‘Twisted Neighbor’ (2023) Ending, Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Theo?

Imagine living in a neighborhood where some people love being close to their neighbors, while others try to avoid them because they can be too nosy about everyone’s business. Sometimes, this meddlesome behavior can go from being curious to becoming really intense, making someone the constant focus of attention. This is especially true when a new person moves into the area. But what if this curiosity takes an extreme and unhealthy turn? In the intriguing story of The Twisted Neighbor, Colleen Kirk faces a similar situation in the charming neighborhood of Sunny Vista. She quickly realizes that her neighbors are quite nosy and can’t resist prying into her private affairs. But things take a dark turn when one of Colleen’s neighbors, Edith, is tragically murdered.


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What Does Colleen Observe About Her New Neighborhood?

Colleen is excited to leave her life in New York City behind and move to the peaceful neighborhood of Sunny Vista. However, beneath the tranquil surface of the neighborhood, Colleen remains unaware of her neighbors’ nosy tendencies. Unbeknownst to her, everyone has already been informed about her arrival thanks to the NeighborNews app, which shares information about each neighbor and the happenings in the area. When Colleen crosses paths with Jillian, a sophisticated woman with a warm demeanor, she’s positively impressed. Jillian’s kindness stands out, and Colleen appreciates her genuine attitude. However, Ashton and Kimberley are not so fond of Colleen, who is also part of the Homeowners Association committee and has a role in managing various aspects of the neighborhood.


Among her neighbors, Colleen finds a connection with Theo, who exudes a relaxed vibe that matches her own personality. He stands apart from the gossip-driven and intrusive nature of the others in the neighborhood. Their compatibility becomes evident as they bond over their shared approach to life. Gossip spreads quickly through the NeighborNews app about Colleen shortly after her arrival in the Twisted Neighbor. Colleen keeps her true self hidden, and this secretiveness becomes a point of interest for her neighbors, drawing them even closer to her life. To delve more into the neighborhood dynamics, Colleen decides to meet Edith, whose home has been a subject of conversation due to its deteriorating condition.

What Happens After Colleen Finds Edith’s Body?

Taking the initiative, Colleen visits Edith’s house and discovers her lifeless body. This connects us to the earlier moments of the film, where we get to see how Edith was murdered. This clarifies that Colleen is not involved and that someone else is responsible. However, the unsettling aspect is not the murder itself, but how the news spreads like wildfire across the neighborhood. People eagerly discuss it online, showing morbid curiosity. This reaction deeply disturbs Colleen and makes her regret her decision to move to the neighborhood. As the story progresses, Colleen starts to understand that people often hide secrets beneath the surface. She learns discreet details about her neighbors, Theo and Jillian, revealing that everyone has a hidden side to them. Despite this realization, Colleen gets closer to Theo and nearly reveals her own secret to him.


The situation takes a dark turn when Colleen receives a threatening message from an anonymous user, asking her to leave the neighborhood. Following this unsettling message, Theo goes missing, leaving Colleen in a state of confusion and worry. Rumors about Theo’s financial gains begin to circulate, casting doubt on his ability to afford expensive items. This creates an atmosphere of uncertainty for Colleen, unsure of the truth behind his disappearance and the neighborhood gossip. Amidst these events, the situation becomes even more dire when someone attempts to harm Colleen by running her over with a car. This dangerous incident takes the story to a new level of intensity, raising questions about who might be targeting Colleen and why.

How Does Colleen’s Situation Take A Turn For The Worse And Become Chaotic?

Colleen takes matters into her own hands to unravel the mystery surrounding Theo. However, she discovers that someone has been attempting to blackmail Theo as well. As she tries to locate him, Colleen makes a shocking discovery—Theo’s lifeless body. The police categorized his death as a hit-and-run incident, dismissing the threatening messages that had troubled Colleen deeply. This disregard for her concerns leaves her upset and frustrated. In an unexpected twist, the tables turn against Colleen. The neighborhood app turns her into a target, with neighbors entertaining wild theories about Theo’s murder. Colleen’s connection to both Edith’s and Theo’s deaths as the person who found their bodies first makes her a central figure in their narratives.


The story delves further into Colleen’s history, shedding light on why she’s in this unsettling situation. It’s revealed that she is the daughter of Vanessa Kirk, who falsely claimed to have been kidnapped, leading to Colleen’s reputation being tarnished and her career being destroyed. This personal history explains why she had to relocate from New York to a neighborhood plagued by mysteries. Colleen realizes the gravity of her predicament. With her past and present intertwined in the twisted neighborhood, she fears being easily labeled as a culprit due to her troubled history.

What Happens When Colleen’s Hidden Past Is Revealed?

As Twisted Neighbor unfolds, Colleen notices some missing bills in her trash but doesn’t think much about them. However, the same day, news surfaces about her connection to Vanessa, and people swiftly point fingers at her for the murders. Colleen tries to explain that she’s being blackmailed by someone in Sunny Vista, as evidenced by the cases involving Theo and Quinn. Quinn had been in a romantic relationship with Theo, making the situation even more complicated. Amidst her already complicated circumstances, things take a surprising turn when Quinn’s body is discovered. Colleen’s attempt to clear her name becomes even more tangled. But when a reporter approaches her for information about Vanessa, she accidentally discloses details about the black car that had followed Theo.

When Colleen tries to investigate, Ashton falsely accuses her of making threats. Feeling cornered and threatened, Colleen takes a bold step. She decides to orchestrate a gathering where people can open up with the help of drugged cupcakes. Keeping their attention diverted while they become a bit tipsy, she aims to uncover the truth behind the mysteries. During this eventful night, Colleen believes Jillian to be the anonymous user behind the threats. But her assumptions are shattered when she is attacked by two masked individuals, who turn out to be Kimberley and Ashton.

What Happens To Colleen?

As the conclusion of Twisted Neighbor approaches, a shocking revelation unfolds: Kimberley and Ashton are revealed to be maniacs with a disturbing plan to harm Colleen. They have a twisted perspective on maintaining Sunny Vista’s image, driven by an obsession with eliminating those who possess a dark history or a secret that could disrupt the neighborhood’s apparent happiness. Amidst a tense conversation between Ashton, Kimberley, and Colleen, an opportunity arises. Colleen seizes the moment to overpower Kimberley, attempting to escape from the car. Unfortunately, Ashton intervenes by using a taser on Colleen. Just when the situation seems dire, Jillian arrives, and Ashton also tases her. However, Colleen’s softball skills come into play, allowing her to maintain control over Ashton and Kimberley.


In an unexpected turn of events, Jillian takes advantage of the situation to reveal her own secrets, including her open relationship with her husband, Dan, and his disclosure of her sexuality. Despite the gravity of the situation, the circumstances provide an outlet for people to share their hidden truths and personal struggles. With Ashton and Kimberley incapacitated, the neighborhood experiences a shift. People break free from the constraints of secrecy and begin to open up, helped by the absence of their oppressive influence. The story concludes with Colleen finally confronting her own past, accepting an interview about her mother, and revealing her love for her, even though her mother had engaged in scams that defrauded many.

As the film ends, Colleen embraces a new chapter by co-writing a book titled Twisted Neighbors. She finds solace in her peaceful neighborhood alongside Jillian and Dan, who are set to start a softball team with Colleen for everyone. The narrative of Twisted Neighbor underscores how the pressure to conform to a posh neighborhood’s expectations can drive individuals to create false narratives. With Kimberley and Ashton out of the picture, the neighborhood is finally restored to tranquility. The NeighborNews app, once a source of turmoil, becomes a platform for positive connections, and Colleen’s perspective on Sunny Vista evolves, fostering a newfound appreciation for her surroundings.


Raschi Acharya
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