‘Woman Of The Dead’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Was Edwin Schonborn?

Previously in Episode 1 of “Woman of the Dead,” a police officer named Mark died in an accident right in front of his wife, Brunhilde Blum. Blum started to question whether this murder was intentional rather than an accident. She set out to discover who might have killed her husband, but on her way, she met Dunja, a mysterious woman who knew Mark. Dunja claimed that she told Mark about a mystery that led to his death. Everything Dunja talked about in front of Blum made her feel more suspicious about her husband’s death. Let’s find out what Blum’s next step is.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Dunja End Up There?

A strange group of men pick up some foreign women in their cars at the start of “Woman of the Dead” Episode 2. The entire situation seemed very ominous. Dunja’s flashback appeared to be a covert human trafficking operation (probably). Dunja was one of those women who was imprisoned in an unknown room where a gang of men wearing animal masks was killing women and photographing the bodies with their Polaroid cameras. Dunja eventually succeeded in escaping their control and found herself in a frozen place far from them, close to a toll station. Blum invited Dunja to stay at her house, even though her daughter and her father-in-law didn’t like it at all. She discussed the situation with Dunja and came up with a plan to let the police know about it, but Dunja requested her not to. She told her that both of them could have been killed, just like Mark had been, if she had made any police complaints. Blum managed to maintain her composure despite her constant thoughts, even while she worked at her funeral home. This particular scene was horrifyingly beautiful, with Blum talking to a dead body which was an artistic representation of her talking to herself. She was determined to find those guys first before going to the police. She even discovered that Mark may not have trusted all that Dunja said, so he began his own inquiry, which is why he was planning a vacation. She first went to a camera store to look for polaroids. The shopkeeper assured her that, other than professional photographers, no one in this town was interested in polaroids. He told her about Innsbruck gallery where she might discover such photographers.


Meanwhile, we observe Johanna, who appears to be the most powerful and prominent woman in town, speaking to her son, whose face has not been revealed to the viewers. Blum was asked to go to Massimo’s place for lunch, where Massimo’s wife acted like a crazy woman with no control over her mouth. Blum asked him what the punishment would be if he found the driver who hit Mark. Blum was curious because she wondered if there would be any lasting punishment for such a hit-and-run case, to which Massimo replied that in such circumstances, the intention could not be shown until appropriate proof of a confession by the accused was provided. Following Mark’s death, Blum’s daughter Nela began to despise God’s existence. She got into an argument with Mrs. Schonborn’s nephew and inadvertently hit a school priest. The principal called Blum to inform her about Nela’s behavior. Blum discovered the Priest Jaunig had a suspicious mark on his arm. She cautioned her daughter not to make such mistakes in school, or she wouldn’t be able to pass. While she concentrated on her work with dead bodies, Mark’s father, Karl, displayed a t-shirt he discovered in Dunja’s room. The shirt was from a psychiatric hospital where Dunja had previously been admitted or worked. Blum had confronted Dunja and photographed her, giving her the impression that she didn’t trust her. Dunja indicated that Mark drove her to the hospital for treatment.

The next day, Blum went to the hospital and requested a receptionist for Dunja’s medical information while showing her a picture of hers. However, there was no file with such a name on their system. Blum, on the other hand, spotted the woman who had attended Mark’s funeral at church. This woman was a nurse at a hospital. Blum met her outside the hospital, only to discover that Mark had come to the hospital with Dunja and admitted her anonymously with the help of the nurse. This nurse repaid Mark’s favor because he had previously helped her with a problem. She mentioned Dunja, who had a terrible panic attack as a result of trauma and was terrified the entire time. Despite the fact that the nurse told Blum everything, she begged her not to tell anybody else; otherwise, she could lose her job. But there was one other thing she cautioned Blum about: she couldn’t trust anyone in this town, which was practically true because the longer this story went, the shadier Dunja’s character became. Blum discovered the location of the toll station and went there. She asked the guard about Dunja, but he was too scared to say anything. As soon as Blum left, the guard deleted the footage from the night when Dunja approached him. Meanwhile, Dunja attempted to flee Blum’s house and steal the car, but Reza and Karl caught her and brought her back home.


How Did Blum Met Edwin Schonborn?

Blum arrived at the Innsbruck gallery, where she discovered that just one artist and photographer, Edwin Schonborn, possessed the Polaroid camera. Blum ran out of there and searched for Schonborn’s photographs, where she discovered the gloomy and scary photographs of the deceased taken by him. She went back home and asked Dunja if she remembered this man, and Dunja confirmed that this was the man who picked them up in his enormous black car, which appeared to be the Range Rover that hit Mark. Blum decided to see Schonborn and scheduled a meeting with him. She used a false name and eventually got him to agree to an appointment the next morning. She was well prepared for the confrontation, having taken a stun gun with her. She ran into Edwin, who was chatting with his mother, Johanna, about a project. Blum, who introduced herself as Eva, was greeted by Edwin. She kept her phone recorder on and tried to distract Edwin’s attention by admiring his images. Edwin requested that she put something on so he could photograph her, so Blum went to change her clothing. She came out on her undergarments and began enticing Edwin to photograph her. But the entire time, she was talking about assaults and how she found raping attractive, which completely distressed Edwin as if he didn’t take it at all. He realized this was a deception by Blum and attacked her, revealing his actual self. She managed to save herself and electrocuted him with the stun gun she carried. While repeatedly bashing Edwin, she kept asking him who killed her husband.

Edwin didn’t appear to be the main antagonist of the story. Seeing him become troubled by the topic of assault, he seemed to be a mere photographer with a twisted thinking process but killing was not his thing. The rest of the mystery around who was the major culprit behind everything will be revealed in subsequent episodes.


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