‘Wednesday’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Happened To Eugene?

Previously in episode 3, we saw a middle-aged madman killed by the hideous monster in the Cobham woods, and Sheriff Galpin recovered the photographs from his camera that revealed the monster’s face. The body was brought to forensics for an autopsy, but in episode 4, Wednesday was about to cut up the body to perform her own investigation. Yes! Wednesday knew how to do an autopsy, and she was well prepared for this because she and her family were jacks of all trades. She even mentioned that on her 13th birthday, her uncle gifted her a cadaver. The uncle she kept referencing in all of these episodes could be Uncle Fester, whom we may see in future episodes. Anyway, Wednesday was fully prepared with her scalpels, and now she needed to copy the crime scene photos. While Thing was still photocopying the images, the coroner and Galpin arrived at the lab, so Wednesday hid inside an empty cabinet. Galpin visited the lab with the coroner, who informed him that the victim’s left foot, which had been sliced by the killer, was missing two toes that appeared to have been removed with a surgical saw. This conversation indicates that this creature was a human who knew how to use a surgical saw to remove these toes, but the motive remained unknown. Before the coroner left the lab, he saw a cabinet’s door was open, so he peered inside and discovered a girl’s dead body, which turned out to be Wednesday, who was pretending to be dead. The coroner planned to cut her body the next day, so he left and closed up the lab. When Thing was set to get her out of the cabinet, Wednesday wanted to stay there for a few more minutes as she began to feel comfortable. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Inside Xavier’s Art Studio?

The next day, Enid saw Wednesday was pinning crime scene photos to her board, and they weren’t just from the Cobham woods but included numerous bodies discovered in the Nevermore forests. She explained to Enid that the killer surgically removed each victim’s organs, implying that the killer was not mindless because he or she might be collecting these organs like trophies, which was a very serial killer instinct. Upon seeing all these gut-wrenching photos, Enid fainted, and Thing had to go get her smelling salts to wake her up.


When Wednesday sat next to Xavier in the plant studies class, she discovered a beast’s claw scratch in his neck. Xavier lied to her about it, saying that he got these marks during fencing. But Wednesday knew it couldn’t be sword wounds. Meanwhile, the other students were over-excited about the Saturday night prom Rave’N. Xavier asked Wednesday if she wanted to go, but Wednesday declined because she thought killing herself would be preferable to going to the party. After class, Wednesday and Thing followed Xavier to his secret studio, and while he was gone, Wednesday entered the house to discover Xavier’s art studio that was filled with paintings of the monster who had killed Rowan that night. So Wednesday suspected that the monster might be Xavier, who had killed Rowan to save Wednesday because he liked her. She grabbed two of the paintings and dashed out of the lot, only to be caught by Xavier himself. While Xavier was inquiring why she was there, Wednesday unwillingly asked him to accompany her to the Rave’N dance. Xavier was pleased that she had approached him, but it was frustrating for Wednesday that she now needed to buy a prom gown. Enid couldn’t even believe her ears when she heard that Wednesday was going to the prom, so she took her to the clothing store, which was way too colorful for Wednesday. She left Enid to shop there, and while passing by Uriah’s heap, she came across a gorgeous black dress that stunned her. Valerie, Uriah’s therapist, emerged from Uriah’s heap, and we know why she was there because, in the previous episode, we saw her taxidermy rodents, which she sent to Uriah’s heap for sale.

Wednesday met with Galpin to show him Xavier’s paintings so that he might assign Wednesday to perform further investigation, but Galpin refused to accept the assistance of a high school student. So, he declined to look further into it, but when he remembered that he needed to update the mayor with information, he asked Wednesday to provide concrete evidence. On the other hand, the mayor’s son, Lucas (one of the pilgrims that Wednesday knocked out at the cafe in episode 1), approached Enid about going to prom on Saturday so that he could make his crush jealous, which she accepted because she wanted to make Ajax jealous as well.


 In the meanwhile, Wednesday met Tyler, who was upset to know that she had chosen Xavier to go to prom instead of him, to which Wednesday answered that she couldn’t understand his emotional indication as it was out of her hands. Tyler felt irritated because he thought she was simply using him to get her work done. When Wednesday showed Xavier’s paintings to Eugene, he finally recognized one of them and showed Wednesday the location depicted in that painting. Wednesday took the monster’s claw from the cave and headed to Xavier’s art studio to collect his blood sample to gather specimens for the DNA test. She collected a cloth soaked in Xavier’s blood, but in the meantime, Xavier entered the studio and caught Wednesday inside. Wednesday inquired as to how Xavier knew the monster’s face or if these were self-portraits, to which Xavier said that he was not the monster but that he saw these monsters in his dreams and that one day, when he was sketching them, one of them emerged from the painting and scratched his neck. Xavier realized Wednesday’s motive: she didn’t want to go to prom with him but was instead gathering evidence against him. Wednesday provided Galpin with all of the actual proof he required, so Galpin scheduled a DNA test. Now that Wednesday had nobody to go to prom with, she urged Eugene to accompany her to the woods at night to investigate the cave, but Thing, on the other side, sent Tyler a message suggesting Wednesday wanted to attend prom with him. So Tyler arrived just as Wednesday was ready to venture into the woods. She told Eugene that they would go there the next day and warned him not to go there alone because it was dangerous, but without a partner, Eugene chose to investigate on his own and ventured into the cave in the middle of the night. Wednesday was surprised to see the black dress that Thing had bought for her. She wore it and went to prom with Tyler. 

‘Wednesday’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – What Happened To Eugene?

On prom night, Xavier arrived with Bianca, Enid arrived with Lucas, and Ajax arrived with another girl. Enid and Lucas began to like each other, but Lucas had other plans on his mind. Actually, Lucas went to the prom not to make anyone jealous but to exact revenge on Wednesday and the other school outcasts. But as he got to know Enid, he changed his mind, but his companions persuaded him to take revenge anyways.


Meanwhile, Wednesday learned why Xavier disliked Tyler and vice versa. Xavier said on Wednesday that Tyler and his friends insulted and abused him in his cafe last year on Outreach Day. When Wednesday questioned Tyler about this, he felt horrible, but he persuaded her that the event was not as bad as Xavier had made it out to be. Wednesday had the least interest in Xavier and Tyler’s feud, so she focused on performing her strange ghostly dance in front of Tyler. But, in the meantime, a water pipe broke and began pouring blood, which horrified everyone on the prom and caused them to flee, except for Wednesday, who was loving and tasting the blood. However, she found that it was not even pig blood but rather paint. Amid the chaos, she came across something and received another psychic vision in which she saw Eugene was about to be slaughtered by the monster. So she fled into the woods, but she couldn’t save him because the creature injured Eugene so badly that he lost consciousness. Wednesday had finally found Eugene, who was severely wounded, so she wasn’t sure if he was still alive. Enid, on the other hand, discovered that it was Lucas and his pals who exacted their vengeance by breaking the pipe and showering red paint over their prom. Ajax rushed to her rescue when Lucas’ buddies tried to humiliate her. Enid and Ajax finally got closer to each other and kissed. One Thing to note is that as Wednesday departed to get Eugene, Xavier was also leaving the prom since he had argued with Bianca and broken her heart again. So there’s a possibility that Xavier is the monster who butchered Eugene to prevent him from investigating inside the cave. Thus, to find out if Eugene is still alive or not, watch Episode 5.

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