‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap Summary: Is Ohno-San Dead?

In the fourth episode of Tokyo Vice season 2, the main antagonist of the series, Tozawa made his comeback after recovering from his liver disease. The authorities, media, and Chihara-kai gang were in grave concern seeing Tozawa so fit, so they worried that he might have come back to take control of the gang and resume his notorious activities. Meanwhile, Jake spotted Tozawa and followed him to a building, where the latter had a meeting with the Kaicho gang leader, Nakahara. Nakahara declined to leave the leadership of his gang, so as a result, Tozawa threw him off a building, finishing him off. Jake found Nakahara’s dead body in episode 5 of Tokyo Vice and instantly informed Eimi, telling her about Tozawa’s presence in the building as well. Eimi was already suspicious of Baku, so she told Jake that Baku might be working as an informant for Tozawa.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Ohno-San Forgive Samantha?

After Samantha went through Ohno-san’s belongings, Ohno-san went inside his room and noticed his bag had been searched by her. He directly confronted her, asking why she checked her bag, to which Samantha initially lied, but later, when he demanded to search her bag, he found a camera that she had used to take pictures of the blueprints. Ishida had tasked her with taking pictures of the blueprints of the property on which Ohno-san had been working. Ishida wanted to buy the property before the government made it public, because only before the government announcement could he buy the property at a lower price. Therefore, Samantha had sneakily wanted to get a look at the blueprint, knowing well that only by helping Ishida get his hands on the property could she regain ownership of her club. However, as Ohno-San finally caught her, it became a huge problem for her. Ohno-san was forgiving, and after learning about the situation she had been dealing with, he forgave her and came up with a plan. He offered Samantha another private property that might interest Ishida, but Ishida would never give up the opportunity to grab government land for private property as there would be a huge loss. Samantha came up with a plan, and for that, she would need her old friend Jake’s assistance. 


What Was Samantha’s Plan?

Samantha asked Jake to publish an article about the Chihara-kai gang being after government property in their newspaper. Jake was more than happy to help her, and he went to his office to tell his fellow journalist, Kurihara, the news. Kurihara published an article about the looming threat to government property, revealing that these criminal gangs wanted to buy this land at a cheap price. This article prompted the government to make the property public so that they could prevent criminal gangs from grabbing it. Samantha decided to tell Ishida that before she could do anything about it, the news about their plan had spread, ruining their plan. However, she told Ishida that she had news of another project that Ohno-san had been working on, and Ishida was interested.

However, after publishing this article, Jake faced some consequences, as Baku wasn’t ready to believe the news was from a credible source. Baku began to blame Kurihara for his mistake which could tarnish the reputation of their newspaper, and Kurihara stopped trusting Jake, who realized that Samantha might have lied to him for her own benefit. 


Did Tozawa Become The Leader Of The Yakuza?

After Sato and Hayama killed Ota at his house and set the house ablaze, they both escaped from there and were on the run. Initially, Sato told Hayama that he wouldn’t let the truth come out, but in return, Hayama would have to make sure that his brother would be protected. Hayama agreed to the deal, as he had already decided not to tell anything to Ishida, but Ishida wasn’t an idiot. He realized that the two had messed up. As promised, Hayama lied about the hidden guns that Sato kept in Samantha’s club, but Sato felt threatened by he idea of losing Ishida’s trust and finally confessed how he went against the gang’s rules and acquired the fire weapons. However, Ishida was always forgiving towards Sato, as he knew that after him, Sato would be the one to lead the gang. The way Ishida told Sato to take care of the gang after his passing, it seemed like Ishida’s death was approaching him soon. 

Meanwhile, Tozawa and Misaki were seen sleeping together, and even though Misaki didn’t want him anymore, she had to put on a fake smile to save herself from Tozawa’s wrath. Tozawa was also a man with a plan, so in order to establish his authority over the Yakuza, he came up with the idea to do something legal this time. He gathered all the members of the Yakuza and elaborated his plan to take a leave from the illicit activities. He also explained that he had been planning to become the president of an enterprise he was about to establish, where every employee and member of Yakuza would be paid a hefty amount of money. Every member of the gang agreed with Tozawa’s plan, but the Chihara-kai leader Ishida wasn’t aware of this meeting, so it’s uncertain whether Ishida would really agree with the plan that Tozawa came up with. 


What Happened To Ishida?

At a bar, Ishida agreed to meet up with Ohno-san and Samantha, who wanted him to shift his focus to the private property of Forest Daikanyama instead of the government project. Ishida was interested since the government property would no longer be an easy deal. While Ishida finally agreed to their proposition, a shootout took place in the bar. Two assailants, who were probably sent by Tozawa, began a massive armed attack on Ishida and his men. Ohno-san was killed by those assailants, while Ishida tried to escape but realized there was no way out. So he asked Sato to leave the place and be safe, because even if Ishida died, it would be Sato who would take the leadership of the Chihara-kai gang. The fifth episode of Tokyo Vice didn’t show if Ishida managed to survive or succumb to his injuries, so in the upcoming episode, we hope to find out what would happen to him. 

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