‘War: Wrath And Revenge’ Ending Explained & Recap: Will There Be A Season 2?

A Netflix Nigerian series, War: Wrath and Revenge, is all about the power struggle among the political factions and royal family of Kowa. The six-part series revolves around a gubernatorial candidate, Nuhu Bula, who aimed to bring a positive change in his community, especially to alleviate the socioeconomic condition of the miners, but the standing governor, Sanusi, stood on his way, doing everything he could to get rid of Nuhu. However, Nuhu was backed by Buba Koda, a member of the royal family, who played a significant role in Nuhu Bula’s rise. Let’s discuss the story of War: Wrath and Revenge to know how events unfolded around Nuhu Bula.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Series?

War: Wrath and Revenge opened with a massive explosion at a mine in Nanji, costing a lot of miners their lives in the process. Nuhu Bula, along with his wife, Binta, came to the site to check on the matter and pay their condolences for the deceased. Nuhu had promised all the villagers of Nanji that he would bring development to the village as well as to their lives. Meanwhile, another tragic incident surfaced when Khalifa, the emir of the royal family, died in a plane crash. Khalifa was on board an airplane from Kama Airlines, which was owned by an entrepreneur named Alicia. Alicia believed that someone might have tried to sabotage her airline, trying to frame her for the emir’s murder. So, she soon appointed a detective to look into the crash and find out who was behind it. Alicia was dating Buba Koda, Khalifa’s nephew, in the meantime, so Buba asked her to marry him in order to protect her from any kind of public criticism, but Alicia didn’t want to get married just to save her skin from such terrible accusations.


Meanwhile, after the explosion in the mine, an assassination attempt was orchestrated on Nuhu Bula. It was Sanusi who wanted to kill Nuhu to get rid of him from the gubernatorial race. Following the attempt, a police inspector, Miriam Katung, was hired to provide 24*7 security to Nuhu, but soon she began to get skeptical of Nuhu’s wife, Binta, who seemed to have a hand in these recurring incidents.

Who Killed Amal?

Nuhu Bula was having an affair with a woman named Amal, whom he intended to marry soon. Being entitled to have a second wife, Nuhu didn’t find anything wrong with it, so he told his security guard and inspector Miriam about his mistress and asked her not to tell Binta anything about it. Miriam didn’t want to intervene in Nuhu’s life, but as Binta asked her to spy on her husband, Miriam told her about Amal. Binta confronted her husband and asked him to leave Amal; otherwise, she would ensure that Nuhu would never win the election. As Nuhu was determined not to break up with Amal, Binta revealed an unsettling truth that shook Nuhu to the core. Before her marriage, Binta had lost her father, who’d died in a car accident. It was Nuhu and his friend Dikko who accidentally ran over the man, causing his death. Since then, Binta has decided to take revenge on Nuhu and Dikko; however, as he fell in love with Nuhu, she couldn’t bring herself to kill him, but she managed to avenge her father’s death by killing Dikko. Realizing that it was Binta who had killed Dikko, Nuhu became terrified of his wife and decided to comply with her demands. Later, Nuhu tried to break up with Amal but found out that she was pregnant. To settle the matter, he traveled to his mistress’s house along with Inspector Miriam, who waited outside. Nuhu tried to convince Amal, but she made a scene and forced him to stay. Infuriated, Nuhu mistakenly pushed Amal, causing her to fall to the ground, hit her head, and bleed to death. Nuhu didn’t say anything to Miriam, who had already spotted a blood spot on Nuhu’s sleeve.


Who Killed Khalifa?

Dikko, who was the son of a general, turned out to be alive and was plotting to take his revenge on Nuhu Bula. His aim was to conquer the seat of the governor, so he also became the enemy of Sanusi. However, Binta came to know that Dikko was alive, so she kidnapped his girlfriend Nafisa and her newborn and contacted Dikko to threaten him with his child’s death. Dikko sought the help of his father, who assured him that he would take care of these things. However, before the general could intervene in the matter, Miriam raided Nuhu’s house and found Nafisa and her baby locked inside a room. She managed to get them out, but one of the henchmen of Binta shot Nafisa to death. Nuhu Bula had also suffered consequences for his action after Miriam suspected him of the murder of Amal. Miriam sneakily placed her phone recorder in the living room of Nuhu and managed to record him confessing his crime; however, even though this solid proof brought Nuhu and Binta into custody, Miriam couldn’t arrest them. Commanded by a higher official power, the police exonerated Nuhu and Binta.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Kama Airlines, Alicia, learned that it was BK Oil who was behind the plane crash, which shocked her to the core. BK Oil was owned by her boyfriend, Buba Koda, who was the nephew of the man who’d died. Buba came to know that Alicia had learned about his plan, so he kidnapped her in order to finish her off. But with the help of Miriam and the detective hired by Alicia, Bobby Boston, eventually Alicia was rescued from Buba Koda’s men.


What Happened To Buba Koda And Binta?

Alicia and Binta were best friends who used to go out and gossip like normal besties. But just like her lover, Alicia’s best friend Binta betrayed her as well. Soon, it was revealed that Binta had worked for Buba Koda from the beginning, and together they crashed the plane to kill Khalifa and planned to frame Alicia for the murder. Alicia cut her ties with both of them and decided to give an interview to expose Buba and Binta’s wrongdoings. Nuhu Bula had no idea about Buba and Binta’s collaboration as well, but one day, Buba met with him to let him know about their plan. Buba wanted to become emir of the royal family, which would never happen as long as Khalifa was around. Meanwhile, Buba also wanted to make his friend Nuhu the next governor by dethroning Sanusi, so he recruited Binta to work for the rise of Nuhu Bula. However, Nuhu never wanted to succeed in such a horrifying way, as he believed he had so many people’s blood on his hands. After Alicia’s interview was broadcast on TV on the day of the election, Nuhu chose to speak up against Binta and Buba’s evil deeds. Eventually, Nuhu Bula, who admitted his guilt in the murder of Amal, was arrested along with his wife Binta and friend Buba, who were also brought to custody. On the other hand, we saw the general, father of Dikko, who wanted to make sure that his son would become the next governor, poison Sanusi, causing his death. With Sanusi out of the picture and Nuhu in jail, Dikko would probably become the next governor of Kowa. In the concluding scene of War: Wrath and Revenge, we saw Binta being approached by the general in prison. The general asked Binta not to worry because he was there to back her.

What Can We Expect From Season 2?

We have no official information if War: Wrath and Revenge will be renewed for the next season, but the cliffhanger at the end suggests that there is still more to this narrative. Probably, the next season will feature new characters and a more nuanced plot, showing the aftermath of Nuhu and Binta’s arrest and Dikko’s rise as the next governor. Buba Koda is a member of the royal family, so his power of wealth would eventually help him get away with the crimes he committed, but it remains to be seen if Buba would help his friend Nuhu once he is out of prison. Probably, Alicia’s life is still at risk until Buba is permanently out of the picture. Let’s see how events unfold in the upcoming season of War: Wrath and Revenge if the streaming platform decides to bring it back.

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