‘Trinket Box’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Why Did Mrs. Davis Target Ava And Mike?

The movie Trinket Box revolves around a mysterious necklace that holds evil powers. This necklace has been hidden away in a box for years. When Ava and Mike move into a new neighborhood after getting married, their neighbor, Mrs. Davis, welcomes them with a special gift: the very trinket box containing the necklace. Little did Ava and Mike know that this necklace’s evil powers would bring trouble into their lives. Why did Mrs. Davis choose to target them? Can they survive the dark forces unleashed by the locket? Join us to uncover the secrets of the Trinket Box.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did The Necklace Start Affecting Their Lives? 

Ava and Mike, a newlywed couple, move into a nice neighborhood full of excitement about starting a new chapter in their lives. They’re looking forward to having a baby soon, and everything seems perfect with their new house. From their appearance, you’d notice Ava is white and Mike is black, making them an interracial couple. However, they soon discover they have a problematic neighbor, Mrs. Davis, an old and creepy lady with racist views. Mrs. Davis visits their home unannounced, introduces herself, and makes a strange comment, suggesting Ava should call her if the “devilish-looking black man” disturbs her. Ava corrects her by saying Mike is her husband, leaving Mrs. Davis visibly shocked. Despite this awkward encounter, Mrs. Davis gives Ava a gift—a box containing a necklace she claims has been in her family for a long time and would complement Ava’s complexion.


Both Ava and Mike feel uneasy about the gift and decide Ava should not wear the necklace. However, Ava becomes curious, and she wears it when Mike goes to work the next day. And you would see how immediately, her personality changes. The sweet and loving Ava becomes mean and selfish and starts acting strangely around Mike. When Mike questions her behavior after a shower, Ava claims not to remember anything unusual. But things started getting weirder—from that very night on, both of them started having nightmares, the house started getting colder, and Ava even started sleepwalking. Being concerned, Mike suggests Ava see a doctor, but she insists she doesn’t like the vibe of the house and wants to leave as soon as possible. Little did they know the necklace was the source of these strange happenings and was completely disrupting their lives.

Did They Survive? 

The next day, Ava visited the doctor because she was experiencing stomach pains and having nightmares. The doctor noticed bruises on her belly, which seemed strange. After examining her, the doctor gave Ava surprising news: she was pregnant! Ava was thrilled, knowing this news would bring happiness to both her and Mike during these strange times. Mike overjoyed with pregnancy new and quickly threw away the creepy necklace out of the house. Mike didn’t want any negative vibes, especially from their weird and racist neighbor, Mrs. Davis.


Both Mike and Ava were both excited about starting this new chapter in their lives. However, that same night, things took a turn for the worse. While Ava was in the shower, she started feeling sick. When she vomited, the bathroom was filled with black substances. She was horrified but decided not to tell Mike. Mike thought her sickness might be due to the pregnancy. Without the necklace, Ava felt increasingly paranoid. She searched everywhere for it and even accused Mike of hiding it. Mike wouldn’t admit to throwing it away.

That night, something strange happened again. Both Mike and Ava had nightmares. Ava woke up screaming, and Mike thought she was having another bad dream. However, Ava got out of bed and went outside to find the necklace. She put it on, and the house became cold again. Mike realized something was terribly wrong. Ava’s eyes turned white, and she transformed into a terrifying creature with sharp teeth. She attacked Mike, trying to bite him. Mike tried to escape, but Ava pinned him down. In a desperate attempt to defend himself, Mike grabbed a nail and stabbed Ava in the neck. The outcome was tragic. Both Ava and Mike collapsed and died on the floor.


Why Did Mrs. Davis Target Ava And Mike? 

Mrs. Davis’s necklace has a dark history. She had found the locket in Alabama back in 1936, a time when racism was widespread in the country. Mrs. Davis’s sister was dating a black man, a relationship which her family didn’t approve of. One day, Mrs. Davis’ brothers attacked the man of color, and her father tried to intervene. At that time, the man pulled out a knife and fatally stabbed her father. Devastated by this tragedy, Mrs. Davis developed a strong hatred for black men and interracial couples. That night, she wore the necklace and transformed into a demonic creature, attacking her family. She was the only survivor. The trinket box contains photos and newspaper clippings that tell this chilling story. Since then, Mrs. Davis has targeted interracial couples. She sells them her house and gives them the cursed necklace, leading them to tragic fates just like hers. It seems there’s no escaping the curse of the Trinket Box.

In the end, we discover that Mrs. Davis isn’t alone in her dark mission—her son is also part of it. After Ava and Mike tragically die, we see Mrs. Davis’s son cleaning up the house. He wipes everything down, removes their photos, and disposes of their bodies. Mrs. Davis begins searching for her next target. This time, Mrs. Davis sets her eyes on another interracial couple, but with a twist: the woman is black, and the man is white. It becomes clear that Mrs. Davis’s hatred isn’t limited by gender; her main target is any black person, whether male or female. Sadly, the new couple will likely face the same horrifying fate as Ava and Mike. If only there was a way to destroy the evil necklace, it could put an end to the chain for good. But for now, the cursed Trinket Box continues its sinister cycle, leaving us to wonder who will be its next victim.


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