‘Unicorn: Warriors Eternal’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Do The Unicorn Find Melinda?

At the end of Unicorn: Warriors Eternal Episode 2, Melinda flies away after emitting a dark magical wave that not only ills Lulu the Elephant but destroys the whole block. The green-eyed woman has noticed this and will probably try to manipulate Melinda according to her own wicked needs. It is up to Edred, Seng, and Copernicus to find Melinda as soon as possible and then track down the evil that released the elephant into the city [Episode 2].


Spoilers Ahead


The green-eyed woman’s humanoid robots hijack a ship and steal Grecian statues that the ship was transporting to England for display at the British Museum. We cannot help but think that this has to be a dig at the British Museum and how it has filled itself with stolen artifacts and statues from across the globe and then called them its own. Also, her stealing the statues of a group of soldiers means that she is planning an attack on the Unicorn. The Inspector of Scotland Yard alerts the media that the investigation regarding the battle that took place the other day has begun. He also disregards the magical occurrences as parlor tricks by spiritualists that have been used to trick people into believing that they are magic. Naturally, magicians and conjurers are arrested all across London. Edred is exasperated at the recent turn of events. Not only has he lost Melinda but he also doesn’t know how he can find her or the force of evil that wreaked havoc through Lulu the Elephant. 


Melinda returns to her home. She cannot help but remember all the moments she spent with her parents and those with Winston, who used to visit her at her window. Everything seems too distant now. She looks in the mirror but doesn’t recognize herself. She has no idea what’s going on. She puts on a gown from her closet and looks at herself in the mirror again, hoping to find her lost self. That’s when she hears her parents downstairs brooding over their missing daughter and Winston. She approaches them and they are overjoyed to see her alive. They tell her that Winston is in the hospital. She leaves to see him. While her mother is glad that she is back, her father doubts if she is still their daughter or someone else who resembles her. His doubts are justified. What she has become is something that most people would describe as dangerous. Melinda meets Winston at the hospital. He is glad to see her. As they are talking, one of the nurses recognizes Melinda as the witch who destroyed a block a few days ago. The nurse calls the cops, who arrive within minutes to arrest Melinda. She again turns into her dark avatar and vanishes into thin air, her force wrecking the whole ward. It seems that Melinda’s negative emotions, like anger and sadness, are more concentrated and volatile. This is why these feelings catalyze the dark matter that’s in her. 


Seng befriends a nine-tailed fox in another realm. A nine-tailed fox is a mythical entity in Chinese mythology, prone to mischief and known for disguising itself as a beautiful woman. So is the nine-tailed fox actually the evil woman? Seng is interacting with the fox when he notices a dark explosion nearby. He realizes it’s Melinda. He returns to the Earth plane [Alfie’s body] and tells Enred that he has found her. All three set out in her direction. Somewhere else, the stolen statues of Hoplites are brought to life by the green-eyed evil woman just as we had expected. 


The Inspector of Scotland Yard interrogates two magicians, Clarice Leydoux and Lao Xi Sheng, who try to make him understand that what he and everyone else saw the other day was not any hoax. Who the inspector is addressing as spiritualists, are really magicians who had taken birth again and again on Earth time and again to defeat evil. The inspector brushes off all this talk just in time for one of his assistants to inform him that they have found the dark witch [Melinda]. Melinda is meanwhile doing her best to hide from the cops looking for her in the streets of London. This is when she bumps into a magician named Darvishe, who assures her that he will get rid of whatever is inside her. Having no money, she reluctantly gives him her wedding ring and enters his chamber. This is sad as the ring was her only connection to the life she had and which now seems gone. As the guy tries to trick her with his chants that are nothing more than din, it is Melinda’s inner struggle that eventually brings Melinda’s spirit out of her. We then see Emma’s soul and the soul of the witch, the real Melinda, facing each other as Emma’s body goes into a deep sleep. Melinda has no idea how Emma is able to prevent her from taking over. She isn’t even supposed to be aware of Melinda. However, Melinda tells Emma that she has been chosen and that she has no choice but to give in to Melinda. The two are about to get into a battle or so it seems although we have no idea how Emma would face Melinda who is one of the strongest in the universe if not all the universes. This is when Edred, Seng, and Copernicus break into the chamber after escaping from the cops. Emma’s soul is distracted, and Melinda uses this distraction to merge with Emma’s body. Melinda is thus back in her physical form. As Edred tends to Melinda, Seng senses something approaching them. They look outside and see the Hoplites.

Do The Unicorn Defeat The Hoplites?

A fight ensues between the unicorn and the hoplites. Melinda [Emma] still tries to stop herself from getting into the fight but ultimately gives in and destroys most of the Grecian soldiers. During the fight, Seng yet again spots the sweet little nine-tailed fox on the other plane. But before he could realize it, the little fox turned into a giant wolf and grabs him by the mouth. Edred notices Seng hovering in the air uncontrollably. Clearly, something else is controlling him, and he anticipates something very powerful nearby. He then spots the green-eyed woman watching them from atop a building. So, we were right when we guessed that the nine-tailed fox is the evil woman. It also needs to be mentioned here that what a nine-tailed wolf is in Chinese mythology is but a werewolf in European mythology. So, the nine-tailed fox turning into a giant fox makes sense as a part of it is somehow human. 


Now that the evil woman has revealed herself to the Unicorn, Unicorn: Warriors Eternal Episode 4 will surely disclose her identity. Meanwhile, we have to see how Melinda copes with herself. Considering Winston is still alive after the havoc she wrecked at the hospital, Melinda will probably go back to see him unless she is worried that she will end up harming him. As for Edred, Seng, and Copernicus, they need to help Melinda not be in a battle with herself because a more dangerous one is on its way to them. Also, there’s more to Emma than meets the eye. There has to be a reason why she was able to separate her soul from Melinda’s. Does she have powers of her own? Maybe. Unicorn: Warriors Eternal Episode 4 will reveal the truth.

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