‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: What Happened To Hayama?

In the previous episode of Tokyo Vice season 2, Jake Adelstein returned to Missouri, but Detective Katagiri called him and asked him to go to Minnesota to get information on Tozawa. Meanwhile, Sato was banned from the Chihara-kai gang for good, but Kaito continued working as Hayama’s henchman. Kaito and the other members of the Chihara-kai attacked a Tozawa club and killed some of Tozawa’s men. In the latest episode of the series, tensions escalated regarding the leadership of the Chihara-kai gang. Will it finally be Sato who takes over the gang? Let’s take a look at this episode to find out.


Tokyo Vice season 2 episode 2 opened at a Hawaiian resort, where the FBI performed a raid to disrupt the peace of some Yakuza members hanging out. Jake is tasked with writing an article exposing Tozawa’s crimes in the US. Now Jake is torn between two choices: either to expose Tozawa and get himself and his family in big trouble or to completely ignore the matter for the sake of his own safety. 

Spoilers Ahead


What Did Jake Find Out About Tozawa?

Jake got back to Tokyo, and Katagiri and Nagata were more than happy to welcome him back. Jake believed that Tozawa had used a fake passport to enter the US, he had been involved in a lot of fraudulent activities like immigration violations, etc. Katagiri asked him to write a piece on Tozawa in their newspaper, but Jake was not confident about this information. So he decided he’d better discuss this data with FBI agents, who’d probably give him more intel on it. Eimi allowed Jake to run the article and asked Trendy to help him, but she asked them to maintain strict confidentiality. Trendy and Jake then talked with Jason, who wanted to confirm these details with his boss, Lynn Oberfield, who didn’t seem to be a reliable source of information. Lynn looked into the matter, but she came up with something that didn’t help Jake move forward with the article. She told Jake that Tozawa didn’t get any liver transplantation, but it was just a Japanese teacher who needed a liver transplant. Jake could remember that the doctor back in Minnesota had told him that it was a Japanese guy with tattoos all over his body. Jake began to get skeptical about this information and became suspicious of Lynn, thinking that she might just be another informant working for Tozawa. 

Meanwhile, Eimi and Tin Tin, who had been looking into Baku’s profile for quite some time, finally found something interesting about him. Eimi found that Baku had previously written an article for the Osaka Times in which he clearly defended Tozawa during an interview with him. This suggested that Baku might be well acquainted with Tozawa, and they probably had a history of working together. Jake discussed the Tozawa and Lynn connection with Eimi, who allowed him to chase the story against all odds. 


What Happened To Hayama?

Sato got an official document declaring his banishment from the Chihara-kai gang, but he learned that Kaito was still in the group, complying with Hayama’s demands. Realizing his brother was in great danger just because of Hayama, he got enraged and confronted Hayama at a sauna, where he and the other yakuzas had been taking a bath. As Sato asked Hayama to let Kaito go, Hayama also decided to put an end to Sato and his constant interference in his business. Hayama ordered his men to kill Sato, but the yakuzas initially couldn’t bring themselves to attack Sato. However, Kaito took a step forward and cried out that it was Hayama who had killed Ota, the former member of the Chihara-kai gang. The yakuzas were skeptical whether or not to attack Sato, so Hayama chose to finish the task all by himself. However, during a fight between Sato and Hayama, Sato overpowered him and drowned him in the bathtub. With the help of the other yakuzas, Sato finally defeated Hayama, who was drowned in the water.

With Hayama gone, Sato would probably become the leader of the Chihara-kai gang, rising to be the next oyabun. But first and foremost, he decided to take Kaito back to his home, where he would be safe with his mother. Kaito’s mother asked Sato to stay there for the night, but Sato refused. Now he had bigger responsibilities, as he was about to take the leadership of the Chihara-kai gang. 


What Happened To Nagata?

Meanwhile, Katagiri continued reenacting the scene where his witness, Shinjiro, was killed to find out what went wrong and why he couldn’t capture the killer. He realized that the other investigator who was with him in the vehicle could have been easily shot by the biker, but it didn’t happen, suggesting that the man might have been well aware of the attack from the beginning.  Nagata, on the other hand, went to have a conversation with the chief commissioner in his office, but after revealing a lot of information and the progress of the case, the commissioner asked Nagata to resign. It is still a mystery because Nagata wanted genuine progress in the case, but she was stopped by the corrupt system. Katagiri decided to go against this decision, but his hands were tied as the commissioner threatened to fire him as well.

What Will Be Jake’s Ultimate Decision?

Tozawa was already informed about Jake’s decision to write an article to expose his criminal activities. As Tozawa’s men were all around Tokyo, starting from the police department to the media, it was easy for him to get all the information. Tozawa’s right-hand man, Yabuki, met with Jake and asked him not to proceed with the piece; otherwise, they would track his family and hunt them down. Jake was terrified to the core and contemplated whether to pursue this story, so he agreed to Yabuki’s deal, but Katagiri wasn’t happy with Jake’s decision. He pushed Jake to go for the story, as it was the only way they could bring down Tozawa’s rising empire. Jake was confused and didn’t know where to turn, so he called his father, asking for advice. He told his father about the potential risk if he chose to pursue his story, and his father advised him not to compromise on his job. So, probably in the upcoming episodes, Jake Adelstein will gather more information on Tozawa and publish an article to bring him down. 


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