‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: How Did Shinjiro Die?

In the previous episode of Tokyo Vice, season 2, Ishida took his last breath after getting fatally shot by two assassins. Tozawa became a suspect, but he voluntarily showed up at the Tokyo PD and showed Detective Nagata a photo of him with the other Yakuza members in a meeting during the time when Ishida’s murder took place. Samantha, however, confided in Jake, telling him about the assassins with red-eyed tattoos on their wrists. Jake did some digging and informed Katagiri about the tattoos. Jake faced a troubling situation at his office when Eimi allowed Kurihara to publish an article on Samantha, accusing her of Ishida’s murder. Jake took a few days off and flew back home to Missouri. In the closing scene of the sixth episode, Katagiri returned home and found Shinjiro, one of the two assassins who killed Ishida, waiting for him. As Shinjiro asked the detective to help him, the mystery surrounding Ishida’s death thickened.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Jake Stay At Home For Long?

Episode 7 opened with Jake coming back home to Missouri, and at the airport, his sister Jessica came to pick him up. Jessica was more than just happy and excited about her brother’s return, and so was everyone in Jake’s family, who welcomed him wholeheartedly after a long time. Jake also got a job offer to write for a newspaper in the U.S., but he wasn’t sure about taking the offer, so he just decided to give it some thought. He also made up his mind that he was going to stay at home for a while and spend more time with his family, especially his sister, but his peace was short-lived when Katagiri called him. Katagiri asked Jake to quickly fly to Minneapolis in Minnesota, as they recently found a lead about Tozawa there. Jake was hesitant as he didn’t want to leave his house now, but Katagiri convinced him that it was important to catch Tozawa before any other innocent people died, by which he meant his own family, who were at great risk because of Tozawa. Jake finally made his way to Minneapolis, where, at Southern Minnesota Medical Center, he finally got to know that Tozawa had a strong connection with the doctors working at the hospital. Tozawa had bribed these doctors to have his name boosted up the liver transplant list, which was the reason why Tozawa returned to Tokyo so fit and healthy in no time. 


Did Hayama Take Over The Chihara-Kai Gang?

Tozawa paid a visit to the funeral service of Ishida and shocked all the members of the Chihara-kai gang. Even the head of the Chihara-kai, Tanaka, maintained his calm in this situation because Tozawa had emerged as a powerful member of the Yakuza.

Hayama had assumed the role of oyabun even though he wasn’t eligible for this position. He had manipulated Kaito and tasked him with the assassination of Tozawa, but Sato managed to save his brother right in time before Tozawa could finish him off. Sato explained the entire scenario to Kaito, asking him not to listen to Hayama blindly because Hayama only wanted to get Sato in trouble to take his revenge on him. Meanwhile, Sato and Hayama had a confrontation after the latter learned that Sato had talked behind his back. Sato and Hayama got into a brutal fight, and Hayama beat him up severely, but Sato couldn’t fight for himself. As Hayama threatened to kill Kaito, Sato had to back off from claiming to be the next oyabun. Hayama kicked Sato out of the Chihara-kai gang once and for all. 


Eimi, who had always had suspicions against Baku, the chief editor of their magazine, covertly asked Tin Tin to do some secret digging into Baku’s archives. Eimi had suspicions that Baku might be on Tozawa’s payroll, which suggested that Tozawa had an inside informant in the media as well. 

How Did Shinjiro Die?

Meanwhile, Shinjiro, the man with the red-eyed tattoo on his wrist, came to Katagiri’s house to save his own neck from Tozawa and to minimize his punishment by cooperating with the police. He told Katagiri that it was Tozawa who had hired him to take out Ishida, and he had just acted accordingly. Shinjiro was ready to help the investigators find the murder weapon, which would help him avoid the death sentence as well as give him the police protection from Tozawa, but things didn’t turn out as Shinjiro had imagined. After Shinjiro was arrested and the police took him to trial, on their way, an unknown assassin on a bike killed Shinjiro by shooting him to death. Katagiri quickly came out of the car and tried to capture the assassin, but he had already driven away, eluding the police. Katagiri failed in his attempt to gather evidence against Tozawa, as someone from Tozawa’s clan might have come to silence Shinjiro before he could reveal the truth.


After Jake informed Katagiri about the tattooed assassins, Katagiri later talked about it with Nagata. Nagata began to suspect Samantha, thinking that she might have been withholding crucial information. As Nagata pressed Samantha, she said that she couldn’t recall those details as she was too stressed and panicked during the time of the attack. 

What Happened In The Ending Of Episode 7?

In the ending scene of Tokyo Vice, episode 7, we saw two masked assailants arrive at a club owned by Tozawa and shoot some of Tozawa’s henchmen to death. The two assailants quickly ran away from the club and got onto a bus, where the two of them opened their masks. Shockingly, one of these two assassins was Sato’s brother Kaito, who seemingly didn’t pay much attention to Sato’s warning and got involved in the assassination, probably influenced by Hayama. The show has only three episodes left to wrap it up, so in these upcoming episodes, we might get a better insight into what Tozawa will do with the Chihara-kai gang in response to this attack. It seemed like Kaito might just have ignited a battle between the Tozawa clan and the Chihara-kai gang, which is going to be the main highlight of the remaining episodes of this season. 


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