained – Does Ezequiel Die In Season 2?

The Spanish-language thriller “Wrong Side of the Tracks” on Netflix has several flawed characters. Several disputes between the characters demonstrated that human beings are fallible. Similar to Tirso, who has been presented as a role model who harbors some major biases. But his growth occurs as soon as he begins to transform, trying to improve himself and washing all of his prejudices away. Like Tirso, we get to see Ezequiel, another significant character in the show, who is occasionally terrible but getting better. Let’s discuss how his character developed during the series.


Among all the characters, Ezequiel is one of the funniest and has the most nuanced character traits because we can never fully rely on him, and again, we can never categorically label him as a horrible guy. Ezequiel originally appeared in season 1 when he was just a mole in the police force. He used to work for Sandro to gain access to easy money, but he never committed murder himself. Instead, while being Sandro’s servant, he made every attempt to stop the man from killing anyone in the neighborhood of Entrevias. Although Ezequiel occasionally appeared to be street-smart, luck wasn’t always on his side. He employed humor as a defense mechanism, which occasionally made the character a source of annoyance.

The Spanish actor, Luis Zahera, gave such an excellent performance that he occasionally even made the character’s jokes and attempts to make things worse seem repulsive. Putting aside his sense of humor, Ezequiel was a person who understood the meaning of unconditional love. Gladys was his one and only true love, and he gave her everything he had. Many times, he had proven that he had a golden heart overflowing with love and compassion by saving Gladys’s son’s life not once but several times and also by letting Gladys be with the man she loved. We see that under Nata’s influence, Nelson called Ezequiel in to beat him until he bled profusely. Even though Nelson should never be forgiven for the acts he had been forced to commit, Ezequiel didn’t consider getting even with him only for the sake of Gladys. He started off as just a corrupted officer, but Amanda was the only one who managed to get the most out of him.


In season 1, she used him to capture Sandro, and in season 2, she used him to catch the big fish known as the Ghost. Ultimately, after Loco was slain by Sandro in season 1, we witness Ezequiel helping Amanda get rid of those drug dealers and thugs. Ezequiel transformed himself to be committed to serving the police, but because he was an accomplice to various crimes that Sandro had committed, he had to be incarcerated. In season 2, he was given a probationary term while he voluntarily ventured out of jail to meet Amanda, knowing that he would aid in her hunt for the Ghost. Ezequiel made the decision to rejoin the police force as an informant following his arrest because he wanted to free the neighborhood of corruption, and thus he did his part as much as he could.

Nevertheless, Salgado, also known as the Ghost, captured Ezequiel before he could learn about the Ghost. He was coerced into working with Salgado. Ezequiel compiled since, because of his connection with the Ghost, he could be of assistance to the police in their efforts to apprehend him. Nevertheless, neither of those things happened since Nata had previously told the Ghost everything about Ezequiel and his real identity as the covert informant of the police. The Ghost hired a guy to shoot Ezequiel in the street to shut his mouth. Ezequiel was aware that both working with him and living with him were dangerous. He had always been forced to choose between the gangsters and the police, and when delivering information discreetly, he ran the risk of dying at any moment. Any of them could be after him and would either kill him or arrest him and let him rot in jail.


Thus, it would have been dangerous for him to have been involved with Gladys. He didn’t want Gladys to suffer, either because of him or because of her son. Therefore, Ezequiel had always protected Nelson as much as he could and, at the same time, quickly stepped aside from his connection with Gladys in order to allow her to be with Tirso. Unfortunately, the henchman of the Ghost shoots Ezequiel right in front of Gladys, causing her to feel guilty for leaving him. However, Ezequiel wasn’t someone who would give up easily, as it turned out, he managed to recuperate from the serious injury after fighting to survive in the hospital. Therefore, season 3 of “Wrong Side of the Tracks” will undoubtedly welcome him back with his goofiness and non-stop jokes. As The Ghost has been killed, it is questionable whether Ezequiel would be snooping into the gangs or not. Alternatively, perhaps a considerably more malevolent character would appear in the next season, forcing Ezequiel to defend himself against him. Let’s wait and see what part Ezequiel will play if Season 3 airs on Netflix.

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