‘Wrong Side Of The Tracks’ Season 1: Recap And Ending: Everything You Need To Know Before Watching Season2

The Netflix original series “Entrevias” or “Wrong Side of the Tracks” from 2022 features a clichéd drug dealer and some precocious teenage drama. This Spanish-language drama is a tense thriller with decent performances and a good attempt at multi-layered storytelling. Although the 1-hour length of each episode slightly detracts from the plot, the decent performances and witty dialogue manage to redeem the show. The protagonist of “Wrong Side of the Track” is Tirso Abantos (José Coronado), a former military man who has been running a hardware store since retirement. He is a grumpy boomer with a short fuse and a modest dose of racism, but ever since his granddaughter Irene (Nona Sobo) became caught up in a drug trafficking scandal, he has become the one who stands by her side. Let’s talk about Tirso’s journey to free his granddaughter from the ruthless gangster Sandro (Franky Martín).


Spoilers Ahead

‘Wrong Side Of The Tracks’ Season 1: Recap

“Wrong Side of the Tracks” season 1 opens with Tirso’s less than pleasant encounter with his family, during which he first became aware that his granddaughter had a boyfriend who didn’t exactly seem to be dapper. Nelson, Irene’s boyfriend, was not a particularly well-groomed or competent man who could handle the responsibilities of a relationship, but Irene and he both were madly in love with one another. Irene was a Vietnamese girl who had been adopted by Tirso’s daughter, Jimena. Jimena had never wanted to be a mother, so she was incapable of caring for Irene and paid little attention to her. Jimena’s apathy prompted Irene to devise a plan with her boyfriend to leave town. However, this required a large sum of money, so Irene suggested that they sell some drugs to the gangster Sandro, but unfortunately, on the night of the drug sale, both Irene and Nelson messed up, causing them to be separated from one another. Irene ended up getting stuck in the Blocks neighborhood, which was infamous for prostitution and junkie hideouts. Irene, who had nowhere to go, called her grandfather, who picked her up in the middle of the night and drove her home. Tirso uncovered the entire scheme after discovering a narcotics packet in her backpack. Tirso blamed Nelson for everything and grounded Irene in a room with no cell phone and no option to go out. Sub-Inspector Ezequiel (Luis Zahera), who was also a snitch working for Sandro, assisted Inspector Amanda throughout her investigation into Sandro and his illegal drug enterprise. It’s difficult to understand Ezequiel’s true motivations when we watch him act duplicitously throughout the entire series. He occasionally warns Sandro about the cops coming after him while also providing confidential information to Amanda about Sandro.


During this time, Irene experienced a major tragedy. Tirso had drowned all the drugs in a sink, which frightened Irene because if Sandro didn’t get the drugs, he would kill both Nelson and Irene. So, in order to keep Nelson safe from Sandro, Irene stepped forward to inform Sandro about the drugs. Sandro and his henchmen raped her and threw her body in the middle of the road. Irene was, fortunately, alive and thought the problem was solved, but she was too naive and immature to understand how the underworld works. In the meantime, Nelson broke into Tirso’s home in an attempt to get near Irene and retrieve the narcotics, but he was unsuccessful and unintentionally wounded the elderly neighbor, Alicia. Nelson wanted to help her, but he had to run away because Tirso had already shown up. A few days later, Nelson brought his mother, Gladys (Laura Ramos), to Alicia’s apartment, which was vacant due to her hospital admission. Gladys consented to stay there because they had previously been evicted from many places for failing to pay the rent.

Who Was Nata? Why Was Ezequiel Helping Her?

The series didn’t make it clear, but Nata (María de Nati) appeared to be Nelson’s ex-girlfriend, a brave young woman looking to make her own mark in the Entrevias neighborhood. She had her sights set on Sandro’s realm, which was based on his awful acts. Although Nata seemed to be falling for Nelson, she was actually seeing Nelson’s friend, Loco, a young man who wasn’t quite as brave or ideal a partner as Nelson. Nata was already snooping into Sandro’s pub and working as a waitress, as she wanted to take over his business. Despite Ezequiel’s warnings to stay away from the chaos, Nata persisted in her course of action. Despite being a corrupted policeman, Ezequiel wasn’t monstrous enough to kill someone. He just wasn’t able to carry out the assignment to kill Nelson when Sandro urged him to do so. Ezequiel was just a greedy man who wanted to gain easy money by working for Sandro. He had, however, always intervened to prevent Sandro from killing people. He recognized Nata’s sincerity, which Sandro lacked, so he helped her in her plan to set Sandro’s drug house ablaze. Hence, if Nata were to get the control over the territory, there would be less corruption in the area. Sandro was finally too smart to be caught in Nata’s trap. Sandro’s goons had already arrived when Loco reached the drug den to burn it down. Loco was killed by Sandro’s henchman, Yeyo.


How Were Gladys And Nelson Allowed To Stay At Alicia’s Apartment?

Gladys and Nelson seemed unconcerned by the fact that they were residing in Alicia’s apartment. Then, Alicia’s son showed up and served them with an eviction notice. For Alicia’s son, selling the apartment was the only thing that mattered. Yet when Alicia returned to her apartment after recovering from her injury, she found Gladys had been tenderly taking care of her house. Considering her son’s greedy aim was to sell the apartment where Alicia had spent every moment of her life, she resolved to let Gladys stay here as long as she wished. Tirso hired Nelson to help him get back on his feet, but he also offered him the job of taking care of his granddaughter, Irene, so that she could forget her traumatized past.

‘Wrong Side Of The Tracks’ Season 1: Ending – Did The Robinhoods Get Arrested? How Did Sandro Die?

When Tirso learns that Irene has been raped and mistreated by Sandro’s henchmen, he loses all composure and begins to plot the destruction of Sandro’s empire. Along with his other two ex-comrades, they hooded their faces and set fire to Sandro’s nearby drug den. Even worse, they stole wads of cash from Sandro’s home and threw them all out on the street. Tirso and his friends were now known as the Robinhoods as a result. Inspector Amanda, on the other hand, already had her doubts about Tirso, and after learning that he was a military veteran, she was certain that he was Robin Hood. In the meantime, Yeyo was ordered to eliminate the Robinhoods, but he killed Loco instead. But, after learning who the true Robinhoods were, he entered Tirso’s hardware store. He was captured and restrained by Tirso and his other two comrades, but they couldn’t bring themselves to execute him. As a result, Tirso called Ezequiel, who was likewise unable to murder Yeyo because he lacked the courage to kill anyone. Therefore, Yeyo stayed imprisoned in the basement of Tirso’s hardware store. Because of a miscommunication, Tirso thought Ezequiel had dealt with Yeyo, so he overlooked the whole matter. But the following day, when Tirso’s son Santi visited the store, he discovered the man bound and gagged downstairs. He released Yeyo, not knowing anything about him, but instead of showing gratitude, Yeyo bound Santi and left him in the shop. Irene’s grandfather eventually caught her using drugs on a regular basis, which she actually did to forget the trauma of being abused. Irene figured out how to get away with Nelson when Tirso tried to send her to her mother so they could enroll her in boarding school. Nelson, on the other hand, was grateful to Tirso since, despite the fact that Tirso didn’t like him, he had let him live next door so that he could be with Irene. Seeing that she had been through a lot of  ever since he entered her life, he wished to end their relationship. Tirso was the only member of the family that took care of Irene, so Nelson didn’t want to hurt him. Irene tried to flee, but Nelson stopped her from doing so.


Amanda delivered a bombshell by telling Ezequiel that she had known about Ezequiel and his relationship with Sandro all along. She was always keeping tabs on Ezequiel and learning more about him. As a result, she turned to Ezequiel to help her catch Sandro. But while Amanda attacked Sandro at his bar, Nata appeared there in disguise, and a man who appeared to be accompanying her shot Sandro, finishing him off. It was none other than Nelson who killed Sandro in retaliation for killing Loco, his best friend. Meanwhile, Yeyo had just exited the hardware store and attempted to attack Tirso from behind, but Gladys stepped in to protect her, injuring herself in the process. The police were notified, and they took Yeyo into custody while Tirso picked up Gladys and called an ambulance to take her away. Gladys and Tirso appeared to have developed feelings for one another. Irene eventually learned about everything from the news, and she couldn’t stay calm and dashed toward the neighborhood to meet her grandfather. Seeing her grandfather alive and well brought her relief. The fact that only Tirso had shown genuine concern for Irene despite the fact that she wasn’t his blood relative demonstrated that family is not all about blood connection, but it’s all about love and comfort that brings people together. 

Expectations From Season 2: Who Is Phantom?

In season 2 of “Wrong Side of the Tracks,” there are a lot of unsolved plots to figure out, including who is this Phantom guy. We still don’t know whether he is a guy or a lady, though. By the end of the series, Amanda lets us know that Sandro wasn’t really the big fish in the pond, and that his corrupt dynasty was merely a part of the Phantom’s vast empire. That’s why Amanda dispatched Ezequiel to talk to Sandro so he could extract all the information on Phantom from him.


Therefore, we may conclude that the upcoming season of “Wrong Side of the Tracks” will focus entirely on the Phantom, with whom inspector Amanda will have to contend heavily. Ezequiel appeared to no longer be a spy for Sandro, or perhaps he’s going to be working for Nata, the new boss in town, or we might presume Nelson may become the ultimate king of the jungle. Just wait and see what issues Tirso will face in the upcoming season. Will Gladys survive the injury and eventually get attached to Tirso? or else they’ll be in for something even more dangerous? Let’s explore that in “Wrong Side of the Tracks” season 2.

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