‘Tracker’ Episode 2 Recap And Ending Explained: Did Colter Save Jackson?

The second episode has arrived, and our ‘tracker,’ the strong and agile Colter Shaw, has yet another case on his hands. This time we see a little more of the problems in his family, and yet there is a lot of mystery surrounding his brother. The second episode follows a conventional storyline and almost feels like the first half of a movie, but as the episode can be only 40 minutes long, it had to reach a conclusion quite hurriedly. Justin Hartley is milking this role, but the other characters will soon have to come in with their own backstories because, as of now, they look like they are just set dressing.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Colter Visit His Mother?

Colter’s mother woke up after she heard some disturbance. She must have called Colter but as he wasn’t around in the area, she went in herself to check on what had happened. It was a break-in, but nothing was missing. She must have wanted Colter to be there with her, and the good son arrived. The natural question was: Why wasn’t anything missing? Colter had already gotten the call from Russell in the previous episode, and perhaps he was now trying to make his presence felt even more strongly by staging this break-in. Colter’s mother, however, said that the local kids could be the ones who had done it as some sort of sick prank. But I guess she was just trying to calm herself down by imagining something non-threatening. Colter got another case, and he had to leave. His mother understood what his job entailed and didn’t stop him either.


What Did Jackson’s Parents Tell Colter?

Teddi gave Colter the details of the new case, and Colter was off to meet Jackson’s parents. Jackson, a 27-year-old man and an accountant by profession, seemed to have gone missing, and Jackson’s parents had an inkling of who might be behind the sudden disappearance. Colter assumed something different at first when he saw Jackson’s photo with a woman, thinking the parents wanted him to bring back their son, as apparently he was in a relationship with the woman in the photograph. She was considerably older than him, but Colter wasn’t going to involve himself in the family drama of separating a couple. But his parents insisted that something was wrong, as Jackson was not picking up his phone, and the last time he met the parents, he’d behaved in an unusual manner. The woman in the photo was Rebecca Smith, a woman who had no record in any kind of database. Colter knew this because Bobby, the hacker working for him, had done a thorough search and the name didn’t pop up. Perhaps it was an alias, which is why Bobby had built himself a face scanner. One hit came up, and the woman’s real name was found to be Rebecca Pendergast.

How Did Colter Reach ‘Positive Light’?

Bobby had told Colter that Rebecca Pendergast had been arrested once on charges of insurance fraud and tax evasion. Nothing came of it, as all charges were dropped later on. The natural step for Colter was to find Pendergast, as he hoped he would find Jackson with her. The police report Bobby had found had an address, and Colter was on to her. However, not only did he not find Jackson in Pendergast’s house, he was assaulted by two of her bodyguards. Colter now knew that Pendergast was no ordinary woman. She was definitely connected to some very powerful people, and perhaps Jackson was in much deeper trouble than Colter had imagined. Even after getting into a scuffle with the bodyguards, he followed them to a facility named Positive Light. A new-age spiritual center, the facility was being run by Seth, who had all the qualities of a smiling villain. Colter saw Pendergast with Seth and knew that Jackson had to be close.


Why Did Jackson Refuse To Leave?

Seth was like a psychopath who reveled in getting into the heads of people by pressing their weakest nerve. Everybody has some kind of demons they are wrestling with inside, and Seth had the knack of identifying what they were. The bodyguards must have given him information about Colter from their fight with him, and that was enough for Seth to start his mind games. He called in Colter and asked him to tell him one truth about his late father. It was the only way he would let Colter meet Jackson. Colter was quite steadfast in his approach to dealing with Seth and wasn’t intimidated when Pendergast burned Seth’s hand, which was something Seth ordered her to do every time he had learned someone’s secret. It was purely an intimidation tactic to showcase how tough Seth was that he could smile while his forearm was being marked with a red-hot iron.

Colter, focused as ever, met Jackson in the facility’s garden, where he had been assigned his ‘duty’. Pendergast had told Colter quite nonchalantly that Jackson had never been kidnapped. He was living in ‘Positive Light’ of his own will, and Colter saw that when he met Jackson. Jackson was feeling quite at home, but Colter knew this peace he was feeling was the result of manipulation. He could sense that Jackson had been lied to and gaslighted as to what he was doing in the facility. Seth had made him feel important, but it was only because he wanted an accountant of Jackson’s talent. He had cut Jackson off from his parents, and Pendergast had done her magic as well by offering her company. Colter understood that Jackson couldn’t be dragged away, or else he would never be able to come out of the illusion that Seth and Pendergast had weaved over him; he had to be shown the truth so that he could break free. Time was of the essence, as Colter knew that Seth was going to make Jackson do something illegal for him—something that could put Jackson in jail alongside Seth and Pendergast.


How Did Colter Save Jackson?

Bobby and found nothing online against Positive Light. There were no current lawsuits against them, and any that had been filed had been dropped midway. Pendergast’s charge seemed to have dropped as well. Seth was keeping trouble to a minimum, and clearly he had the power to do so. Bobby had found a man named David, Seth’s previous accountant, who had become a witness and who later died in an automobile accident. His wife, Iyana, had said that there was foul play involved. This was the only lead out there, and Colter got Velma and Teddi on it. He wanted them to talk to Iyana and figure out if what she was saying had some credibility or not. 

Velma and Teddi got back to Colter, and they were on the edge because of the information they had found. They told Colter that, if Iyana is to be believed, Seth had had David killed, and there were photos of the crime that Seth had hidden in his office. Colter was being followed by Seth’s bodyguard, and he figured out a way to reach Seth’s office. Colter surprised the bodyguard by changing his route and then getting him in a vulnerable position. Colter held a gun to the bodyguard’s head, got in his car and left him no choice but to take him to Seth’s office. Colter hid in the backseat, and the bodyguard took him past security. Colter got the photos, took them to Jackson, and showed him the truth about Seth’s spiritual center. Seth was draining people of their savings, and David had revolted against it, which is why he was killed. Jackson was hurt the most after learning about Rebecca’s true identity. He felt betrayed, and he attacked her when she arrived to stop Colter. Colter had notified the police, and they were on their way. Luckily, Jackson wasn’t hurt, and the police took Seth and Pendergast away. There was solid evidence against them, and finally Jackson could free himself from the shackles Seth had put him in. Colter, like the responsible tracker he was, took Jackson to his parents, and while he may not have had the best of times with his father, he knew how important it was for Jackson to reunite with his loved ones. Colter still had a lot on his mind, and perhaps Seth’s remarks about him carrying the pain of his father’s death had some impact, even though he had not admitted it.

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