V. C. Andrew’s ‘Dawn’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happened To Philip?

Lifetime brought the fourth episode of Dawn series, Midnight Whispers, a continuation of V. C. Andrews’ Cutler novel series. The third and fourth episodes seamlessly pick up the narrative, focusing on the journey of Dawn Cutler. Kidnapped at a tender age and raised by her captors, Dawn eventually uncovers her true identity as a member of the influential Cutler family. However, she finds herself torn between her two families, realizing that the treatment she received from her kidnappers might have been better than what she received at the hands of the scandalous Cutler family, which harbors deep-seated secrets, including the truth about her parental lineage.


Spoilers Ahead

The revelation of Dawn’s biological father, William, who she thought was her grandfather, adds a shocking twist to the already twisted plot. It comes to light that he forced Laura Jean into an unwanted pregnancy, leading to Dawn’s birth. Despite the troubling family drama and numerous mishaps, Dawn and Jimmy’s love ultimately triumphs, and they find happiness together. The inclusion of Dawn’s illegitimate daughter, Christie, born out of a relationship with Michael Sutton, further enriches the narrative. As the story progresses, we witness Christie’s growth into a young and beautiful woman, whose journey was also filled with a lot of highs and lows.


How did Dawn and Jimmy Die?

Dawn and Jimmy had become the proud owners of Cutler’s Cove, where they raised their children, Christie and Jefferson. Christie, now a talented pianist, aspired to study at Julliard Music School, while little Jefferson brought joy to their lives. On Christie’s birthday, Dawn felt compelled to reveal the truth about her birth, including the identity of her biological father, Michael Sutton, and how he abandoned her after impregnating her.

Dawn also shared the unsettling family curse that had haunted their lineage for generations. However, Christie couldn’t fully grasp the gravity of her mother’s words at that moment; it wasn’t until a massive tragedy struck that she realized the curse’s ominous presence in their lives. She lost her parents, Dawn and Jimmy, who met a fatal end in a devastating explosive accident.


Throughout this time, Philip remained his perverted self, maintaining a secret chamber at the resort where he kept the pictures of Dawn. One day, Philip’s wife, Betty, discovered the room filled with pictures of Dawn and destroyed them while framing Jimmy for it. As fate would have it, Jimmy was in the mechanical room when a gas leak began. Philip confronted him and tragically beat him to death. Sensing the gas leak, Dawn rushed to check on Jimmy, but they were both caught in a massive gas explosion that claimed their lives.

Why did Christe stay in the meadows?

After losing their parents, Christie found comfort in her uncle Gavin, Jimmy’s stepbrother, and fell in love with him, as the Cutlers preferred to keep matters within the family. Being not blood-related, Christie and Gavin felt it was acceptable to pursue a relationship. However, even with Gavin’s support, Christie struggled to cope with the trauma of her parents’ deaths.


Philip and his wife Betty took custody of Christie and Jefferson, but their presence brought torment to the siblings. Betty imposed strict control over them, robbing them of their freedom, while the perverted Philip made inappropriate advances towards Christie due to her connection to Dawn. Unable to bear such treatment and assault, Christie and Jefferson decided to escape to New York, where they unexpectedly met Michael Sutton, Christie’s biological father. Disappointingly, Michael didn’t live up to Christie’s expectations, showing only shallow sympathy and offering money instead of providing them with a place to stay. Left with no other options, Christie reached out to Gavin for help. As they met, Christie suggested moving to the meadows, where they could find a temporary place to stay, hoping for some respite from such horrible circumstances.

What Happened to Philip?

In the meadows, Charlotte, Lillian Cutler’s younger sister, warmly welcomed Christie, Gavin, and Jefferson. Charlotte’s son, Homer, who was the result of a relationship with the caretaker, Luther, had been labeled a “Devil’s child” by Emily, Charlotte’s elder sister. However, with Emily’s passing, Charlotte and her family could finally live free of her tyranny. They lovingly cared for Christie during their stay and provided all the support she needed at this difficult time. 


But the story took a darker turn with the arrival of another villain, Fern, who was Jimmy’s sister and Christie’s aunt. Fern harbored jealousy towards Christie for being the only princess of the Cutler family. When Christie ran away from Philip’s clutches, Philip contacted Fern and tasked her with bringing Christie back, using whatever means necessary. However, Fern agreed not to bring her niece back home, on the condition that Christie would serve her like a servant.

Christie tried her best to resist Fern’s attempts to disrupt her life, but one day, Fern’s actions crossed a line when she bullied Charlotte, leading to Luther kicking her out of the house. Tragically, Jefferson fell ill due to a wound and had to be taken to the hospital.


Seizing an opportunity, Fern called Philip and had him falsely accuse Gavin of kidnapping Christie. As a result, Philip showed up at the hospital where Jefferson was and had Gavin arrested. Christie was forcibly taken back to Virginia, where Philip promised not to harm her or her brother. However, it was all a charade. Upon her return, Betty Ann started berating Christie, blaming her for sullying their name and status by eloping with Gavin. But even worse, when Christie asked Philip to take her to the hospital to see her brother that night, he responded disturbingly, revealing his true perverted intentions towards her. Fed up with Philip’s repulsive advances, Christie fiercely defended herself and fled to file a complaint against him with the police. The next day, the police arrived to arrest Philip and Betty Ann, but overwhelmed by guilt and anger, Betty Ann confessed to Philip’s involvement in Dawn and Jimmy’s deaths. Alongside existing sexual assault charges, the additional charge of attempted murder led to the arrest of Philip and Betty Ann.

A few years later, Christie managed to secure admission to Julliard, bringing her one step closer to her dreams. The upcoming episodes are likely to delve into the challenges and triumphs she faces as she navigates life in New York.


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