‘Wednesday’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Happened In The Pilgrim World?

In Episode 2, we saw Wednesday answer all the riddles from the book and snap twice to figure out the path to the secret passage that led to the secret library. Finally, the kidnappers unmasked Wednesday’s face in episode 3, and she found her hands tied in a way to stop blood circulation. Everyone around her was dressed in a dark-colored cloak and wore the mask that Wednesday had discovered in Xavier’s room. The moment Wednesday saw them, she recognized those nefarious kidnappers as her high school classmates Bianca, Xavier, and others. She told Bianca to remove her mask. They exposed their faces and inquired as to how she discovered their student club, the Nightshades. Wednesday responded that she had cracked the riddle and retrieved the painting that Rowan had left. Bianca reminded her that this is a club for elite students and that there would be no space for Wednesday, to which Wednesday replied that she did not even want to join the group in the first place. They wanted to untie her hands, but they didn’t have to, as Wednesday had already done so. She was informed that this was well-known as an old student society that had been closed years ago after some members tried to do something terrible. But now, some of the students in this current batch are secretly running the club and participating in entertaining events. Rowan was also a member of this club, but after committing some terrible things, he was dismissed from the group.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened In The Pilgrim World?

Wednesday matched the two torn parts of the painting, and it looked like a complete picture in which Wednesday was standing near a pilgrim amid the Apocalypse. Not only the picture but Wednesday was looking for some answers, so she had to investigate further to find them all. The next day, Principal Weems assembled the children to announce that this year on Outreach Day, a memorial would be established in Town Square, and the students of Nevermore would perform in that ceremony. Every student was assigned to perform their job at a particular place in Jericho. While Enid got “Pilgrim World,” Wednesday was assigned to be at Uriah’s heap, which was a spooky antique store. Weems, on the other hand, comes to inform Wednesday that she had enlisted her name in the Jericho marching band to play her cello in the ceremony. Though Wednesday became irritated with everything, her entire attention was on finding the pilgrim. She confronted Xavier and told him she was looking for the monster that killed Rowan, to which Xavier expressed his doubt because he saw that Rowan was still alive. Wednesday told her that if he were still alive, he would have called or texted his old roommate Xavier, but he didn’t. When she showed him the whole painting, Xavier told her everything. Xavier told her that he found this book on Rowan’s desk and tried to ask him about it, which caused Rowan to become insane and hurt him using his telekinesis. Though Wednesday already saw everything through her psychic vision. Xavier was perplexed as to how Wednesday could be in this 30-year-old journal and why pilgrim Joseph Crackstone, the founding father of Jericho, was with her in the painting. Wednesday didn’t know exactly who Crackstone was, so Xavier showed his picture, which was hung all around the town because it was Joseph Crackstone’s monument which would be established on the Outreach day. 


Meanwhile, the mayor came to cheer for the Nevermore students, but he didn’t want to show too much interest in them for fear of being judged for favoring the outcasts. The mayor spoke with Sheriff Galpin and instructed him to find that beast as soon as possible. The kids were sent to their assigned places, and Wednesday swapped places with Enid. Enid agreed because she came to know that her crush, Ajax, was also visiting Uriah’s Heap. Wednesday arrived at Pilgrim World with the other students, where she met Arlene, a nun who served as their guide. She gave them the task of selling their fudges, but she soon had to resign Wednesday because she was telling the tourists some unpleasant American history about those cacao fudges. So, when Wednesday saw an opportunity to flee, she joined the beekeeper kid, Eugene, and used his retainer to access the Crackstone’s museum to investigate. She crept into the museum and saw a painting of Crackstone, where she recognized the girl whom she saw in her vision. That girl looked exactly like Wednesday, but with blonde hair and holding a book in her arms. Arlene soon discovered, with Bianca’s assistance, that Wednesday had entered Crackstone’s hall. Wednesday discovered the book, labeled “Codex Umbarum,” which means “Book of Shadows,” but it had nothing in it. Arlene caught her in the hall and informed her that it was a fake book because the original had been stolen the previous month.

On the other hand, in Uriah’s Heap, Ajax and Enid were getting to know each other. Enid discovered that Ajax was a gorgon who would stone people if he became engaged to them. But they eventually agreed to go on a date at night. Meanwhile, Wednesday arrived at Weathervane, the cafe where Tyler worked. There she met Xavier, who was assigned to work at this place as an outreach activity. When Wednesday came to see Tyler, Xavier was disappointed since he thought she would prefer Tyler over him. But choosing someone over somebody else wasn’t why she was there; she wanted Tyler to show her the location of the original pilgrim meeting house, which was founded in 1600. Tyler replied that the pilgrim meeting house was in ruins in Cobham Woods. When Wednesday wanted to go there, Tyler intended to take her, but she denied his assistance because she was self-reliant enough to find a location.


What Happened To The Statue Of Joseph Crackstone?

Wednesday, all alone, arrived at the remnants of the Pilgrim meeting house in Cobham Forest, where she encountered the maniac whom we first saw in Uriah’s Heap. The Mad Man came to stop Wednesday, claiming it was his place, but Thing attacked him, forcing him to retreat. Finally, as Wednesday touched the ruins’ door, she was sent through a psychic vision to the 1600s, when her ancestor Goody Addams (whom she saw in the vision) was being humiliated as an outcast by the pilgrims. Among them was Joseph Crackstone, who vilified Goody as the Devil’s mistress and imprisoned her in a hut with a group of others outcasts. They set the hut on fire, and Goody started to save her mother, who was tied with chains.

Goody’s mother advised her to save herself and flee because she might be the one in the future who saved people from this pain and torture. So Goody exited the hut through a tunnel and approached Wednesday directly. Following that, Wednesday encountered Joseph Crackstone, who threatened and intimidated her, forcing her to return to reality. She regained her senses and found herself among the wreckage of the house in the middle of nowhere. She told Thing about her vision, claiming that Goody was her ancestor, whom Joseph Crackstone may have murdered. As Wednesday started her investigation, she came across the terrible beast that killed Rowan. She followed it by its footprints, but she noticed that they had changed into human feet, which led her to believe that the creature was human. Just then, Xavier arrived, and Wednesday told him everything, even though he didn’t appear to believe much of it. Xavier tried to persuade Wednesday that she must be delusional because, according to his father, Vincent Thrope, who was also a psychic, visions are not always useful, but they just provide one side of the picture. Xavier also believed that Wednesday had these psychic visions because she was emotionally attached to stories and made them up her head, so they appeared like an illusion. Wednesday didn’t want to accept it since she knew what she saw, but she vowed to Xavier that she’d catch this monster no matter who it was. Maybe Xavier was merely there to protect and entertain Wednesday, or maybe he was the shape-shifting monster that came to supervise Wednesday’s investigation. Wednesday arrived at the outreach day ceremony feeling compelled to exact vengeance on Crackstone. She was ready with her cello to join the town hall’s marching band. In the meantime, when the mayor, along with Weems, inaugurated the statue of Joseph Crackstone, Thing fired a matchstick and set the entire statue on fire, which eventually melted Crackstone’s statue in an explosion. While everyone frantically started to escape the scene, Wednesday continued to play her triumphant melody on her cello. The music didn’t stop, which caught Weems’ attention. Following the incident, Weems called her into the room to interrogate her in private because she believed Wednesday was behind it. Although Wednesday easily claimed that her hands were clean because everything was done by Thing. It was Thing who poured the flammable oil around Crackstone’s monument and set it on fire, but Wednesday could proudly say that she was not sorry for what happened because Crackstone was a murderer who captured and slaughtered outcasts years ago. So she believed Crackstone deserved that. When Wednesday asked Weems why she was so keen to honor the Crackstone, who was a murderer, Weems responded that she wanted to reconcile the ‘normie’ and the Outcast’s relation, forgetting all the ancient hostilities behind them.


‘Wednesday’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – What Happened With The Beast?

Wednesday went back to her room, where Enid was preparing for her date. Wednesday continued to type on her typewriter while circumstances unfolded in such a way that they transformed “Wednesday” into a whodunit mystery. While the madman was resting near the ruins of the Pilgrim meeting house, the ferocious beast attacked and slaughtered him to death. On the other hand, Weems burned Morticia’s photo from her memory book, showing that she might have never loved her but instead despised her. In addition, we see the therapist, Valerie Kinbott, who had a passion for slicing up animals and turning them into puppets that were kept in Uriah’s heap. Elsewhere, Ajax covered his mirror before going to the bath, but the cloth eventually fell off, which led him to look at the mirror and get stoned. Therefore, Enid’s dream of going on a date with him had also been ruined, and it only gave her a push to build a strong resentment towards Ajax. The major suspect of the murders was Xavier, who emerged from a deserted lot with a locked door, and this time we saw a beast’s law scratch on his neck. Perhaps Xavier was that shape-shifting monster who murdered the madman among the ruins of the Pilgrims’ meeting place. Sheriff Galpin and his deputies received the news and arrived at the place as soon as possible. They discovered the dead body and a camera by his side. They examined the camera, and finally, they got to see the face of the creature in the photos.

At the end of Episode 3, the beast that hides within everyone is exposed. As Wednesday pointed out, the monster was sometimes that person we could never expect to be. We all have a monster inside of us that we strive to keep under control, but when things get out of hand, that monster roars and bursts out. “Wednesday,” tells a story about such a monster who resides within our minds and discriminates against people based on their race, color, and nature. “Wednesday” is a creative adaptation directed by Tim Burton that tells the narrative of a misfit like Wednesday Addams, but the main objective of the story is to emphasize our society’s inhumanity that misbehaves with and tortures people, which is the actual monster rather than a demonic creature.


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