‘The Witcher’ Season 3, Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Saved Ciri From The Wild Hunt?

In the previous episode of The Witcher season 3, Geralt was startled by a major revelation that shook him to his very core. A young girl with white hair and green eyes, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Ciri, proclaimed herself to be Geralt’s true daughter and the child of destiny. However, in the third episode, the mystery surrounding the girl’s identity is finally unveiled when Geralt’s mother’s friend, Anika, utilizes druidic treatments to uncover the truth.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Teryn? What Did She Reveal?

In episode 3’s opening, Geralt takes the girl to Anika’s hut, a druid and friend of his mother, Viscena. Inside, Geralt discovered Otto, a werewolf who had transformed into a human thanks to Geralt’s protection pendant. Anika examined the girl and informed Geralt that she had been under the control of a powerful mage, which, as an ordinary druid, she couldn’t process. Jaskier accompanied Geralt and expressed concern for both Geralt and Ciri’s well-being. Jaskier believed that if Ciri were to marry a king like Vizimir, she would be safe. However, Geralt disagreed, recognizing Ciri’s potential to shape the world’s fate beyond being a mere wife. Geralt remembered he had overheard the girl murmuring about a “source” that caught his attention. He directly approached the girl, who revealed herself to be Teryn and disclosed that she had been a student at Aretuza and was abducted from her dorm. This explained the disappearance of a student from Aretuza and the blood splatter Triss had found in the dorm room. Geralt realized that Aretuza was no longer a safe place for Ciri.


As Geralt pressed Teryn to reveal who had taken her, she broke into tears, but her voice and demeanor suddenly changed. It seemed as if the powerful mage Lydia was speaking through Teryn, warning Geralt not to interfere. Possessed by Lydia, Teryn attacked Geralt, causing Anika to get injured and Otto’s protection locket to fall off. However, Geralt managed to calm Otto by returning the locket, and Jaskier fed Teryn a potion to calm her down as well. Anika survived the attack and inquired about Geralt’s destination. He replied that he would soon head to Aretuza to retrieve Ciri, as it had become an unsafe place for her.

Who Killed Vizimir’s Wife?

Vizimir had confided in Djikstra about his secret dealings with Nilfgaard. He revealed that after locating Ciri, he intended to hand her over to the White Flame of Nilfgaard, hoping to secure a promise from them that they would not harm Redania. However, Djikstra was dissatisfied with this arrangement as it did not align with his own ambitions of gaining vast political power over the continent.


To instill fear in Vizimir, Djikstra orchestrated a horrific act. He killed Vizimir’s wife, the Queen, and sent her severed head to the king, along with a letter blaming Nilfgaard for the gruesome act. Meanwhile, Vizimir fell ill and retired to rest, unaware of Djikstra’s true nature. Djikstra took this opportunity to reveal his true face to Radovid, openly admitting that he was the actual murderer. Radovid was deeply disturbed by this revelation. However, Djikstra threatened Radovid, warning him that he would meet a similar fate if he continued to interfere in Djikstra’s affairs. Meanwhile, it was discovered that the Nilfgaardian mage with whom Vizimir had secretly struck a deal had utilized the same portal that Reince had previously used. This revelation hinted at a collaboration between Reince and the Nilfgaardians.

Why Did Cahir Kill Gallatin?

Cahir escorted Gallatin to the court of the White Flame with the intention of allowing Gallatin to present his claim. Gallatin assured the king that his goal was to win over the Northern Kingdom, and he worked diligently toward that aim. However, Francesca, the elf leader, was preoccupied with finding Ciri, which posed a challenge to his efforts. Emhyr responded affirmatively to his concern, but he secretly made it clear that Cahir would only be reinstated to the court and trusted if he resolved the issue of the divided Elven factions who were fighting for different goals. This indicated that Emhyr prioritized locating Ciri over anything else. To regain his former status and position in the kingdom, Cahir took matters into his own hands. He killed Gallatin, proving his loyalty to Emhyr beyond any doubt. As a result, under Emhyr’s command, Cahir would soon embark on a mission to hunt down Ciri.


Who Saved Ciri From The Wild Hunt? Was Aretuza Safe For Ciri?

Meanwhile, Yennefer had brought Ciri to Aretuza, but she decided to inform Tissia about Ciri privately. Yennefer tried to persuade Tissia about the importance of Ciri’s education in magic. Despite Tissia considering Ciri to be a harbinger of war and destruction, Yennefer displayed her motherly affection towards Ciri and argued that proper education could change her fate and prevent catastrophe. Tissia acknowledged that Yennefer had finally succeeded in becoming a true mother.

However, Ciri, being a curious and adventurous child, often puts herself in dangerous situations. Despite Yennefer’s attempts to disguise her and warn her getting against trouble, Ciri had her own adventure in the marketplace. There, she discovered a beast trapped in a cage, starving and exploited by a local man, who claimed it to be a basilisk to attract public attention. Unable to resist intervening, Ciri confronted the man, accusing him of spreading lies about the creature. The situation escalated, resulting in the cage being opened and the beast attacking Ciri. Despite the danger, Ciri managed to kill the beast and escape. However, in the process, her gold coins were stolen by a mysterious local child named Missel.

Ciri returned to the mage’s castle, but she was caught by a mage who was unaware of her royal background. Yennefer had been successful in concealing Ciri’s true identity from the other mages, except for Tissia. To make Ciri appear like a normal student, Yennefer treated her as one of the trainees, who were often treated more like servants than students. Unhappy with this treatment, Ciri expressed her reluctance. Yennefer pulled her aside, warning that her rude behavior could lead to her expulsion from Aretuza. However, Ciri argued that Yennefer was turning a blind eye to the injustice and political turmoil within the institution. The transformation of students into eels for failing to learn their lessons was seen by Ciri as abuse and grave violation rather than education. Ciri’s words made Yennefer reflect on her strict approach.

Meanwhile, Ciri attempted to contact Geralt because she missed his company. She no longer recognized the Yennefer she saw in Aretuza. However, Yennefer had good intentions and wanted to empower Ciri with magical knowledge to protect her. But fueled by anger and frustration, Ciri rode a horse and left Aretuza. During her journey, she was pursued by the Wild Hunt, which she still believed to be ghosts or corpses. Just as the Wild Hunt was about to capture her, Geralt appeared and saved his daughter. As the Wild Hunt disappeared into the mist, one of their skeleton helmets fell to the ground. This revelation made Ciri realize that they were not mere phantoms but real horsemen.


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