‘Tulsa King’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Dwight Manfredi Find His Daughter Christine?

Dwight David Manfredi is still learning the ways of the world. From pronouns to phones with cameras to debit and credit cards, change has been a rather tough pill to swallow. On the other hand, the Tulsa police have just found out about him, including his recent date, Stacy Beale of the ATF. With Dwight still foraying his way into the business in Tulsa, he will have to be careful of the cops as well as his enemies, old and new. Let’s find out what problems Dwight get into in “Tulsa King” Episode 2.


Spoilers Ahead

New Developments

Dwight Manfredi is on his laptop in his room at the Mayo Hotel in Tulsa. He types in the name “Christina Manfredi,” his daughter’s name, on the public records website. On pressing Enter, he finds out that he needs credit card details, for which he needs a credit card first. He then arrives at the local courier delivery office to send a parcel to New York. It’s probably money for the Invernizzi crime family. Here too, he is unable, as the service accepts only cards and no cash. Manfredi asks the man next in line to pay for him with a card, and Manfredi will return the amount in cash. The man agrees. Contrary to his time, cash isn’t king anymore.


Stacy Beale looks up Dwight David Manfredi at her office: a longtime member of the Sicilian mafia, a first-generation American with an ex-wife, and a daughter, Christina. His two murders include those of Richard McLeevy, aka Ripple, and another guy who he killed out of self-defense. Despite being asked to turn informant, he spent 25 years at a stretch in prison without opening his mouth. Stacy realizes that Dwight might be hiding something. She decides to visit him.

Dwight is taking a walk across Tulsa, his new kingdom. After having an espresso in a paper cup as opposed to a glass cup (another reminder of how time has flown), he takes a walk through downtown Tulsa and reaches a place known as The Center of the Universe. At least that’s what a homeless lady tells Dwight when he stands on it. She tells him that no one will be able to hear anything he says while standing in that circle. The area basically has a concrete circle on the ground surrounded by another circle of bricks. Dwight tries it, and it turns out true. He notices a horse passing by and yells, “Horse.” He then comes out of the circle and asks the lady if she heard it. She didn’t. [The Center of the Universe is a real place; it is a kind of vortex that works as an echo chamber.] The person calling out inside will hear his or her voice echo back even louder. [To the people outside the circle, it is nothing more than a distorted sound effect, too distorted to even hear properly.] People talk to God there. Dwight offers the homeless lady some cash, but she doesn’t want his “scuzzy” (dirty) money. She then walks away, with Dwight’s gaze following her.


Stacy visits her counselor. She tells him about her routine. It’s been a year since her divorce from Edward, who is now dating a lady. She, on the other hand, isn’t, although she has slept with a 75-year-old criminal. She doesn’t plan on seeing him again.

Back in New York, Vince approaches Chickie about Dwight. Dwight punched him (“Tulsa King” Episode 1) and broke his lower jaw in three places. As much as Vince wants to kill Dwight, he knows he can’t because Dwight is a friend of his boss. So, he wants an apology. Chickie is irritated at Vince’s behavior and tells him that he will take it to his father, Pete “The Rock” Invernizzi.


A New Business

Tyson arrives in Lincoln to pick up Dwight. Dwight finds out about a debit card from Tyson that he can use in place of his cash after depositing some at a bank. Naturally, they head to Bodhi’s “The Higher Place” to get some cash. At The Higher Place, Dwight tells Bodhi that he needs to meet Jimmy, the supplier. He also mentions a new business that will bring in more money for both him and Bodhi. After taking some cash from the safe at The Higher Place, Dwight arrives at the Bank of Tulsa, accompanied by Tyson. Unfortunately, the ID he provided expired in 1998. So, naturally, the only way to get a new ID is a new driver’s license.

Armand Truisi, AKA Manny, is at the Fennario Ranch when he gets a call from his friend Eddy. He confirms to Manny that the guy he saw at the mall is indeed Ike [Dwight Manfredi]. Manny is panic-stricken. He believes that Ike is in Tulsa to kill him.


Dwight is at the Department of Public Safety, taking a driver’s license test. While submitting his form, he bribes the lady at the office, who then bumps up his driving test from 5 weeks too early next week. In the meantime, he gets to use a learner’s permit. It’s just like a regular license, which means it is good to go as an ID. Dwight goes back to the bank with Tyson, shows his ID, and opens an account. His card will arrive within 24 to 48 hours. As he comes out of the bank, he gets a call from Chickie, who tells him that as a way to make amends with Vince, he will have to pay Vince $100,000. As enraged as Dwight is, he knows he has to make amends somehow.

Dwight is in his room when there is a knock on the door. He opens the door and finds the woman whom he met at the bar standing. He is glad that she has come, but his expression changes when she reveals her name, Stacy Beale, and that she is an ATF agent (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) agent. Keeping in mind that he is an ex-felon, he would rather have her stay out of his business. When she asks him about his family, he tells her that he hasn’t seen his daughter Christine in the last 18 years. He was in prison when he told her not to visit him and save herself from the pain. Thus, with nothing to get back to in New York, he shifted to Tulsa. Contrary to what Sophie thinks, Dwight doesn’t expect Stacy to help him just because she slept with him. That will be all for Stacy. She leaves.


‘Tulsa King’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – Does Dwight Find His Daughter Christine? 

Tyson has sort of a verbal to-and-fro with his father about driving for a gangster before he heads out for the Mayo Clinic. Dwight, Tyson, and Bodhi are on their way to Jimmy’s place. Inside the car, Bodhi reveals his real name, Lawrence Geigerman. Dwight also enlightens him about his handle, Cinque Stelle. In other words, five stars. They arrive at the location, a 100-acre land and a shatter lab and meet Jimmy’s cousin Bad Face. It is clear that Bad Face doesn’t seem to like Dwight, and the feeling is mutual. They are about to get into a confrontation when Jimmy intervenes and takes the guests in. After some conversation, a fair deal is struck on the weed buds, with Dwight getting the better of Jimmy. He makes it clear to Jimmy that he knows the game he is about to step into. On the way back, Dwight gets high on some of the “potent” stuff he got from Jimmy, and all three have a good time chatting about camera phones, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, blues music, Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe, and more.

It is nighttime when Manny calls Mayo, asking about a “friend,” Manfredi. He is calling to confirm if Dwight Manfredi is indeed staying there. The guy at the reception, who received his call, confirms it. Manny is visibly shaken.


The next day, as Dwight returned with his espresso and was about to take the elevator to his floor, one of the hotel’s staff gave him a parcel that had arrived for him. It is his new credit card. He goes to his room, enters the credentials, and finds his daughter Christine’s address on the Public Records website. He dials the number that shows up on the screen under the name Christina Manfredi along with other details. A guy picks up the call. It’s Christine’s husband. Dwight can hear the children playing in the background. He tells the guy that he is Christine’s father and asks if he can just hear her voice. A female voice answers. It’s Christine. Now that he has finally heard her voice, he asks if he can see her. Christine disconnects the line. That evening, he visits the Center of the Universe. This time, it is to apologize for what he did to his daughter 18 years ago. He accepts that he did it not because it would be hard for her to see her father in prison but because it would be hard for him to see her. “I’m sorry,” he says with tears in his eyes. Dwight knows that nobody can hear him inside the circle of The Center of the Universe. It is more like self-acceptance and asking for forgiveness from whoever is listening. Only time will tell if Christine has heard it.

At the end of “Tulsa King” Episode 2, we get a glimpse of Episode 3, in which someone tries to kill Dwight Manfredi. His relationship with Tyson will also be explored, with Tyson saying that in Dwight, he sees his “guru” or mentor. It seems that Dwight’s new business will raise the stakes, not only for Tulsa but also for his own life. While Manny is a potential suspect, Vince has an equal, if not a higher, chance of pulling off an attack on Dwight. Stacy Beale will come into the plot as well. With a minimum of 30 to 40 years as a capo, faces from the past are sure to return, and not all of them will be wearing a smile.


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