‘Turbo’ 2024 Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Did Jose Kill Vetrivel?

Mammootty is on a roll, as right now, he is just looking to secure his legacy by acting in several movies that will explore his acting prowess while he can. Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam, Kannur Squad, Kaathal: The Core, Brahmayugam, Abraham Ozler, Rorschach, and Puzhu—these films are some of the finest movies of this septuagenarian who still has the vigor to deliver better films and roles in the coming years. Turbo, on the other hand, is a typical commercial entertainer that only focuses on Mammootty as the savior figure who comes forward to help the people he loves. Directed by Vysakh, this is his third outing with the megastar.


Spoilers Ahead

Who is Turbo Jose?

Aruvipurathu Jose, also known as Turbo Jose, is a middle-aged man living with his mother, Rosekutty, in Idukki. The man is called Turbo Jose because his fighting skills are powerful, like a car. His friends, including Jerry Mathew, who was a Jose loyalist, helped the man in several brawls during church festivities. At times, he was asked to leave town by his authoritative mother figure, but he came back to keep his friends from getting beaten up. 


Why did Jose go to Thrissur?

Jose’s friend Jerry Mathew was beaten up during the brawl at the church and was recovering in the local hospital. Jose learned Jerry was in love with a Hindu girl based in Thrissur, and they were planning to elope before her marriage was fixed. After her family learned of her elopement, they sent a group of rowdies to injure Jerry. Jose, who treated Jerry as a bother, took it upon himself to get Indulekha, aka Indu, from Trishur to Idukki in the hope of getting them married. He was successful in doing so. To Jose’s shock, Jerry refused to acknowledge her in front of his conservative family.

Did Indulekha go to Chennai?

Indu was heartbroken and requested that he let her go to Chennai, where she had worked. Jose soon became aware that police from Thrissur were looking for him on the charges of kidnapping a woman on the orders of Indu’s highly connected military family. Jose’s mother issued an ultimatum for him to return Indu to her family.


Jose catches up with her bus and requests that she go back to her family, but Indu refuses. In despair, she shared the details of her place of work, and Jose inadvertently revealed Jerry had phone numbers of many women named Indu. Indu was further heartbroken, and she chose to keep everyone at bay, including Jose, on reaching Chennai. 

Why was Turbo Jose stuck in Chennai?

Jose was left to fend for himself, but he was able to locate Indu based on the office details she shared. Jose’s feisty nature forced her to give him some food and shelter at her home. Jose also learned he would be arrested on arrival in Idukki, which forced him to stay back. Jerry was a banker in Chennai as well, and it is assumed he and Indu may have met in the city. He arrived in Chennai, expecting her to hear out his side of the story and accept his apology. She could not forgive him because she thought he was canoodling with many women other than her. This made her break off their relationship for good, even though Jerry tried to patch things up with her. 


Indu was also being pestered by an ex-MLA who was trying to force her to pass a bogus loan, which she refused to do. She also had a loyal customer, a rich car dealer named Andrew, who, at her request, offered the job of driver/bodyguard to Jose. Jose helped Andrew by beating up local gangster Auto Billa, who was being a menace to his employer. 

Who was Vetrivel Shanmugam Sundaram?

Vetrivel Shanmugam Sundaram, aka Vetri, was one of the richest men in the city. He had several fisheries as a front for his underground work bribing state cabinet ministers. He was not a public figure but was known as a kingmaker who was making sure the current chief minister enacted policies that would favor his business. He used money and assassinations to showcase his power. One of the state ministers was on his side, and using him, Vetri brought many MLAs over to him in the hope of making the Chief Minister desperate. Vetri was a vicious man who brutally killed a journalist through his factory’s fish-slicing machine for speaking against him.


How did Sithara and Jerry find the scam?

Sithara was a colleague of Jerry who found out a family had approached the bank, stating their father’s inactive bank was suddenly operating, and they were receiving messages of huge amounts being put in that account. This family, as shown at the beginning of the film, was murdered for reporting this mishap. Sithara informed Indu that someone from the bank had used Jerry’s employee ID to transfer a huge amount to this inactive account. On further research, Jerry and Sithara found out that many people who were unaware had had accounts opened at Jerry’s and other banks across the city. These people, at some point, had been low-grade employees of businesses run by Vetrivel Shanmugam Sundaram. 

Was Jerry trying to meet Indulekha?

Vetri, as mentioned above, was an influential figure and had contacts with all the major banks in the city. He used these accounts to turn all the black money into white money and debit the amount on the same day. This scam was unearthed by Jerry and Sithara, who went to his boss and informed her of the same. Jerry had the evidence, and he hoped to use it to inform Indu about it, as Vetri’s main account was with her bank. If Vetri’s scam was exposed, Indu and her bank would be in trouble. As a result, he tried to inform her about the data he had. Indu was under the impression that he was after her to patch things up between them and refused to maintain any contact with him. 


Who killed Jerry?

Jerry knew he was being followed by Vetri’s men. Vetri and Jerry’s boss were in cahoots, and she was the one who leaked the investigation done by her employee and his plan to expose the scam. Jerry wanted to meet Indu at Jose’s apartment, but Jose and his mother, Rosekutty, were shocked to find him dead, and the autopsy concluded it to be a suicide. Jose had also confronted Auto Billa at his home just before discovering Jerry’s body, and they were forced to leave. 

A heartbroken Indu was approached by Sithara, who informed her of the scam uncovered by Jerry, and she was accidentally the only witness to his death. Fearful of being followed and killed, she surrendered the evidence to Indu. Sithara was soon killed in an accident, but it was evident who might have eliminated her. 


How did Turbo Jose rescue Indulekha and his mother?

Indu’s plan to go to the police did not work, as the police were working with Vetri to eliminate every person who was now aware of the scam. Jose, who was known for saving people, rescued Indu by beating the police to a pulp and escaping with his mother before Vetri could kidnap her. Jose and Indu were also helped by the car dealer, Andrew, who wanted to make sure they were sent out of Chennai via a shipping container. They were also helped by Auto Billa, who was a witness to Jerry’s killers exiting the building. 

How did Vetrivel capture Indulekha?

Jose, Indu, Rosekutty, and Indu’s sister were on the verge of being rescued with the help of Andrew when a truck crashed into their car, and Indu was kidnapped by Vetri’s men from the crashed vehicle. Vetri’s only goal was to capture her, take possession of the evidence, and eliminate her, just like he did with everyone else. If the proof of the scam was out, Vetri’s plan to take over the government would not work since the Chief Minister was not under his control. Indu was a crucial link, and his kidnapping of her was a success. 


What was Jose and Indulekha’s plan B?

Vetri informed Jose that Indu was in his custody while Andrew was only pretending to help his mother, and the car dealer had actually switched sides. Vetri claimed his power forced Andrew to work for him, and his mother and Indu were in the custody of Vetri’s men. Jose was given the option of choosing either of them, and he was under the impression that the feisty man would go after saving his mother. 

Indu, on the other hand, had not given up and dropped another bomb, claiming that she and Jose had a plan B. They had already sent the evidence of Vetri’s scam to the Chief Minister using the ex-MLA who was pestering Indu at her place of work. Even if she died, Vetri’s life would be over as well because CM would make sure he did not become strong enough to threaten the leader of the state. Indu wanted revenge, and this was her way of taking it, by choosing the righteous path. Since she was almost killed by the police, she used the strongest option, Vetri’s only rival, the chief minister. She wanted to make sure Vetri was destroyed, and she, at this point, did not fear being killed. 


Did Jose kill Vetrivel?

Jose arrived on time at the fishery factory that belonged to Vetri. He informed his nemesis about him using Indu’s army contacts to save his mother and Indu’s sister. Andrew was aware of the plan and knew there was no one bigger than the armed forces in the state. Jose managed to make use of everybody who initially did not trust him. Indu’s family was initially livid at him, but he reconciled her with the family, making it easy for him to turn them into his friends. Jose also claimed most of his nemeses became his friends, but Vetri could never be that since he killed Jerry. Jose used all his might to fight Vetri’s men. 

Vetri himself was a highly skilled martial artist, but Jose’s traditional fighting skills overpowered him. Jose could have let him go, thrown him to the CM and his power, and let the law take its course, but he was also afraid that Vetri would come back to take revenge. He wanted the cycle to end, which made him choose to kill Vetri by sending him through his factory’s fish-slicing machine. Vetri had used the same machine to kill a journalist and was planning to do the same to Indu as well. Since Indu was saved by Jose, it was obvious he would kill the man. This was rather the most cliche ending a villain could meet. After a helpless woman being saved by a hero-like figure.


Turbo movie ended with Jose and Indu returning to Idukki in the aftermath of the ordeal they faced at the hands of Vetri. They received a box that contained the severed head of Andrew, the car dealer who went out of his way to help Indu and Jose. Along with it came a note that stated Jose killed only a small fish in the sea, and many were part of a syndicate that was almost exposed by Indu and Jose. The voiceover was of the Tamil superstar Vijay Sethupathi, whose character claimed he wanted revenge and the war had only started. It could be assumed several people were above Vetri, and he reported to them. With Vetri dead, his boss will probably take over and come after Jose. This indicated there could be a sequel to this film, as the fight had just begun. 

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