‘Nightmares And Daydreams’ Episodes Timeline & Connection, Explained

Narratively interconnected anthologies take place over a specific timeframe, which adds to the context of the overarching plotline, and Netflix’s horror anthology Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams is no exception in that regard. The seven stories of the anthology build up a central story against the backdrop of the mythical land of Agartha, which unfolds over almost four decades. With the specific year of each story being mentioned at the very beginning and the common setting being Jakarta, it isn’t until the final episode that viewers get a glimpse of the whole picture. We will try to highlight connections among individual characters throughout the timeline by linking all the hints scattered throughout the seven episodes.


Spoilers Ahead

Wahyu Meets the Supreme Being in 1985

In the lore of Agartha, the Supreme Being, known as Brahmatma, is often mentioned as an all-powerful, benevolent ruler of the subterranean realm who possesses vast knowledge and power accumulated since antiquity. The fourth episode of Nightmares and Daydreams, which takes place in 1985 in Jakarta, is chronologically the first event in the storyline—when the Supreme Being pays a visit to the fisherman Wahyu for the first time. We do not know whether Wahyu’s selfless, distant, and humble demeanor is what led the Supreme Being to consider him a suitable candidate to share his knowledge and power with, but what is known for certain is that the Supreme Being somehow knew of Wahyu’s past life with his mother and his wish to be reunited with her. The presence of the Supreme Being was not a random event, as his act of empowering Wahyu was meant to be a timely aid for the upcoming battle that would be waged between humanity and the dark forces of Agartha. Wahyu initially helped his soon-to-be evicted fishing community and stopped an inevitable conflict between them and the military. As directed by the mystical, divine being, Wahyu later decides to share his power with a number of gifted individuals, and together they form the Antibodies, who seek to protect the world from the monstrous beings of Agartha. 


Dewi became Wahyu’s first acolyte

Almost twelve years after the events that transpired in the fishing community in 1997, we meet the loving couple Dewi and Bandi and their son Marhan, all of whom are seemingly the first victims of the machinations of the dreadful creatures emerging from Agartha. A shrieking banshee-like monstrous humanoid used her telepathic powers to keep Bandi and a number of other destitute people in a trance-like state for several years. Whereas the victims lived through their fantasy in the trance state, the outside world moved on, which is why Bandi sporadically went missing and was eventually separated from his family. Dewi learned about all this way too late, and by then there was no way for her to save her beloved husband. However, Dewi displayed formidable psychic powers as she resisted the telepathic hold of the humanoid. Later on, she was approached by Wahyu and willingly became his chief general in the battle against the demonic beings of Agartha. As Wahyu’s strongest enforcer, Dewi took it upon herself to recruit gifted individuals for the upcoming battle. In the climactic battle with the demonic humanoids, Dewi takes the lead, and along with Ali, she is able to kill every present humanoid demons by using her enhanced psychic powers. 

House of Horror as Seen by Panji

After a significant duration since Dewi’s interaction with the creatures of darkness, we meet Panji, a humble cab driver who is forced by circumstances to put his elderly, schizophrenic mother in a strange old age home in the very first episode, which takes place in 2015. It was later revealed that the old-age home was just a front for a cult of rich people who worshipped the Agarthan monsters for their own benefits. With the powers of the monsters, the cult entrapped downtrodden people of the older generation and forced them to servitude in exchange for returning their youth, and this cycle would have repeated endlessly had Panji not stopped them by burning down the lair of the monster and the entire old age home. Although it is unclear whether the events that took place inside the old age home started before Wahyu’s meeting with the Supreme Being, Panji was possibly recruited by Wahyu and Dewi, and later he received the powers to heal others from Wahyu, as seen during the course of the final conflict. He helped Wahyu heal from a fatal injury. 


Rania and Ali Were Recruited in the Same Year

In the third episode, which takes place in 2022, Rania’s psychic connection with her long-lost twin sister, Laras, is showcased. This episode is also when the all-pervading influence of Agarthan humanoids was highlighted, as Adrian Rajasa, Laras’ abusive husband and Agarthan humanoid, was shown to be a high-ranking government official in Jakarta. Rania’s psychic gifts were strong enough to enter even the minds of these dreadful humanoids, and during the final conflict, she uses this particular power to take down a couple of adversaries. 

Rania was recruited to the Antibodies in the same year that Ali was recruited to the group by Dewi. Financial troubles prompted the humble technician Ali to try and deceive Dewi without knowing her true identity as a strong psychic. Dewi put Ali through several extremely tough mental hurdles, which Ali eventually was able to conquer by focusing his mind, and it was revealed he possessed strong telepathic powers after all. In the final battle, Ali provides much-needed psychic assistance to Dewi to take down Agarthan humanoids. 


Valdya is the newest recruit to the team

Lastly, Valdya is recruited by Wahyu after the entire team of antibodies arrives at the secret lair of the Agarthan humanoids to rescue her. The mysterious elderly woman, Lakshmi, who appears in the final episode, is a vital member of the Antibodies, even though her background remains unknown to the viewers. As for Valdya, her arc seems quite similar to that of Raina, as both of them lost their siblings at the hands of the Agarthan humanoids. Valdya’s sense of sight being an integral part of her story, who knows—perhaps after joining the antibodies, she develops the powers of clairvoyance and foresight? 

Aside from the members of the Antibody, in the second story of the anthology, we met Syafin, the young orphan boy with strange and unknown powers, whose prolonged presence is shown to spell doom upon people close to him. Even though it is hinted that his origin is connected to Agartha as well, his motivation and allegiance remain unknown so far, which will be revealed if the anthology receives a continuation in the near future. 

Siddhartha Das
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