‘Vadhuvu’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Did Indu Solve The Mysterious Incidents?

Vadhuvu, which means ‘The Bride’, is a Telugu-language Disney+ Hotstar mini-series about a bunch of mysterious incidents witnessed by one woman. This drama had everything going for it. The eerie atmosphere it created managed to keep the audience hooked till the end. Many questions are bothering Indu, and she’s keen to find logical answers without feeling any ounce of fear. This article will help the readers comprehend Indu’s answers and how the story of Vadhuvu will unfold from here on.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was The Wedding Called Off?

Indu is the oldest daughter of a prominent family and is looking forward to getting married to Sanjay. Calamity befalls them when the family learns Sanjay has eloped with her younger sister, Bhanu. Bhanu was immediately disowned by the family, and the young woman chose to stay away. In a couple of flashback sequences, it was established that Bhanu was always jealous of her older sister and the attention she got. Bhanu once wanted to defeat Indu, which made her pursue Sanjay and eventually marry him. Just like her family, Indu was not expecting to meet her sister ever again.


Is There A Fear Of Another Wedding Being Canceled?

A year later, Indu’s wedding is fixed with Anand, and there is a genuine fear in Indu and her family owing to the betrayal they faced previously. Everyone in the family was looking forward to the wedding, but they could not help but see the telltale signs about the impending doom that might befall Indu. As the wedding rituals begin, there are a lot of discrepancies and weird coincidences that worry the bride’s family. Many in her and Anand’s families brushed it off as a tragedy that was averted. On the night of the wedding as well, Indu went missing for a while, but she was located by Anand’s brother Arya.

Indu claimed to have been misled into an isolated spot to call off her wedding. These incidents were directed toward Indu, and they were signaling troubles she would face at Anand’s home. There was a genuine fear ingrained in Indu and her family, as they had hoped this marriage function would not fall through. Indu’s wedding had been called off twice before, and this left a bad mark on her and the family. The scenarios were indicative of patriarchy and misogyny, and Indu got wrapped up in them, making her believe she would be considered a woman with bad luck. Bhanu and her husband make a surprise visit to be part of the wedding, and the young woman makes all kinds of taunting remarks to make Indu uncomfortable. These were the kinds of incidents that seemed to be orchestrated to make sure Indu did not get married.


What Were The Series Of Weird Incidents Happening Around Indu?

Indu was constantly under Anand’s family’s watch the moment she entered their home. She did not think twice before asking questions regarding the family and their past. Her wounded feet were messed with on her entry to the house with red water. On investigation, she found out someone added red chili powder to the water to further make her turn against the family. She was also a witness to Padma yelling at her to leave the family. Padma is the black sheep of Anand’s family, who was always hidden away from public view. The woman suffers from a chronic mental illness, which is considered a bad omen for the family. Padma was blamed for Arya’s marriage falling apart as well. Indu, being smart, was keen to know about Padma and planned to meet the woman discreetly. Padma seems to be conditioned to close her legs and mouth when seeing anyone. It shifts focus to the fact that Padma may have been sexually assaulted, which led to the deep trauma she never recovered from. The conservative family never understood her pain and ignored her issues. 

Indu’s sister-in-law Sneha was attacked on the night Indu met Padma. Indu witnessed a silhouette of a woman who was let in. It is assumed the woman was most likely sent to kill Indu but attacked Sneha instead. There are no answers to these incidents except the fact that Anand’s family may have carried out something similar in the past, and these occurrences are meant to freak out the new daughter-in-law. The said person does not want Indu to meet the fate that Vaishnavi had. Indu wants to get to the bottom of it, but Anand’s family stops her, especially Arya, her brother-in-law. There is a lot connected to the attack on Sneha. The strongest theory is that Vaishnavi is trying to sabotage Indu’s marriage.


Who Is Vaishnavi?

Vaishnavi was the youngest daughter-in-law of the family as she was married to Arya. Vaishnavi was humiliated and thrown out of the house for having an affair and subsequently getting pregnant. More than Arya, it was Anand who was rattled by this news. Anand, along with his mother, made sure Vaishnavi and Arya separated and never reconciled. Without worrying about the consequences of her action or the wrath that would be unleashed on her by Anand and his family, Indu went on a quest to track down Vaishnavi and learn the truth. Indu was sure there was a discrepancy in the stories told by Anand and his family. They were deliberately hiding information so that Indu would bow down to the rules of their family. Indu sadly could not find Vaishnavi or her family.

Why Did The Police Interrogate The Family?

To the shock of everyone in Anand and Arya’s family, Vaishnavi had committed suicide, and the police had come by to inform them of the tragic news. Since the divorce happened only a few months ago, they wanted to interrogate the family to understand what led to Vaishnavi exiting Arya’s life. Indu is also informed about Vaishnavi’s news and is devastated to know there would be no one to reveal what happened in this family. As the police interrogation began, a lot of questions were thrown at everyone, especially Anand, Arya, and their mother. As per the answers provided by them, it seems they were trying hard to hide a family secret. Anand and his family are a classic case of toxic people who tend to go overboard with traditions and rituals.


Vaishnavi was a liability when she was alive, and she continued to be one after her untimely death as well. All of them fiercely protected each other, and the police were unable to find any loophole in their stories. Even though flashback episodes proved that Vaishnavi was assaulted by Arya, this information was not revealed to the police. The police wanted to find the reason behind Vaishnavi’s exclusion from the family, but they were unable to crack any of them. Anand and his family were tightly knit, and nobody was able to get to them. Vaishnavi was probably thrown out because she came across a horrifying family secret. All of them changed the narrative to suit their agenda. Only Indu and Sneha’s husband, Bajirao, can see through them but are unable to find any evidence against them.

How Did Indu Solve The Mystery?

In Vadhuvu‘s last episode, a lot of truths came out about the family and Vaishnavi. The post-mortem report of Vaishnavi stated she was murdered and hanged for the police to perceive it to be a suicide. There needs to be further investigation done to find out who did it. There is a possibility it could be Anand, Arya, or their mother, because Vaishnavi was possibly the one who was pushing Indu into finding the truth about the family. The police were suspecting the family, but they needed concrete evidence to back the allegations.


As the story unfolds, Vaishnavi was forced to marry Arya. Long after their nuptials, Arya stayed away from Vaishnavi because of the business trips, which may have caused her to pursue a relationship outside of their marriage. Again, these stories were being told from Arya’s perspective. He could be distorting the story as well to make sure the interrogation does not go against him. Anand came across as a good person in the story, but he soon changed his mind and became a manic male who never trusted anyone around him, including his newlywed wife, Indu. There is no proper answer to why Anand transformed into an ugly person.

Indu eventually found answers, and she confronted Arya. This was done to make the audience assume that Arya might have perpetrated a chain of incidents and eventually killed Vaishnavi as well. The family was more concerned about what Vaishnavi knew and if she left behind any trail of evidence against them. They were never bothered by the death of a person. This reeked of patriarchy, and these rules were put down by the mother, and she made sure no news of any kind went out of the house.


Arya and Indu confronted each other at the police station. Indu was aware of Arya’s involvement in the death of his ex-wife. Arya was not worried about Indu’s threats because he probably had his trail covered. There could be many solid reasons why Arya killed Vaishnavi. Her attempt to spook Indu, which would force her to leave Anand’s family, might be one of the reasons. These are just speculations based on Indu’s claims that Arya could be the murderer. She believes the evidence will come to light once she finds the answers to all her questions. Indu and the police would never trust the family, and they would be constantly under watch.

Vadhuvu Season 1 ends with a car showing up in front of the family as they leave the police station. Everyone, including Indu, is shocked to see the person in the car. It could be someone close to the family. This person might also be a solid secret keeper. The family mystery is far from over, and Indu would go to any extent to find out what happened.


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