‘Vadhuvu’ Season 2 Theories: What Can We Expect Next From Disney Series?

Vadhuvu is a 2023 Telugu family drama on Disney+ Hotstar with elements of mystery and thriller, which combine to deliver an engaging tale. The family involved is traditional, which makes one of the newest family members uncomfortable. This show is about matters that are never revealed by the family, and most of the members of the clan remain tight-lipped about what goes on behind the beautiful walls. This Poluri Krishna miniseries could very well be a story of a dysfunctional family as well because each member of the family has a mind of their own and works accordingly, but they are forced to obey their mother’s rules.


Spoilers Ahead

What happened in Season 1? 

Vadhuvu Season 1 began in a tacky manner, but it took a sinister turn as the fifth episode began. Soon it was established that someone was trying to warn Indu to stay away from the family. Padma, Anand, and Arya’s elder cousin, who was considered mentally unstable, had warned Indu on her first night that she should run away from the family. Her words were not taken seriously owing to her deteriorating health, but Indu challenged herself to find out what was transpiring behind her back in this house. There were times when Indu was kept in the dark, but she found her footing. The best thing about Indu is that she is not scared of her new family. She takes it upon herself to go find out what the family is up to. Since she learns about Arya’s wife Vaishnavi’s exit from the family, Indu is adamant about knowing the real story behind her exit. The first season ended with Vaishnavi’s death being ruled a murder, and the entire family was under suspicion, but the police had no evidence to keep them under arrest.


Indu come to know of Arya’s role in Vaishnavi’s death, but just like the police, she was seeking evidence. Vadhuvu Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger because, so far, there was no indication of who was trying to push Indu away from Anand and his family. It was assumed to be Vaishnavi, and Indu wanted to know some answers from her regarding the family. With her out of the picture, Indu was helpless and clueless as to who could have stopped Vaishnavi if she was the one spooking Indu.

Vaishnavi was the key to many answers, and her death closes one door for Indu and the police investigating her untimely death. The family is let go after a grueling interrogation, and they run into someone who has appeared before the police in a car. They are all shocked at the person sitting inside the car. By the look of it, the person is familiar to Anand and his family, but Indu might not recognize him or her. This gives the audience an indication that season two will introduce some interesting new family dynamics.


Is The Show Renewed?

The streaming giant and the makers have not made any announcements about Vadhuvu Season 2. The first season ended on a cliffhanger, and it was done the right way. The audience would be eager to find out what life from this point on has stored for Indu, Anand, and all the family. It would be interesting to watch the turn the story takes in the next season.

How will Indu handle her new family?

Vadhuvu Season 2 might begin with Indu and Anand still not on good terms. She will most likely continue staying at her in-laws’ and continue her parallel investigation to dig up more dirt about Arya. She will most likely oblige and pretend to care about what transpired in the house upon her arrival. With Vaishavi gone, she should pretend to be interested in blending in with the household and making sure no one questions her motives and movements. Arya could be the only person who will not trust her, most probably based on the conversation they had at the police station. Indu will manage to bring Anand onto her side. Indu will probably get most of the family members to trust her, which makes it easy for one of them to slip up and talk about what happened to Padma. Padma has been severely traumatized, and a glimpse of her past has been shown in Vadhuvu Season 1, which involved Anand and Arya.


What is Padma’s history?

There is a theory that these men may have sexually molested her, and the family has kept these incidents under wraps so that Anand and Arya are not arrested. The matriarch of the family especially made sure her sons remained near her. The family is swept into a pattern of misogyny and patriarchy, which is why they do not think twice before placing all the blame on Padma because she cannot defend herself. Indu might find sympathy for her and fight her so that her truth comes out. Padma deserves justice, and Indu would go to any extent for that. She might have to burst the fake image she had created for herself and openly oppose their value system that could only benefited the male family members. Padma would be rescued, and partially, some truth would come out.

Is Arya the culprit?

Anand might go back to hating his wife for going against the rules of the family and supporting a woman he considers a waste of space. Just like in the Hindi film Damini, slowly it would be Indu vs. the entire family. Indu would not stop at finding out the entire story of Vaishnavi. Indu would be adamant about implicating Arya. The lady is sure Arya is not as saintly as he pretends to be. Anand, who had a nicer side, might also find Indu reasonable and begin supporting her cause. Indu might go to the police with her doubts to expand on the case against Arya and his mother and their role in Vaishnavi’s death. As Arya stated, Indu is indeed Sherlock Holmes, and she would dig out a lot of dirt about the family and might try to publicize it as well. Still, the writers may not plant the idea of Indu wanting to leave the toxic family and their patriarchal mannerisms. It would be jarring to believe after everything Padma, Indu, and Vaishnavi were put through as women in the family.


Is It a female centric show?  

The writer might also make a 180-degree flip and make the story about women trying to save themselves from this family who has been trying to control them. The women would take it upon themselves to protect each other, including Arya and Anand’s other sister, Sneha. This scenario is wishful thinking, but it cannot be ignored. Indu was probably brought into this story to make sure the story of the women in this family came out. Since Indu is barely worried about their reaction or the repercussions of her actions, she makes sure to put up a fight. The second season might end with Vaishnavi’s killer getting caught, and that person would confess to the crime. Indu would finally be free from the family and might go back to her parents to live a life of peace.

Bhanu, Indu’s younger sister, might make peace with the family and stop harassing them and her husband, Sanjay. Vadhuvu Season 2 could be the series finale because, beyond that, the writer will have to stretch the narrative. We are expecting the story of Indu and her quest to conclude with the second season of Vadhuvu.


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