Tukta In ‘Doctor Climax’ Explained: Is She Pregnant With Tong’s Child?

Tukta, the wife of the famous Doctor Climax, isn’t so famous herself. Calling her even well-known would be an exaggeration, as she’s hidden away, never acknowledged by Doctor Nat. He keeps their marriage a secret by denying Tukta the recognition she deserves as his wife. Gullible Tukta remains unaware of Doctor Nat’s double life as the renowned Doctor Climax. She doesn’t know about his affair with this other woman, one of his colleagues, Linda. Despite this, Tukta continues to be a devoted wife, as her mother taught her to be. However, this devotion leads to nothing but resentment, lying, and cheating. Tukta starts to realize that being a trophy wife is purposeless. She understands that she should seek her own happiness, apart from that of Doctor Nat, because this pretentious, supposedly perfect marriage won’t fulfill her. Determined to improve her situation, Tukta decides to stop hiding and find her path to happiness. How will Tukta change her situation? We’ll find out in the series Doctor Climax.


Spoilers Ahead

How was Tukta and Nat’s relationship? 

If there was an image of a “trophy wife,” Tukta would fit it perfectly. She was beautiful, shy, and timid. She cooked, cleaned, and did all the household chores. Tukta took care of her husband, Nat, and even looked after her mother-in-law. In their respectable doctor family, Tukta served her purpose as the perfect partner for Doctor Nat. But none of this did anything to attract Doctor Nat’s heart. He felt his wife was far from his imagination and not what he wanted her to be. She was boring—nothing like those bold and scandalous women he writes about in his erotic novels. Because of that, being with Tukta and sleeping with her didn’t excite him. Tukta understood this. She tried her best to please him. Despite her shyness, she even bought scandalous, seductive clothes to seduce her husband, hoping he would show some interest in her. But nothing worked. Tukta noticed that her husband came home late from work, and some days he didn’t come home at all. Sometimes, even when they were in bed together, he didn’t enjoy being intimate with her and preferred to pleasure himself rather than be with her. One day, Tukta went to his clinic with the news that she might be pregnant. When Doctor Nat found out she wasn’t, he sighed with relief, and Tukta realized her husband didn’t want to be with her or start a family. She started to think there might be something wrong with her.


To make matters worse, at his clinic, she found a letter written to Doctor Climax. The letter was from someone who said his wife was very boring, and he didn’t enjoy having physical relationships with her, asking for ways to make their relationship exciting. After finding that letter, Tukta thought it was her husband who wrote it because she had no idea Nat was Doctor Climax. Desperate, she wrote to Doctor Climax herself, using a false identity, and asked for suggestions on how to lure her husband. Eventually, Doctor Nat found the letter and realized Tukta had been writing to him. But he still didn’t want to change. Even when Tukta said she would do anything to be better and take vitamins (which were actually birth control pills) to be the perfect partner, Doctor Nat didn’t stop her from thinking she was the problem. But then Linda came to Doctor Nat’s clinic. Tukta met Linda, and everything became clear. She realized there was nothing wrong with her. Her husband was having an affair with this other woman. Tukta finally saw how naive and gullible she had been all this time. How could she have been so stupid? This marriage was a sham, built on lies. Tukta realized the truth and knew she deserved better.

Why did Tukta want to separate from Nat? 

Tukta realized she needed to find happiness elsewhere because she wasn’t getting any from Nat or their marriage. At her high school reunion, she met her ex-boyfriend, Tong. After seeing him again, she wanted to kiss him, and she regretted leaving Tong to marry Nat for the false sense of security that came with marrying into a wealthy doctor’s family. But what is security without love? Tong, now a lawyer, wasn’t as rich but was happy with his partner and their two daughters, Tuk and Ta, which proves that Tong still loved her, even naming his children after his ex-girlfriend. but he was too honorable a man to cheat on his wife. This made her happy for him, but it also made her start thinking about her own situation. That very night, after Tong left the reunion, Tukta began a romantic encounter with another man whom she met at the bar. For the first time in a long while, she felt alive and free. She changed her hairstyle and started wearing bold clothing, which was very different from her usual style. She realized she didn’t have to pretend anymore. Or maybe she was still pretending, but at least no one was judging her or thinking she was the problem. She was taking charge of her life and her decisions, and this made her happy. This realization hit her hard, and she saw how sad she had been all this time. She had always focused on her husband and tried to be the perfect wife to get his attention. She struggled to become a mother, even though she always wanted to but could not have any, but in reality, her husband was the one at fault. Tukta started thinking about how she had been married at fourteen and hadn’t had much exposure to the world. She didn’t know any better. But in truth, she was perfect just the way she was. That’s when she decided to take off her wedding ring, the symbol of her loveless marriage. The man she had been sleeping with gave her a beautiful butterfly ring that suited her free personality. She knew she was in love again, with someone who loved and prioritized her just the way she was. Finally, Tukta approached Tong and requested his help in arranging a divorce from her cheating husband, Nat.


Is Tukta Pregnant?

But being a woman in the 70s with no sense of security, no job, and being pregnant, Tong advised Tukta that divorcing her husband might be a bad idea because she could lose everything along the way. Yes, she was pregnant, but not with Nat’s child; it was the man she had been sleeping with, which made the situation even more complicated. So, what would she do? Given how Tukta had managed to change her personality and come out of her cocoon of trying to be the perfect wife, I believe she would definitely take the risk of divorcing Nat and marrying this other man. After all, she also deserved a chance at finding her own happiness, don’t you think?

Sutanuka Banerjee
Sutanuka Banerjee
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