‘Wait With Me’ Story & Ending, Explained: Did Kate And Miles End Up Together?

Love binds two unlikely people together. “Wait With Me” is a romantic drama that tells the story of Kate and Miles. Kate Smith is a renowned author who doesn’t want to reveal her true identity to the world and thus writes under the pen name Mercedes Lee Loveletter. She lives with her ex-boyfriend, who has practically disappeared for the entire summer. But Kate doesn’t want to give up her house. Even though she’s a bestselling author, her recent works haven’t been up to scratch. But every time Kate visits the Tire Depot, her writing gets better. After making several excuses, Kate decides to sneak in through the back door until Miles catches her in the act. Miles Hudson is a mechanic who works at the depot. He notices her leaving, and Kate draws his attention to her quirky personality. Miles finds it very strange that she’d entered through the employee area. He asks her about the sudden visit, and Kate lies to him. Miles is immediately intrigued by her bibliophilia and realizes that she’s an avid lover of romance novels. Kate doesn’t want him to know about her plan because she has to keep up with her bestsellers. But Kate’s dream is abruptly shattered when an unexpected letter arrives at her house.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Kate Go Back To The Depot?

Kate receives a letter from the tire depot. The letter contains a bill for all the refreshments she has consumed over the last few days. But something catches her eye. Kate realizes that the letterhead is too perfect to have been written by a depot employee. She knocks on Dean’s door, her best friend and neighbor. It turns out that he wants Kate to check out his office space instead of visiting the depot. So he’d fabricated a letter to change her mind. But Dean’s office doesn’t suit her mood. Kate finds endless possibilities in the tire depot and is obsessed with the atmosphere. It also helps Kate bring her stories to life. The next day, she goes back to the depot. She meets Miles, and they have a short conversation. Miles is curious about her, but Kate tells him nothing. She bribes him with the leftover pizza to distract him.


Everything is going well until Kate loses consciousness. Miles helps her in time and realizes that she hasn’t eaten anything. Kate reveals that she feels bad because she ate all the cookies herself. Even though Kate isn’t well, she worries about the cookies and the woman who bakes them. In that brief moment, Kate worries if anyone appreciates Mrs. Betty for making the cookies and danishes. Here, Miles realizes that they are very different from each other, but Miles loves the way she behaves and it is unique and interesting.

A Step Closer To Each Other

Miles and Kate make their way to lunch. Miles is also eager to hear about her novels, but Kate won’t tell him. Gradually, Kate is attracted to him. Kate decides to base a novel on Miles and writes down everything she notices about him. The next night, Miles and Kate meet again in the bar. She accidentally reveals her writing secrets to him, but Kate doesn’t feel bad about it. Miles is surprised to learn that she writes erotic novels and asks her more about them. But Kate thinks he might judge her for the books she writes. Kate has already taken a lot of criticism from her loved ones, and she doesn’t want to be embarrassed in front of anyone else. But Miles has a new plan. He decides to call his sister Meg and tell her about Kate’s books. Kate gets emotional, and the two eventually grow closer.


But Miles isn’t ready to commit, and this breaks her heart. Kate decides to leave the bar and never looks back. It seems that Miles didn’t move on from his past relationship. His ex-girlfriend Jocelyn cheated on him for a rich guy, and Miles doesn’t trust anyone. The next morning, Kate and Miles pretend nothing happened and leave all the unpleasantness behind. Eventually, they become good friends. Miles helps her with the new book, and she learns new things from him. However, Kate has no other choice but to accept the fact that Miles does not love her back.

What Happened Between Miles And Kate?

A few days pass, and Kate finishes her new book, “The Mechanic.” This book improves their friendship, which grows stronger with each chapter. Kate invites him to a party at her house. When Miles gets there, he doesn’t like seeing Dean around her and becomes jealous. He takes her inside, and things get worse. Miles notices a pair of men’s shoes and asks him about the mystery man. Kate doesn’t tell him about her ex-boyfriend, and Miles gets angry. Kate doesn’t understand his behavior because he’d always wanted to be friends with her. Eventually, the two become intimate with each other. They wake up in the same bed, but things haven’t changed.


Miles is still afraid to commit, but Kate is completely okay with it. She doesn’t force him this time and agrees to have a casual relationship with him. Even though she loves him, Kate doesn’t want to force her opinion on Miles. But somewhere in her heart, Kate wants him to accept her feelings. She decides to communicate with her friend Hannah, and they come up with different plans to attract him.

Did Dean And Kate Fix Their Differences? Did Miles Learn The Truth?

The next day, Kate and Dean meet. He advises her to stay away from Miles because he has already rejected her feelings once. But Kate gets angry and contradicts Dean. Eventually, they argue, but Dean confesses his feelings for her. Kate apologizes to him because she never loved him. She doesn’t want to break their friendship, but Dean is hurt. Dean asks her to leave the restaurant, and she does. Now Kate forgets everything and plans a camping trip with Miles. But this trip changes everything for Kate. She realizes that her feelings are getting stronger, but Miles doesn’t see it that way. Also, Kate doesn’t reveal her real name or the fact that her ex-boyfriend shares the house with her. A few days pass, and Kate doesn’t answer his text messages. She decides to confess everything to Miles the next day, but it doesn’t end well. Kate’s ex-boyfriend, Dryston, returns from his trip. He tries to patch up his relationship with her, but it doesn’t work. That same evening, Miles and Dryston meet in the bar. Dryston follows Kate and her friend. Miles arrives at the same time, and he notices that Dryston is trying to force her. When Miles tries to talk to him, Dryston reveals everything to him.


Miles realizes that he has fallen in love with her, but he leaves the bar. Kate chases him outside and apologizes to him. Despite all her efforts, Miles doesn’t accept her apology and leaves. He decides to end everything between them, and Kate is devastated. Two weeks go by, and Miles doesn’t call her back. She has to get him back, and Kate remembers that Miles needed an expensive carburetor to restart his grandfather’s car. She decides to buy it from a Scottish footballer called Mack. Kate gives it to Sam and asks him to hide the fact that she stopped by the depot. But Sam reveals another secret. He tells her that Miles has paid his uncle for her daily visit. He wanted her to write well. That’s why Miles never told her about it.

‘Wait With Me’ Ending Explained – Did Kate And Miles End Up Together?

Kate changes her mind and decides to give it away herself. She apologizes for her mistake and gives a detailed account of her life. In the end, Kate and Miles reunite as a couple. The film ends on a good note: Kate publishes her book. ‘The Mechanic’ becomes a huge success, and she gathers a large fan base. ‘Wait With Me’ helps us understand that our past plays a very important role in our lives. Even if we have had bad experiences, it’s unlikely that the future will end badly. Kate and Miles have learned to accept their past and love each other’s weaknesses. Kate was disappointed in her past relationship because Dryston didn’t love her for who she really was. He forced her to hide her profession and her true identity. But Miles wasn’t the same. He appreciated all her efforts and continues to be a part of her writings. Miles always helped her understand that people change. Every person is different. Even though Miles compared everyone to his ex-girlfriend Jocelyn, Kate showed him a different perspective on life. With her, things are easier to understand, and he experiences all the happy moments. In the past, the tire depot helped Kate shape her stories. But now, things have changed.


Kate’s encounter with Miles is indeed life changing. She has found her true inspiration, and nothing can stop her now. Finally, Kate has learned to accept her true self and doesn’t hesitate to say that her real name is Kate Smith. Kate didn’t expect their fairytale romance to end well. But Miles is only the beginning of it all, as they have more magical moments to share.

“Wait With Me” is a 2023 romance drama film directed by Colleen Davie Janes.

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