‘Blood Origin’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Was The Significance Of The Monoliths?

Previously, in episode 1 of “Blood Origin,” we saw how chief sage Balor used a creature he summoned from another world to kill Alvitir and the other kingdoms of Pryshia and Darwen. Merwyn was crowned queen, but she quickly realized that Balor would try to kill her as soon as his needs were fulfilled. To exact revenge on Merwyn and Balor for the deaths of their clans, Fjall the Dog clan warrior and Eile the Lark banded together. On their journey to Xin’trea, Scian from the Ghost tribe accompanied them. To find out who else joined them, let’s look at “Blood Origin” Episode 2.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Syndril? How Did Balor Betray Him?

The second episode of “Blood Origin” features Meldof, a female dwarf looking for Talyysen, an elf with one eye, who may have wronged her, turning Meldof into his greatest foe. When Meldof knocked on the door of a tavern, an elf barred her from entering. Meldof took a shortcut, entered the tavern through a window, and massacred all of the elves there. Returning to Xin’trea, Eredin was telling Balor about Fjall and Eile and their last known location. Balor gave him the order to eliminate them, but that wasn’t simple because fate had brought these people together, and they had overcome every obstacle, making it difficult for Eredin and Balor to capture or kill them. In the meantime, Scian, Fjall, and Eile were making plans to acquire money so they could hire sellswords to exact revenge. When they got to Daedwode, they went to a bank to withdraw some money, but it was almost completely empty. They discovered they had been spotted as soon as they entered the bank when a squad of Xin’trea’s soldiers arrived to capture them. They fiercely battled with them, and Scian got severely wounded.


When Fjall discovered that the secret passage door was made of dwarven-steel, he took Scian’s sword, which was also made of dwarven steel. They escaped the bank by opening the door. Eredin could have known that Fjall and Eile were en route to the bank to withdraw cash, so he could have taken all the money and directed the troops to capture them there. They were walking through the forest while Scian was getting so sick from her wound that she couldn’t hold herself upright and walk. So, Fjall was out looking for herbs, and Eile was looking for knit bones when Callan, Death’s brother, showed up. Eile and Fjall were suspicious of him, so Brother Death declared that he wasn’t going to hurt anyone. He was also looking for a way to achieve his vengeance. He had a history with these evil people of Xin’trea that made him want to kill them, so he joined Fjall, Scian, and Eile’s mission to kill the empress. He suggested that they take Scian to a healer; otherwise, she would die before dawn. The healer he was referring to was a mage, which made Fjall suspicious, but they had no choice but to trust Brother Death in order to save Scian. They arrived in the forest near a mysterious lake that enticed people with visions of their past. It also affected Eile and Fjall. As they went down the lake, Fjall began to see the battlefield where he had lost his brother. He also found himself getting intimate with Merwyn in his visions while she began vomiting black liquid from her mouth.

Eile, on the other hand, began to drown in the lake and recalled her childhood with her mother. She saw a dead bird coming out of her womb, which terrified her, but Fjall rescued her by pulling her out of the water. In the midst of the fog, the healer Zacare finally emerged, and it appeared that Brother Death was her lover. Fjall was suspicious of Syndril when he emerged from the shadows with Zacare. He knew that Syndril had opened the gateway, indicating that he was the one who had called the beast, but Syndril was innocent. While Zacare was trying to heal Scian’s wound, she explained to Eile that she and Syndril were celestial twins born on the same day under the same burning star. Meanwhile, Syndril was explaining to Fjall that he was the one who had dug up the monoliths in order to usher in a new world, but chief sage Balor had accompanied him and betrayed him by entering a darker world where in the sky, a fierce winged beast was flying. Balor imprisoned him in the palace after stealing his book of monoliths, but he managed to escape through the use of his magic. Fjall started to think that Balor was the one who was responsible for all of this, but Syndril reassured him that Merwyn had also slit Fjall’s sister’s throat herself.


What Was Eredin’s Secret?

Meanwhile, the peasants began to enter Xin’trea’s palace to threaten the queen. One of them attempted to murder Merwyn, claiming that people were starving in this city. Avallac’h, a mage, rescued her before the peasant could have assassinated her. Merwyn began to trust Avallac’h, prompting her to appoint him as her bodyguard. She told Avallac’h to spy on Balor and Eredin because she knew Balor was plotting to take the throne and that if he succeeded, he would kill her. She took Avallac’h’s cloak and went out into the city by herself to assess the situation, but she bumped into Eredin, who was rushing to see someone. She discovered Eredin was gay and secretly in love with a lowborn merchant.

The next day, she surprised Eredin and her lover by approaching them inside their secret chamber. Eredin was willing to kill her to keep their relationship hidden from Balor, who would expel him from the kingdom if he found out. However, Merwyn arrived with an offer for Eredin. She persuaded him to work for her and assist her in bringing about a world free of Balor. She enticed them by making Eredin’s lover a member of the council, which prompted Eredin to support her plan in some way. But he knew in his heart that while standing by the queen might signal a fresh start or it could bring a quicker death. Balor again entered the dark world, and this time he had brought a Celestial Twin to the mysterious force that appeared in the sky. According to the mysterious voice, killing the celestial twin would not be a true sacrifice, even though they were powerful and had great magical power. She told him one last time that only the true sacrifice of his loved one could help him obtain chaos magic, which perplexed Balor.


What Was The Significance Of The Monoliths?

Thanks to Zacare’s magic, Scian was completely healed and feeling better, but Syndril was concerned about some major issues that he had explained to the group. He told them that a large amount of energy was leaking into their universe from these monoliths in the world, causing tears between the worlds. To prevent Balor from traveling into the darker world, they had to destroy the master monolith which was kept in Xin’trea. He also explained that traveling from one place to another within this world could also be possible through these monoliths because he had previously escaped the prison cell through a monolith hidden in the forest. As a result, they needed to use the monolith in order to enter the palace. The entire team arrived at the jungle near the monolith, just as Syndril anticipated, but they discovered some soldiers guarding it. Fjall and the others killed them, clearing the way for Syndril to enter the monolith. Syndril used his magical spell to open a portal, but it ended up opening a gateway to another world. They arrived at a desolate region near a lake. Eile discovered a lovely flower that enticed her to approach it. But just as she was about to touch it, a vicious monster appeared from the water, terrifying Eile to death. They had accidentally entered another world through the monolith, which contained monsters. Now it was proven that these monsters were making their way to the elves’ world via the monoliths. However, the question is whether this monster ate them all or whether the six elven warriors could find a way out to save themselves; we’ll find out in the next episode.

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