‘Tracker’ Episode 1 Recap And Ending Explained: Did Colter Solve The Case?

There are many detective shows out there already. So how is Tracker different? Well, the show’s protagonist, a man named Colter Shaw, plays a ‘tracker’ in the show who puts his life in danger to locate or track down things and people. He gets a reward for this service, making him a rehashed version of a bounty hunter in the contemporary world. He gets called all sorts of names, ‘mercenary’ being one of them, but he prefers ‘rewardist’. But Colter avoids killing anyone if he can help it. Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who want his services, as there are many who are looking for lost things. Colter has a checkered past, which is one of the reasons he has become a tracker.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Colter Get His Cases?

Working out of an RV, Colter’s rules were simple. If he found the missing person (or item), the case was a success, which is when he took any money. He had helped find a missing hiker named Jesse, who had broken her leg during one of her more adventurous hikes, and she would have died out in the wilderness had it not been for Colter. This was just a preview of what Colter’s skills are and what he can achieve if he takes on a bigger challenge. His two greatest helpers were Velma and Teddi, a couple living in their comfortable home away from Colter’s RV life. They had set up a system to receive new cases and told Colter when a new one arrived. Colter is not much of a hacker, and he relies on Bobby, a worker in a mobile repair shop, to hack into systems and get Colter the necessary details to solve his case. Lastly, he has Reenie, the ace lawyer, who gets him out of trouble because Colter has frequent brushes with the law. They don’t like that he does a few jobs for them, and that too for money. But there is an emotional component to his job, which they don’t get.


Why Did Colter Think That Sarah Was Lying?

The new case that Colter got was related to a father and a son, a topic that had personal connections to Colter. A boy named Gil had gone missing, and it was Sarah, Gil’s mother, who guessed that her ex-husband had taken him away. The suspect in question was Edward Brown. She had divorced him a while back and told Colter that after she got Gil’s custody, there had been absolutely no contact with him. Edward was a volatile man, according to Sarah, and she didn’t want him to be in Gil’s life at all. When she mentioned that Edward had robbed a Juul store, that is when Colter realized that she was lying. The store had been opened recently, which meant that she had to have some contact with him. Sarah figured there was no hiding from Colter’s astute eye for detail, and she told him the truth. Edward had emailed Sarah and told her that he was sobering up and that he wanted to see Gil. Sarah thought it was all under control, which is why she was okay with Gil texting Edward, but she never expected that Edward would kidnap Gil.

How Did Colter Figure Out That Edward Was Dead?

Colter needed Bobby’s help to get the transcript of the chats between Gil and Edward. He thought he might find some clue there, and he did, but that landed him in jail later. It was Colter’s fault, only partially. Edward had called Gil to a burger joint to finally reunite after all these years. Colter approached the restaurant and asked if he could see the security footage. When declined, he broke in, but only because he felt that the restaurant wasn’t being cooperative! The police came and arrested him, but he got what he had come to find. The man who kidnapped Gil was not Edward. Colter had sent the photo to Sarah and she had given him a confirmation. Reenie managed to get Colter out, much to the surprise of the arresting officer, a woman named Amini, who thought Colter was a mercenary who just cared about money.


While Colter was in jail, Bobby looked Edward up, and he told Colter that Edward couldn’t have been the one to kidnap Gil as he had died six months ago in a rehabilitation facility. Colter visited the facility and met his friends, who looked at the photo from the burger joint and recognized the kidnapper as Jack Horvath. Colter asked them if they had any idea as to why Jack would impersonate Edward and kidnap his son Gil. Edward’s friends could only think of one reason, and that was the money Edward kept talking about. They knew Edward was selling pipe dreams, talking about 200,000 dollars buried in Sun Pass Camping Forest. Jack was stupid enough to believe him, and as Edward had talked about taking Gil to the site of the buried money, Jack figured he had to kidnap Gil to get to the buried money.

Why Did The Cops Allow Colter To Go And Look For Gil?

After this revelation, Amini and the other cops were ready to search Sun Pass for Jack. Colter was averse to the idea of using helicopters and police vehicles to go in and look for Jack. According to Colter, he was a dangerous man and could harm Gil just out of sheer panic. He had to have been looking for the buried money (which wasn’t there) for some time now, so he had to be insanely frustrated as well. In such a scenario, he’d go out of whack if he heard the sirens. Colter’s idea was to let him have a two hour head start as he was confident that he would find Jack and without the fear of ending up in prison, there was a high chance Jack would listen to his instructions and let Gil go. The idea was compelling because Colter was a tracker and had enough clues that he could get to the site Jack was at. Sun Pass was spread over a 20,000-acre area, but Colter had an old photograph of Edward at the camping site where he had taken Gil. He was certain he could find the exact spot and perhaps talk Jack out of his crazy treasure-hunting idea. Amini had taken a liking to Colter and was confident that he would get the job done, but not the other officers. They disrupted Colter’s plan and arrived earlier than expected. Colter had not only managed to get Jack to throw in the towel but was also going to get Gil to safety, but once the cops showed up, Jack shot Colter and tried to escape with Gil. A wounded Colter kept up the chase and, in the end, saw Jack commit suicide when he saw there was no way out. Colter got Gil to a safe location. The case had been solved. It had been a tough one but he was sure that if the cops had not arrived before the stipulated time, he would have single-handedly managed to get Gil out safely. But the end result was that Gil was safe which is what mattered most for Colter. 


Who Called Colter At The Beginning Of The Episode?

Amini was not only impressed by Colter’s heroics and his tracking skills, but she was falling for him, it seemed. She wanted to know more about Colter, and he told her that Ashton, his father, took the family to a compound known as the Devil’s Notch and raised the kids—him, Russell, and Dory. Ashton had cut them off from city life and raised them in the wild. Amini assumed that his father had gone missing from the compound, which is why Colter had become a tracker to help others who were in distress. Colter didn’t tell her the full story, but not only had he found his father’s body but also his killer. Russell, his elder brother, had pushed Ashton off of a cliff. Ashton was hiding something from the family and behaved as if there was someone coming after him and his family, which is why he lived in Devil’s Notch in the first place. Colter had severed all connections with Russell, but he had received a call from him after many years. Russell was trying to reconnect after so many years. Their mother was still alive, but there was no clue given about Dory. Colter’s adventures now have familial tensions, and the upcoming episodes will have us seeing how he deals with his father’s killer, given the fact that he is also his elder brother.

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