‘Third World Romance’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Britney And Alvin?

Netflix’s film Third World Romance revolves around the love of two lovers who overcome tough financial crises together and fight to stick by each other. Directed by Dwein Baltazar, the Filipino film is a light-hearted romance comedy. The film has an able cast consisting of Charley Dizon, Carlo Aquino, and others. How the couple supports each other and how organically they fall in love with each other have been portrayed beautifully in the film. After watching the film, we are left feeling that this is the kind of love that we all dream of! Will the sudden distance between Britney and Alvin make their hearts grow fonder? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Alvin Support Britney?

Alvin is the only support that Britney has in a world full of woes! Alvin is seen to be her guiding star from the very first day that they meet. Set during the pandemic, the film brings out the desperation of Britney to make ends meet. She seeks refuge under Alvin’s umbrella when she goes to seek government aid for herself, and it suddenly starts raining. Alvin sees her helpless state and gives her his share of the aid so that the food can last her a few days. He also notices that her shoe is torn and gives her his own slippers while wearing plastic bags for shoes himself. He understands her desperate need to find a job and tries his best to get her a job as a cashier at his workplace. He pitches her resume to his boss and eventually manages to get her a job.


Alvin does not leave her hand, even when she says that she is too much of a burden for him. Alvin tries his best to strengthen the sudden relationship that has blossomed between them. When he learns that Britney’s mother was stuck in Oman and had no money to return after her employer had denied her all the dues, he jumps in to ease the situation. He asks his stepfather for help, as he has some connections in the agency. He finally succeeds in getting Britney’s mother back and puts a smile on her face. Later, when Britney confides in him that her mother had a huge debt on her, he again selflessly takes up the responsibility to resolve the problem. He says that they could both work together to save up money to pay off her debts. Not even for a moment did he stop thinking about Britney’s welfare, right from the day that he met her.

What Dreams Did They See Together?

Even in adverse situations, Britney and Alvin do not leave each other’s side. We see them working together diligently just to ensure that their daily needs are met. One day, while having dinner together, Britney told Alvin how badly she wanted to have the Korean barbecue. Even though they could not afford the expensive food, they sat outside an expensive food joint, had their own little meal, and shared their undivided attention with each other. This brings out the fact that even the most simple things in life are worth enjoying if the company is right.


Alvin is a caring boyfriend, and his love for Britney rings right through the entire film. He tries to keep her safe from sudden rain by wrapping mere plastic around them. He tries to put a smile on her face by bringing his bike, only to realize he has run out of gas. Even though his means are very simple and he cannot afford a lot of expensive gifts, he tries his best to keep her happy. Alvin and Britney are often seen discussing things that they cannot afford as part of their utopian world. Britney tells him that someday they will have a luxurious house and a pool of their own, which Alvin happily agrees to. The dreams that they see together, even with the limited resources that they have, are very precious!

Why Does Alvin Get Fired?

The capitalist mindset of the world soon tries to disrupt the bond that Alvin and Britney have. Alvin again tries saving Britney at their workplace when a resourceful customer breaks a jar at the store and shifts the blame on her when she tries charging him for it. Alving gets into a fight with the customer, and the clip goes viral! When Britney and Alvin are summoned by the manager, Alvin tries to protect Britney and says that it is the customer’s fault. He is, however, asked to quit his job because of his mistreatment of an important customer. Britney does not stand up for Alvin, as she does not want to lose her job. She needed to save to repay her mother’s debt, which was misunderstood by Alvin. He thinks that she has failed him as a partner and has not taken a stand for him. The harmful impact that more influential people can have on the lives of people with limited resources has been pinpointed through this particular event in the film.


How Does Britney Resolve The Misunderstanding?

Britney tries her best to make Alvin understand how important the job is for her, but all in vain. He stops contacting Britney, and she feels devastated! Britney is summoned by the higher authorities of the Wynn grocery store for further investigation of the matter. The manager has been charged by the authorities for making the employees work double shifts and not paying them enough for their overtime. The manager tries shifting the blame on Alvin and tells the authorities that it was his idea to cut out on extra employees and make the existing employees work double shifts. Britney then takes a stand for Alvin in his absence and reveals to the authorities that Alvin was not at fault and that the manager had been stealing the company’s money by extorting the workers. She then leaves her job and tries contacting Alvin again. Even though he receives her call, he does not respond. We then see Britney working in another mall as a saleswoman, and Alvin, who was also working as a cleaner, notices her from a distance. He realizes that Britney has not left his side and has chosen to work elsewhere. The two lovebirds patch things up again as they realize how much they mean to each other.

Final Words

This film, Third World Romance, is a beautiful depiction of love and sacrifice. It brings out the fact that even though one’s means are limited but their hearts are full of love, they can find happiness in the smallest of things. The film is a mockery of modern-day love that is based only on materialistic interests. Love thrives even in the most adverse situations if two people have the right mindset! The film has been beautifully knit, and the events make us feel that there is still a chance for us to get involved with the right person in this wretched world! Time glides by smoothly while watching this two-hour-long film. The movie is replete with love, sympathy, sacrifices, courage, and other elements, which makes us think that even the two hours of the film were not enough to soak up all of the elements in one go!


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