Warships In ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ Explained: What Happens In Game 3?

Squid Game: The Challenge has several games in its kitty. There were plenty of eliminations over the last two games and tests. These eliminations happened because the rules of the games were not followed, and the choices were given to several other players to remove one of their competitors from the many. As the biggest rules of the game state, the more the eliminations, the more the orb would be filled with money that could tally with the prize money allotted for the final winner. The second episode had the honeycomb elimination round, followed by the removal of another player using a phone call.

The third game will most likely be a group event, followed by a singular elimination, a norm that has been followed from the beginning of the show.  The first two games surely prepared the contestants for the worst. At a given point, anyone could get eliminated, and they must be mentally prepared for anything to go wrong at any juncture during the game or while in the dorm.

The third game of Squid Game: The Challenge has all the contestants in their green uniforms being asked to form eight groups. Thankfully, there was never a mob-like situation in this game, keeping in mind the high volume of people gathering in a small space at any time. The eight teams were numbered, and for the first round of warships, teams 1 and 3 would be competing against each other. This involved team number one wearing blue vests while team number three wore red ones. There were boats and ships placed on either side of the makeshift wall. Both teams were unaware of the placement of the tiny armada on the other side. Any team that sinks two ships from the enemy side will win. This game requires a good leader who can take charge as commander of the fleet and assign the right kind of blocks to attack the enemy fleet.

As the game between teams one and three began, it was a battle of wits and intelligence, and this game also enhanced leadership skills. One wrong move would lead to the entire team losing, and it could also lead to further elimination as well. The first round of warships was won by the Red Team, as they were successful in bombing two ships of the Blue Team. But after this victory, the Red Team could not recover, and the Blue Team won every battle, and there was no turning back for them. These attacks seemed random at first, but as the game progressed, every leader of the group understood how to sink the enemy ship. This was just like any other survival game. One mistake is one step closer to elimination and losing the prize money.

With the Blue Team winning most of the games of Warship, there was a sense of elation in the dorm as there were not many eliminations taking place. However, several tests remained to be conducted in the dorm. The next elimination test involves everyone coming forward and voting for the person they want to be eliminated. The three contestants with the highest number of votes would be permanently eliminated from the dorm, and there would be no turning back.

After the series of group games that test everyone’s caliber as team players, Squid Games: The Challenge questions the selfishness of individual players from the entire group and forces them to reveal their intentions. Each of them would hope for some of the surviving players to get knocked out of the game. This dorm test was assigned only to understand the extent to which each player would go to safeguard themselves and utilize their friendships and alliances to vote against one specific target. This elimination round was personal because an enemy for someone could be a friend for another, and anyone leaving the dorm and the game would mean they could kiss the prize money goodbye.

All the contestants went into a frenzy after this test was announced and were in a hurry to gather as much support as possible so that none of them were eliminated. The removal of any one of the contestants from this game was imminent. Since there are many people gathered in one space, influencing most of them to vote for one person is a huge task as they are inside a large yet confined room. By the end of this one game, three popular contestants were eliminated from the game.

Three eliminations would mean more money in the orb, but many of them were left devastated. One of the people who were removed from the game was Kien, who fashioned himself as Dr. V, a performance and longevity doctor. He was being accused of taking over leadership duties and advising people regularly, which many did not appreciate. The contestants claim the man has a bossy attitude and takes over conversations when he isn’t asked to. This could be the reason why he was eliminated. They wanted to get rid of him long before he formed a bigger group of supporters who would follow his instructions.

The exiting of the three prominent faces from the game led to further elimination rounds, which would bring many others closer to the prize money allotted for the last standing person. The next chapter involves two more elaborate games, which will seal the deal for many and make them question their loyalty as well. The games so far were getting interesting, but the elimination part became repetitive, and there was no shock value anymore. The excitement of knowing the winner lies ahead, but the fear of elimination no longer exists.

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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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