‘White Lies’ Ending Explained: Is Olivia Dead Or Alive?

The ending of the series White Lies is totally unexpected. You know how it’s all about solving the murder of Andrew McKenzie, the wealthy construction guy, and his wife Olivia, and how the reporter, Andrew’s sister Edie, and the detective Forty Bell are on the case to solve it? Well, we already know that Andrew’s killer was Morgan Witbooi, the security guard from Bishopscourt. Andrew was in deep financial trouble and asked Morgan to end his life for money to avoid the embarrassment of going bankrupt. Another reason was that the black community, where their future construction work was happening, had become homeless. Even though he was opposed to the construction work, they were turning against him. So he thought that dying was a better option than living with this humiliation. But on the other hand, Olivia was in a coma and ultimately ended up dead the same day Daniel and Jamie went to visit her in the hospital. Are they in any way involved? Let’s dive into episode eight of the series White Lies to find out the truth, shall we?


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Morgan? 

After confessing to Edie that he was the one who murdered Andrew, Morgan killed himself. Initially, he didn’t want to; he intended to kill Edie. But when Edie revealed that she was pregnant, he could not bring himself to kill her. What he said afterward might make you sympathize with him. He expressed concern that she should never bring a child into such a corrupt world where everyone takes advantage of others’ vulnerability, powerlessness, and helplessness, just like Andrew did, even as he faced death. Driven by his shame and humiliation, Andrew forced the poor black man, Morgan, to kill him in exchange for money, fully aware of Morgan’s poverty and desperation. Morgan knew the police wouldn’t believe him and would consider him a liar. After all, it would be the word of a poor black man against a wealthy white man and the fact that the crime scene looked like a robbery. So, the police would think that he killed him to steal his money. Obviously, it won’t turn out great. Even though Edie wanted to stop him, wanted to turn his mind around, and wanted to encourage him that better days would come, Morgan understood that, as a wealthy white woman, she wouldn’t be able to understand his struggles, and he felt that killing himself was his only option. So, that’s what he did—he ended his life by shooting himself in the head.


What Did Edie Find Out When She Went To See Daniel And Jamie? 

We know Daniel and Edie shared a special bond—she wasn’t his aunt but his real mother. She had him when she was just 16, but her brother Andrew and his wife Olivia took Daniel from her, believing they could provide him with a better life. They didn’t want Edie to have any contact with Daniel. But when she reentered their lives, she felt a strong connection to Daniel and wanted to protect him. She also wanted to uncover the truth about who might have harmed Olivia. Edie couldn’t help but wonder if her son, Daniel, was responsible. She had her reasons for thinking so. Daniel was Andrew’s favorite, always trying to make his father proud. He even applied for an African Oxford scholarship, just like his father. But Edie knew Daniel had anger issues. Also, when she spoke to Jamie about her brother, she noticed how protective Jamie was, almost like a mother figure. Edie was troubled by this and discussed it with Forty Bell, thinking Daniel might have harmed Olivia out of anger, knowing that his mother cheated on Andrew. However, Forty Bell mentioned that Olivia’s attacker must have been left-handed because the injury was on the left side of Olivia’s head, and Edie knew Daniel was not. So she felt relieved and went to Daniel’s house to share the news that the police wouldn’t be bothering them anymore. But what she stumbled upon shocked her beyond belief! She saw Daniel and Jamie being romantic with each other by the swimming pool. Jamie was not like a mother but more like a protective romantic partner to him who did not let anyone get close to Daniel. Edie couldn’t believe her eyes! She quickly left the scene and kept this shocking discovery to herself.

Why Did Forty Arrest Hofmeyr? 

Hofmeyr was a partner in Andrew’s construction company and was later arrested because he was involved in corrupt activities related to the construction business. Despite appearing close to Andrew’s family and even organizing a memorial service for Andrew after his death, we see how Hofmeyr’s true colors were revealed when Edie seeked his help regarding Daniel’s financial situation. Hofmeyr demanded co-signed paperwork for an upcoming construction project in exchange for providing money to Daniel. Edie discovered that Andrew hadn’t signed those papers, which led her to investigate further. She uncovered that their company had displaced a black community to make way for a luxury hotel, causing disturbance among the displaced residents. Although Andrew didn’t want to be part of this corruption and planned to report Hofmeyr, he ended up dead two days later. Detective Forty Bell, without Hofmeyr’s knowledge, recorded a confession from him, which revealed that Hofmeyr had bribed government officers to secure the construction contracts. This led to Hofmeyr’s arrest under the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act of 2004.


Who Killed Olivia? 

Well, at the end of the series, the truth is revealed, and it’s nothing like anything you could ever imagine! Edie figured out that Jamie was the culprit because she knew Jamie had a special romantic connection with her brother Daniel, and Olivia’s attacker had to be left-handed. When Edie watched a play where Daniel played Gatsby and Jamie played Daisy, Jamie threw something at Edie, and she caught it with her left hand. That moment made Edie realize Jamie was the murderer all along. You see, Olivia had found out about the romantic relationship between the siblings and wanted to keep them apart. She tried to send Jamie away, but Jamie wouldn’t accept it. Jamie’s extreme jealousy had been evident before, with her even hurting people who got close to Daniel. Their twisted relationship reached a breaking point when Olivia confronted them, leading to Jamie hitting Olivia’s head from behind when she was grieving over their father’s dead body, leaving her in a coma and causing her death. Edie knew she had to tell the police about this, despite their attempts to manipulate her. They threatened to cut ties with her if she revealed the truth, not just about the murder but also about their twisted relationship. Edie was willing to risk it because she wanted what was best for the children, and she reported Jamie to the police, leading to Jamie’s arrest in the end. 

As for Edie’s relationship with Daniel, we can hope that he breaks free from the toxic bond with his sister and starts sorting out his life with Edie’s help. However, considering Daniel’s anger issues, twisted personality, and involvement in drug dealing, he might not be too eager to maintain ties with Edie after Jamie’s arrest. Maybe, for her unborn child, Edie will become a better mother, learning from her mistakes and trying to do better.


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