‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap Summary: Who Was The Tattooed Man In Katagiri’s House?

In the previous episode of Tokyo Vice, Ohno-san and Samantha met the Chihara-kai leader Ishida in a club, where two armed assailants shot Ohno-san to death and severely injured Ishida, who finally took his last breath in the latest episode of Tokyo Vice. After Ishida’s death, the police began to suspect Tozawa to be the one who had orchestrated the attack, but no one had strong enough evidence against Tozawa to put him behind bars. Samantha helped Jake by giving him some crucial information that might come in handy to find out the assassins, so let’s see if Jake or Katagiri would be able to find out the culprit behind Ishida’s death.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Tozawa Show Up In Tokyo, PD?

Episode 6 opens with Sato and his men rushing Ishida to a safe place, hoping that they could save him, but Ishida lost his life on the way. The police showed up at the murder scene and began the investigation. Nagata brought Samantha into custody and started interrogating her, but to everyone’s shock, Tozawa voluntarily showed up at the precinct to have himself interrogated by the police. Tozawa knew that the detectives would suspect him right away, so he was already backed up with evidence to prove them wrong. Tozawa handed them a photo of him with the other members of the Yakuza at a meeting during the time when Ishida was killed. However, this piece of information raised further suspicions in Nagata’s mind, and now they would surely be thinking of Tozawa as the prime suspect, but lacking evidence, it would be nearly impossible to capture him. Before Tozawa left the police station, he found Katagiri and met him in the restroom. Katagiri was also shocked to see Tozawa confronting him. Tozawa threatened to bring harm to his family, which gravely worried Katagiri, but he couldn’t act against it as it wouldn’t be helpful for him.


Meanwhile, Samantha told Jake about the red-eyed tattoo she had seen in one of those assassins’ hands, which helped Jake get one step closer to identifying the shooter. He quickly informed Katagiri, who also began to look for the tattooed guy. Meanwhile, Jake went to visit his friend, Ukai, who had previously helped him with his cases. Ukai said that this red-eyed tattoo belonged to a group of men led by Hishinuma Kai. Jake then informed Katagiri about Hishinuma, whom the detectives had previously arrested.  Katagiri approached Hishinuma and asked him to tell him where his men could be found; otherwise, Tozawa would take control of everything and destroy the peace in Tokyo. Hishinuma considered the fact that Tozawa might take control of the entire Yakuza gang, so in order to prevent him from doing that, he agreed to help Katagiri and gave him a location where those men with the red-eyed tattoos could be found. However, as Katagiri and Nagata went to the location, they found one of the assassins, with a not-so-red coloured tattoo in his hand, lying dead on the floor. Katagiri realized that Tozawa might have silenced this guy, while the other assassin with the actual red tattoo was still on the run. 

How Did Kurihara Take His Revenge On Jake?

In the previous episode, we saw Jake make Kurihara write about the government property that Samantha had told him about. But Kurihara had to go through a lot of criticism because of his article, so in order to take revenge on Jake, he wrote an article on Samantha, accusing her of being one of the members of the Chihara-kai gang. Jake couldn’t imagine that the editor of the magazine, Eimi, had approved the article to be published, so he confronted her and Kurihara, but the two of them were unapologetic about it. Jake was utterly frustrated, as he neither in his professional life nor in his personal life was content. Misaki, for whom he had developed feelings, asked him not to meet with her anymore, which broke Jake’s heart. So he decided to pack his luggage and set out on his journey to go back home. 


What Did Sato Decide?

Right after Ishida’s death, Hayama became active as the leader of the Chihara-kai gang without giving Sato any chance to give his opinions. Hayama not only took the leadership but also decided to take revenge on Tozawa individually. He assigned Sato’s brother Kaito the task of killing Tozawa to take revenge on behalf of Chihara-kai, and Kaito, without realizing much, agreed to it. As Sato learned that Hayama was trying to make Kaito a scapegoat, he quickly intervened to save his brother’s life and convinced him not to make such a mistake that would claim his own life.

Sato realized that with Ishida gone, he was dealing with a dangerous situation, and not only him but also the people he had loved would face this peril because of him, so he went to Erica’s place and decided to cut ties with Erica and her son to get out of trouble. He decided not to meet with Samantha anymore, as the article published in the newspaper had already put her in a troubling situation. Now, Hayama, being an unreasonable guy, might bring harm to Samantha as well, so Sato went to meet her, hoping to say his final goodbye, but the two of them ended up making out with each other. 


Is Katagiri’s Life Is In Danger?

Finally, in the concluding scene of Tokyo Vice, episode 6, we saw Katagiri return to his house and sensed an ominous feeling that someone might be inside his house. As he asked them to come out and show their faces, a guy with the red-eyed tattoo on his wrist came forward. Katagiri quickly recognized him and thought that this guy might have come there to kill him, but the assassin was unarmed and seemed to be seeking help from Katagiri. As he asked Katagiri to help him out, the episode ended with a mystery that is yet to be resolved. Probably, in the upcoming episode, we might get to see a confrontation between the assassin and Katagiri, or there may not be anything like that. Perhaps this man was terrified of Tozawa and had been forced by him to do everything as per his commands, as now that Katagiri was after the killer, he might be the one to give a statement against Tozawa so that the detectives would capture him. Let’s see how things unfold in the upcoming episode of Tokyo Vice.

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