‘Tokyo Vice’ Episode 4 Recap Summary: Who Killed Ota?

Previously in Tokyo Vice season 2, the major antagonist of the show, Tozawa, returned, posing an ultimate threat to almost everyone’s life in Tokyo Vice. Superintendent Nagata and senior detective Katagiri also became a threat to the Chihara-kai gang, as they raided their hideouts multiple times. This season is going to be a tough battle between the police and the criminal gangs, which has just begun and has gradually moved forward. From the very beginning of the fourth episode of this series, it seemed like Nagata would remain an unstoppable force against this criminal gang, which would lead to a major confrontation in the series. Let’s see how things unfold in this latest episode of Tokyo Vice.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Killed Ota?

Episode 4 opened with Katagiri and Ishida having a conversation, as Katagiri warned him about Nagata being hellbent on raiding their crime syndicate and that there was no way she’d leave them alone. Even though Ishida was a fierce leader of the clan, he was a man of his own principles, so Katagiri always had respect for him. As the police had already captured two of the members of Chihara-kai, Katagiri asked Ishida to be more careful about the upcoming raids. Ishida was concerned, and later he set up a meeting with other members of the gang, but suddenly Tozawa showed up to claim his authority. Tozawa stated that, in his absence, the Chihara-kai clan had grabbed his territory, which he now wanted back, but Ishida told him that there was no way he’d just give everything they had acquired for all these years to Tozawa so easily. He also made it clear that if Tozawa tried to ignite a fire among them, they would burn him down.


Ishida was gravely concerned because, firstly, Nagata was already a looming threat, and now Tozawa’s sudden appearance had also shaken him to the core. Previously, we saw that Ishida had a problem with the use of firearms, but now he wanted his men to keep more weapons close to them for safety and precautions. Ishida asked Hayama and Sato to contact a man named Ota, who’d help supply them with these weapons. However, Ota wasn’t a reliable man, as he was an alcoholic maniac who had previously been ejected from the clan, but Ishida trusted him and wanted his assistance. Therefore, Hayama and Sato went to Ota’s place in order to get his help, but at night, Hayama and Ota got drunk. Ota, losing all his senses, started acting erratically, which caused a problem, so unable to control his anger, Hayama killed him. Sato was already annoyed from the beginning and was only there because he had been compelled to, but after the situation escalated quickly, he would have to help Hayama get out of this. Hayama set the house ablaze and managed to escape from the scene with Sato. 

Eimi suspected that someone from the police department had been working for Tozawa as an informant, and after having a conversation with the detective Baku, she began to suspect him of being a snitch. 


Would Misaki Go Back To Tozawa?

Previously, it was revealed that Misaki used to be Tozawa’s mistress, so we thought she might be trying to fool Jake and their connection was merely a part of an elaborate scheme, but in this episode, it was revealed that Misaki didn’t want to go back to Tozawa, and she really wanted to help Jake so that he could get Tozawa arrested. She told Jake that Tozawa had been suffering from an illness, but now that he had returned, it seemed like he had done something to get a cure. So now, a more powerful Tozawa would do anything assert his authority over the territories he had lost to Chihara-kai. Jake hurriedly informed Katagiri everything, who assured him that he’d do the best he could to bring Tozawa to justice, but they couldn’t make any hasty decisions. Katagiri had been keeping track of Tozawa’s activities so that he could have the perfect opportunity to arrest him. But Jake was impatient, and he made a hasty decision to follow Tozawa into a building. 

Is Samantha In Danger?

Samantha had been meeting with Masa Oh-San in order to get information about a real estate project he had been working on. Sato warned her to be extra cautious and told her that if she couldn’t complete the mission properly, she might lose her alliance with the Chihara-kai clan as well as her club. So, Samantha was in a hurry so that, as soon as possible, she could get something for Masa. She went on a date with Masa at his place, and out of his sight, she managed to sneak into his study. She looked into Masa’s belongings, but before she could find anything, it seemed like Masa was about to catch her in the act. Samantha managed to make it out of the room, but she completely forgot that she had kept the bag where it wasn’t supposed to be. After Samantha left, Masa went to his study and found that Samantha had checked his belongings, which raised suspicion in his mind. Now that Masa has started suspecting Samantha, we can assume she’s in great danger. 


What Happened In Tozawa’s Meeting With Nakahara?

At the ending of the fourth episode of Tokyo Vice, we saw Tozawa go to a building to have a meeting with the Kaicho clan leader, Nakahara. Tozawa appreciated the fact that Nakahara had taken control over his clan and led the gang in his absence, but now that Tozawa was back in the picture, he wanted Nakahara to step aside so that he could take the authority of his gang once again. Nakahara made it clear that he would not leave his throne so easily and asked his men to escort Tozawa out of their building. But Tozawa, a man with a plan, had already bought the loyalty of all of Nakahara’s men. Probably, a fight ensued between Nakahara and Tozawa’s men, which might have led to a murder. In the concluding scene of this episode, we saw a dead body fall to the ground, right in front of Jake, who had been trying for hours to get inside. Jake is shocked to find the dead body, but it is not yet revealed who Tozawa actually killed. It is probably Nakahara, whom Tozawa had permanently removed from his way to rake control over the syndicate. Let’s see if the next episode reveals what happened to Nakahara. 

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