‘Wolf’ (2023) Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Were The Donkey Pitch Killers?

Adapted from Mo Hayder’s Wolf, the BBC presents a mystery thriller series by the same title, designed to give the viewers a nail-biting experience while keeping them on the edge of their seat. Wolf Season 1 follows the story of Jack Caffrey, a troubled detective investigator haunted by a vision of his neighbor, whom he suspects of being responsible for his brother’s mysterious disappearance three decades ago. Simultaneously, a five-year-old unsolved murder case resurfaces in the Donkey Pitch area. This prompts Jack to question whether the wrong person was imprisoned, leading him to believe that the true culprits are still at large, determined to eliminate anyone obstructing their path.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Series? 

The detective investigator Jack Caffrey carried the weight of a painful loss— that of his missing brother. He strongly believed that Ivan Penderecki, his next-door neighbor, might have something to do with his brother’s disappearance. A childhood argument with his brother gnawed at his conscience, intensifying his feelings of regret and making him blame himself for his brother’s disappearance. The memories of his argument with his brother, his brother’s disappearance and being killed by Ivan, haunted his thoughts and led to disturbing visions in his mind. Meanwhile, his personal life was problematic as well. His girlfriend desired a deeper commitment that he was hesitant to provide. It seemed Jack had some fear of commitment and didn’t quite share the emotional connection with her.


In the midst of this, Jack delved into the perplexing Donkey Pitch murder case that took place almost five years ago. The brutal slaying of teenagers Hugo and Sophie, with their entrails gruesomely exposed, haunted his thoughts. Ignoring the officer in charge, Lincoln investigated the case and had a man named Minnet Kable arrested. Jack had doubts about Minnet being the actual killer because, given the nature of the killing, he believed there were two murderers involved. Elsewhere, the Anchor-Ferrers couple, Matilda, Oliver, and their daughter Lucia, moved back from London to their house in Monmouthshire, only to have their peace shattered by the intrusion of two impersonators. Posing as law enforcement officers, DS Molina and DI Honey, these two men broke into their house and held them hostages.

Who Were The Donkey Pitch Killers? What Happened To Honey?

Following the mysterious murders of two teenagers, Hugo and Sophie, it was discovered that they had been in a relationship and were both involved in drug use. They had attended various parties, including raves where a strange person in a hazmat suit enacted simulated killings, a macabre spectacle that very bizarrely fascinated many youths. Sophie developed an obsession with this and obtained drugs from a guy named Bones, who remained anonymous because nobody had seen his face due to his hazmat costume. Jack suspected Bones as a potential suspect for the murders, given his history of violence and connection to Sophie. Furthermore, this odd and eerie act he participated in seemed indicative of a disturbed, psychopathic mindset.


Meanwhile, posing as police officers, DS Molina and DI Honey held the Anchor-Ferrers family captive. Strangely, they claimed to be the Donkey Pitch killers but showed no signs of typical killer behavior; instead, they appeared afraid and conflicted about the whole scene. Honey, an unemployed actor hired by an anonymous figure, had taken up this job for some money to provide for his family and his expecting girlfriend. But he didn’t really want to harm the captive family. Meanwhile, he discovered a foul odor coming from the basement. After contemplating the situation, he paid attention to the smell, which led him to the basement, where he found the lifeless body of the family’s housekeeper, Becca. In a shocking revelation, Honey realized that Molina had been the anonymous boss all along, orchestrating the terrorizing of the Anchor-Ferrers and the murder of Becca. Molina confessed to killing Becca to gain access to the house and prevent further problems. Although Honey had no intention of harming the family, his attempt to save Matilda Anchor-Ferrers ended tragically when she, terrified by him, struck him to death. Unbeknownst to her, the true mastermind behind the events, Molina, remained alive.

On the other hand, amid his inquiries, Jack stumbled upon a dog, aided by a friend named the Walking Man, who assisted him in the investigation. This dog turned out to be the pet of the Anchor-Ferrers. During their captivity, Honey had playfully mixed Matilda’s ring into the dog’s food, which the poor creature swallowed and ran away from the house. The ring was later uncovered by Jack after he found the dog. Little did he realize that this piece of information would prove pivotal in unmasking the identity of the Donkey Pitch killer.


However, a new twist came to light as Jack persisted with his investigation into the murder of Sophie and Hugo. Delving deeper into the Bones and their eerie gatherings, Sophie’s hesitant friends eventually disclosed crucial information about the case. Sophie and Hugo’s friends shared that Hugo had a falling out with a girl named Lucia Anchor-Ferrers, whom he had dated briefly, but they were not suspicious about the girl, as how could an ordinary girl commit such a heinous act? However, Jack’s deductions led him to the startling realization that Lucia Anchor-Ferrers, the daughter of Oliver and Matilda Anchor-Ferrers, had conspired with Bones to carry out the murders of Hugo and Sophie.

Did Matilda Survive? How Was Lucia Killed?

Meanwhile, Molina’s intentions revolved around holding the Anchor-Ferrers family captive in a bid to force them into transferring their funds to his account before killing them. However, it emerged that Molina had not acted alone in this sinister plan. Lucia Anchor-Ferrers, his girlfriend, had collaborated with him to kill her own parents. Lucia had psychopathic tendencies since childhood, and after killing her cat at a tender age, she was sent to a psychiatric facility. It was during her time there that she crossed paths with Molina, also known as Bones, and together they hatched a scheme to exact revenge on her parents.

As Lucia’s true intentions came to light, tragedy struck the Anchor-Ferrers family. Oliver, who was already struggling with heart issues and had undergone a transplant, tragically passed away. Matilda, realizing the peril they were in, attempted to escape to seek help from the police. However, Jack, having already uncovered the truth, stormed into the Anchor-Ferrers’ residence. He swiftly neutralized Molina, eliminating him first, and then turned his attention to Lucia. In a desperate act, Lucia leaped from the building, ending her own life. Amidst the chaos, Jack managed to rescue Matilda from the clutches of this dark conspiracy.

What Happened To Jack’s Brother?

After solving the Donkey-Pitch murder case, Jack met his friend, the Walking Man, who shared a big truth about his life. He learned that it wasn’t him, after all, who was to blame for his brother’s mysterious disappearance, but Ivan Penderecki, who had been tracking his brother even before he had ever confronted Jack. This revelation helped Jack find closure and let go of the guilt he’d been carrying. At the police station, a DNA match proved that Jack’s brother was alive in 2004. This shocking revelation hinted that his brother might still be alive.


Final Words

Wolf delivers a gripping tale of complicated human relationships, trust and betrayal. Jack Caffrey’s demeanor added a somber layer to the narrative, a man of quiet reserve who harbored his emotions and thoughts deep within. He shied away from commitment, averse to its entanglements, yet never wavered when it came to his dedication to justice. Honey, in contrast, found himself ensnared in a meticulously planned scenario, revealing shades of gray in his character. While not inherently malicious, his moral compass wavered as he found himself coerced into participating in wrongful acts like hostage-taking.

Wolf Season 1 masterfully navigates the interplay between these two interconnected storylines and their characters, generating excitement that keeps us utterly captivated. The entwining narratives offer an irresistible blend of adrenaline and intrigue, as the characters grapple with their inner demons while confronting the external forces that shape their fates.


Ukweli Roach, portraying the main character, led the whole narrative with his brilliant performance. The most intriguing part of Wolf was DS Molina and DI Honey intruding the Anchor-Ferrers residence and capturing the family. Sacha Dhawan is undoubtedly an amazing performer, who really engages the audience through his portrayal as Honey. Also, the mix of an old unsolved murder case and Jack’s personal history creates a tense atmosphere, full of surprising turns, but occasionally the series drags the story by showing an excess amount of flashbacks that really ended up muddling the narrative a bit.

Overall, Wolf excels in keeping us on the edge of our seats, offering a roller-coaster of feelings. The series shows how complicated storytelling can be, putting our patience at a test sometimes. However, to sum it up, we can say, with just a few episodes, Wolf captures the essence of a captivating mystery, making it a must-see for fans of slow-burn psychological thrillers.


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