‘Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp’ Movie Recap & Ending: Who Is Buzz?

Not going to lie, this new Netflix movie Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp has made me really nostalgic. It brought back all those awesome memories of childhood from when we used to gather around the TV with our friends, mimicking that harsh sound Woody Woodpecker makes. Anyway, in this movie, Woody is on a mission. See, he’s this red-headed, blue-feathered woodpecker who’s, well, pretty full of himself. He thinks he owns the forest and doesn’t care much about sharing. But then, he’s got to learn a thing or two about teamwork and sharing space with others. So, off he goes to this camp called Woo Hoo, where it’s all about being a team player. And let me tell you, he knows he’s in for a ride. But hold up a second! There’s this other camp, Hoo Rah, and they’ve got beef with Woo Ho. Also, there’s a box of gold hidden somewhere on the campgrounds, and this sneaky buzzard named Buzz is dead set on getting his claws on it. Will Woody and his new camp buddies stop Buzz from taking the gold? And more importantly, will Woody finally learn how to play nice with others? I guess you’ll have to dive into this explanation to find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Woody Come To Camp Woo Hoo? 

Woody Woodpecker thinks he’s the king of the forest. He’s not into sharing at all, and there are loads of complaints against him for being arrogant and rude, not just to other animals but to humans too. One time, there was an influencer named Kyler doing his live survival show in the forest, and Woody totally messed with him. He pecked through Kyler’s tents, popped his inflatable pool, and ruined his party, dragging him out of the forest. The forest ranger was really angry with him. He’d warned Woody before, but Woody just didn’t seem to care. So, he realized the only way Woody would learn his lesson was if he got kicked out of the forest. And he could only come back home if he learned to be a team player and to share. Woody thought it was all a big joke! So, with a grumpy face, he wandered around, trying to figure out this whole teamwork thing. And then, lo and behold, he found just what he needed: Summer Camp! It’s like the perfect place for teaching kids how to be team players. Woody knew he was exactly where he was supposed to be!


Why Were Camp Hoo Rah And Camp Woo Hoo In A Feud? 

When Woody entered the camp, he met Maggie, who was the daughter of Angie, the owner of Woo Hoo Camp. Right away, he learned that all the kids there were a bunch of nerds and into the STEAM program (that’s science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). But then, when the perks and recreation inspector came to check the condition of the camp, Woody found out that the camp was actually struggling. They didn’t have enough funds to make things work smoothly or to renovate, and on top of that, the kids at Camp Woo Hoo were always getting picked on by those at Camp Hoo Rah, led by Zane. Every year, Team Hoo Rah would beat them at the wilderness games, making the Camp Woo Hoo kids feel like total losers. The two camps were divided right down the middle, but they shared an old relative, Grandpappy Obadiah Mallard, who had originally set up the Obadiah Camp for his family to thrive. However, his two sons ended up fighting a lot and splitting the camp in two, starting this whole wilderness game rivalry. Team Hoo Rah had been winning for ages, and Camp Woo Hoo had lost all hope. But Woody realized that teamwork alone might not be enough to win. They needed to work hard and strategize. So, with Maggie’s guidance, they got inspired and started training to stand up against Team Hoo Rah and finally win those games!

Who Is Buzz? 

Buzz is the name of a buzzard who sneaks into Camp Hoo Rah disguised as a cook. But here’s the kicker: he’s actually an ex-con with some pretty evil intentions. See, he finds out there’s a box of gold hidden somewhere in the campgrounds. So, what’s his brilliant plan? Well, it’s pretty evil. He decides to manipulate Zane, the captain of Camp Hoo Rah. Buzz suggests they challenge Camp Woo Hoo to the wilderness games, knowing they have a history of losing. If they win, Zane gets to take over both camps. But here’s the twist: Buzz plans to blackmail Zane into handing over the land to him. He’ll make Zane sign for all sorts of shady deliveries that he has made to Camp Hoo Rah, landing him in jail. Once Zane’s out of the picture, Buzz can dig up that gold with the torn-up piece of the map he’s got. The sad news is that Zane falls for Buzz’s scheme. He starts believing in him, thinking he’s just a dumb bird cook. All Zane wants is for Camp Hoo Rah to win, but little does he know about Buzz’s evil plan.


Who Found The Gold? 

It was the day of the wilderness games, and both camps were pumped because this time Camp Woo Hoo was ready to give Camp Hoo Rah some real competition with Woody leading the way. You see, Woody had finally stepped up to become a team leader and a team player! But then there’s Buzz, always causing trouble and trying to make them lose the game one way or another. But hey, they’re not just a bunch of losers! They decided to use their brains and treat the wilderness games like math problems or video games—whatever they were good at. But in the heat of the game, Woody and Buzz got into a fight. Woody found out about Buzz’s evil plan and tried to put a stop to it! He fired the flare gun, letting Camp Woo Hoo know he was in trouble. They realized their friend’s safety was more important than winning some dumb game, so they rushed to his rescue.

When they found Woody fighting with Buzz, Woody got all emotional, seeing how his teammates were willing to risk it all for him. He finally realized he’d made some real friends! When Zane and Angie found out about Buzz’s evil plan, they knew they had to put their differences aside and work together to find the gold before Buzz got his hands on it. From the map, they figured out the gold was hidden under the statue of Obadiah. But it was too late—Buzz had already snatched the box and flown off in his chopper! Woody tried to stop him, but with no luck. He was feeling pretty down, thinking Camp Woo Hoo had lost the game and the gold because of him. He started pecking at the wooden sculpture of Obadiah in frustration. But hold up! The wood started coming off, and they realized the statue itself was made of gold! And guess what? The box Buzz took was full of rocks, nothing else! There was a message on the statue saying it was Obadiah’s wish that whoever found the gold would work together, meaning both teams would have to work together. That’s all he ever wanted for his camp family—to be together! And get this: the wooden work on the statue was done by Woodthalemew Woodpeckerton, Woody Woodpecker’s ancestor! So, to answer your question, both Camp Woo Hoo and Camp Hoo Rah won the gold as a team!


At the end of Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp, we see the titular character proudly wearing the Best Team Player badge, something he’d been after since the beginning. At first, it was all about winning the badge and beating the enemy, but along the way, he made some new friends and learned the art of selflessness. Even though he could now go back to his home—the forest—he felt pretty sad—a feeling he’d never felt before. And what did both camps do with the gold? Well, they put their differences aside and decided to use the gold to build one big camp, just like their grandpappy Obadiah wanted. They named it Camp Woo Hoo Rah! And as for Buzz? Well, he went back right where he belonged—in jail!

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