‘Welcome To Eden’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Killed Ibon?

We previously learned about Astrid’s backstory in “Welcome to Eden,” episode 5, how her father’s death infuriated her and drove her to seek vengeance on Som’s father, who was responsible for this catastrophe in her life. Eloy’s life, on the other hand, was saved thanks to Isaac’s relentless plea to his parents. Eloy returned to his friends and informed them of Astrid’s interplanetary communication. Bel’s rebellious group believed that they needed to act quickly before Astrid relocated them elsewhere and destroyed their lives forever. Let’s see whether Bel and Zoa can stop Astrid from wreaking further havoc in their lives.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Isaac’s Real Mother?

Episode 6 of “Welcome to Eden” Season 2 begins with Bel, Zoa, and Ibon plotting their escape from the island. Ibon infiltrated the base along the shore, where the level two guards kept all the bombs. Ibon stole some of them, then fled to distant mountain caves to hide them. Zoa accompanied him, and the two became close companions. Both of them remembered their journey to Eden and realized how the journey had changed them as people. Zoa and Ibon, who were supposed to be living their youth tension-free at the moment, were plotting a revolt in order to survive and escape Eden’s pretty little cage. Alma discovered Zoa and Ibon hanging out with each other when they returned to their modules. She began to feel deceived by Ibon, whom she had previously dated. Alma had maintained her silence despite still knowing that Ibon had killed Ulises, but in exchange, he abandoned her. Ibon did not become attached to Zoa, but he did have a three-way connection with Eloy and Orson. Alma, who could only think about the one star she had lost, resolved to reclaim it.


While Zoa and Ibon were keeping a watch on the level two guards’ camps, Bel, Eloy, and Eva approached Nuria. They held Nuria captive and demanded that she reveal the truth about the antenna and the signals Astrid sent to make contact with space. Nuria admitted she didn’t know much about it, but she did divulge some dark facts about the family. She revealed the truth about Isaac’s birth—that he was actually Nuria’s child. Nuria, like Africa, had an affair with Erick. As a result, Astrid implored her not to terminate the pregnancy while she was pregnant. Astrid failed to become a mother due to her infertility, so she just used Nuria as a means of reproduction. Nuria was still unsure whether Erick was ever interested in her or if the whole thing was staged so the couple could have a baby. Nuria nurtured Isaac and protected him for many years, but all she got in return was Astrid sending her people to beat her up.

What Did Erick And Africa Find In The Transmission Room?

Meanwhile, Africa made an intelligent decision. She accompanied Erick to the transmission room to inspect the process used to send messages to outer space. Erick used it for the first time, and when he sent the message, the device displayed “No response,” indicating that the interplanetary communication Astrid had always mentioned might not actually resist. Africa was able to persuade Erick that Astrid had always lied to him. She convinced Erick that there was no such thing as New Eden and that it might all be a part of Astrid’s scheme to kidnap a large number of people and force them to follow her. Meanwhile, Astrid organized a gathering to demonstrate to the people of Eden the communication and connection between her and New Eden. But Erick refused to accompany her. Erick questioned her actual motives, but Astrid didn’t feel compelled to respond. However, she was deeply affected by Erick’s misbehavior and needed some time to process the issue before proceeding to the gathering. Mayka approached her and started to console her, but something Astrid had discovered took her peace away. The spy she hired to look into Gabi’s family had sent her some images that indicated Zoa was Gabi’s sister.


Who Killed Ibon?

Charly lost all fear and stopped caring about Astrid’s warnings. He made the decision to pursue his affection for Mayka without inadvertently getting involved with an innocent girl. He immediately approached Som to end their relationship. Gabi learned that Som and Charly had broken up. She was already in close contact with Astrid, so when Astrid spoke to her, she revealed this information to her. Astrid anticipated having to get rid of Charly shortly.

Astrid and her son Isaac came to the gathering that night. She began by introducing to her group members the communication she had been developing with outer space all along. The entire population of Eden gathered and began to consume the Blue Eden drink. The atmosphere of the gathering changed, and the Eden residents soon began engaging in close group intimacy. The rebel group of Zoa and Bel, on the other hand, were looking for Ibon, who was nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Alma brought Ibon along to a remote mountain location, where Ibon began to talk about their connection. Ibon remarked that he had recognized that the casual affair had never made sense between the two of them. Alma mysteriously indicated her consent and desired to hug him one final time. But just as Ibon hugged her, Alma pierced his gut with a machine gun, killing him. She dumped Ibon’s body into the river.


With the death of Ibon, the situation is getting worse in Eden. Every member of the group started unleashing their inner devil, just like Alma did. Bel and Zoa appeared to be on the verge of killing Astrid, or else they would be unable to continue the rebellion and leave the island. Let’s see where Zoa and Bel’s escape plan takes them in future episodes.

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