‘Woman Of The Dead’ Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Did Blum Find In Mark’s Cellphone?

The Netflix adaptation of Bernhard Aichner’s renowned book by the same title, “Woman of the Dead,” has debuted and is hailed as a compelling story with many mysteries to be solved. The television show centers on Blum, an Austrian undertaker who recently witnessed the death of her husband in a car accident. However, the entire scenario appeared to be a planned murder, driving Blum to set out on a mission to find out who was behind all of this. Will she be able to discover that? Let’s explore.

Spoilers Ahead

How Did Mark Die? Was It An Accident Or A Murder?

The first episode of “Woman of the Dead” opens with a scene of a couple trying to save themselves from drowning in a deep ocean. As we can see, Brunhilde Blum was relaxing on the boat’s deck while listening to music on her iPod, so she was unable to hear their screams. Back in the present, Blum, a funeral director who had her own business, was cleaning a body and attempting to fit it into a coffin. When the scene switches to her daily life, we discover that she has a loving family, with a caring husband named Mark, two children, and a father-in-law. But her husband, Mark, seemed a little strange as if he were hiding something from her. He headed for the office after receiving a call in the morning. Mark, a police officer by profession, rode his motorcycle to work. As he got off the bike and onto the road, a car suddenly crashed into him, leaving him on the road with severe injuries. Blum witnessed that earth-shattering tragedy right infront of her eyes. She quickly ran towards her husband where she noticed that the driver had stopped the car and appeared to be trying to determine whether Mark was dead. Blum was very perplexed about whether this was an accident or a murder.

Mark was admitted to the hospital, but he was unable to survive. Massimo, a friend of Mark’s who had stopped by to see how Mark was doing, told Blum that he knew Mark and she were going on vacation, but Blum wasn’t aware of it. Although she had suspicions, she was absolutely distraught because her husband had passed away. She attended the neighborhood church for Mark’s funeral, where a middle-aged woman had stopped by to offer Blum’s family her sympathies; though Blum had trouble identifying her, as she couldn’t focus on her. At the funeral, an elderly guy named Thiele came to pay his condolences, but he didn’t seem to be mentally stable. Blum clarified that Thiele had lost his sanity since his daughter had been missing. Blum’s family made their way to the Hotel Schonborn, where at a restaurant owned by Bertl Puch, a gathering had been planned in Mark’s honor. Even Mrs. Johanna Schonborn, the hotel’s owner, was present. Johanna and her assistant had a shady conversation before Blum arrived, during which Johanna assured him that no one would find out, putting these two already in the suspect category. Massimo made a toast for Mark, adding that Mark was a decent human first and subsequently a good officer. To explain his point, he recalled a brief event in which they received an emergency call from an ATM and discovered a Syrian man who may have attempted to harm someone. Mark had spoken to him nicely and discovered that he had a kind heart. As a result, Mark had hired him at his wife’s funeral home, where he had still been working.

Massimo could have been referring to Reza, who was first seen in the funeral parlor with Blum assisting her in cleaning up dead body. Massimo’s wife seemed a little obnoxious about Mark’s appraisal, so Massimo took her out on the grounds that she was drunk. Everything perplexed Blum, so she spoke with Wilhelm Danzberger, who seems to be the head of the officers. Wilhelm assured her that he would find the vehicle that had hit her husband, but he now demanded the police issued gun that Mark was holding. We observe Reza, Blum’s aide, holding the gun Wilhelm was referring to. Reza concealed the revolver in his room, prompting us to suspect his character. Blum searched Mark’s clothing for the gun and discovered some dairy chocolate wrappers in his pockets. Having dairy chocolate wrappers seemed odd, given Mark’s lactose intolerance. She stored Mark’s bike in a garage for repairs and planned to drive it herself. She was dealing with a lot of issues within her family. While she was trying to figure out who killed her husband, her children began to suffer from their father’s absence. Blum suspected Mark of cheating on her since he had decided to go on a vacation without informing her. She asked Massimo if he had called Mark the morning he got killed, but Massimo struggled to recall that. Massimo assured her that Mark was not the type of man to cheat on his wife. Bloom was not relieved and began to mourn the loss of her husband. She recalled an incident from her first meeting with Mark. We return to the ocean scenario, where Blum is seen trapped in the middle of the ocean and discovers that her parents were in the water. When she began to yell for help, a man in a speedboat approached her boat. That guy was Mark, who was the one to assist her in driving her back to the shore. 

What Did Blum Find In Mark’s Cellphone?

Blum initiated her own investigation and went to the roadside store where Mark was killed. She discovered that the store had a CCTV camera from which she could obtain information about the car that had hit her husband. Blum was disappointed to learn that, despite the fact that a local shop might have assisted the police with the investigation, no one from the department had come to inspect the footage. She addressed Wilhelm, who soothed her once more, but she couldn’t stay quiet because it would only make her feel worse, so she grabbed the bike out of the garage and drove it all the way home. Blum found Mark’s bag attached to the bike, which contained his cell phone. She opened her phone and discovered a slew of missed calls from a single number saved as “D.” She dialed D, and a woman answered. Blum introduced herself, but D refused to speak with her. Therefore, she found the location after checking his text messages on his phone. She arrived at the location, which was a small cottage in the middle of a forest, but a few moments later, she noticed a suspicious woman staring at her. Blum pursued the woman after she fled. They arrived near a cliff, where Blum eventually apprehended her and demanded that she explain how she knew Mark. Blum broke the news of Mark’s death, which startled her. She claimed the accident was murder and was so upset over Mark that she stated that she was responsible for Mark’s death. She introduced herself as Dunja and explained that she had told Mark everything that led to his death; therefore, if Blum got to know those details too, then she would be putting her life in danger as well.

“Woman of the Dead” Episode 1 has a suspenseful tone, with many questions surrounding the death. Even though it was only the first episode, the mystery had a “whodunit” feel to it. It was clear that Mark had become involved in a sensitive situation that he had never disclosed to his family. Therefore, let’s explore to see if Blum could untie all the knots and find out who killed her husband.

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