‘Blood Origin’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Was Scian A Traitor?

Previously in “Blood Origin” Episode 2, we saw Brother Death join Fjall, Scian, and Eile in their mission to kill the empress. They took the aid of the celestial twins Syndril and Zacare, the two most powerful mages, to heal Scian’s wound. Syndril explained that these monoliths were leaking a lot of energy into the world of elves, so they had to destroy them, along with the master monolith that had appeared inside Xin’trea’s palace. So, they went to another monolith in a nearby forest to figure out how to get inside the palace, but instead of Xin’trea, they ended up in another world where a vicious monster had attacked them. Let’s see if they can make it through the journey and finally get their revenge in “Blood Origin” Episode 3.


What Was Syndril’s Plan to Kill the Monster?

“Blood Origin” Episode 3 picks up right where Episode 2 left off. The six elven warriors discovered the portal and returned to their world. The monster tried to follow them but was cut in half by the gateway and died. When they saw the palace of Xin’trea, they realized they had returned to their world. They were running towards the palace when a dwarf named Meldof approached them and told them to hide because the gigantic, winged beast was flying overhead. They recognized Meldof as a kind and brave dwarf, so they accepted her assistance. She offered them warm food and introduced them to her vengeful hammer, Gwen.

The monster was the sole reason for concern, and Syndril tried to figure out how to kill it. He made the claim that there was no other way to get rid of the monster than by creating a beast of their own. Zacare refused to agree to this because she had a troubled past related to this issue. She had seen her mother die, which was a tragic event in her life. When her mother became ill, Syndril had tried to use his magical ability to heal her, but something went wrong. Syndril decided to transform into a monster in order to kill the beast because he had no other option to choose from. Zacare eventually agreed to assist her in that, but Eile suggested that instead of a mage, a warrior should be transformed into a monster. Eile made the decision to go through the transformation into the beast. She went outside to gather all the herbs as Syndril and Zacare began preparing for the procedure, which was lengthy and painful.


When Fjall learned that the procedure could harm a person by destroying their nerves and sinews, he was concerned and upset with Eile’s choice to go through with it. Eile acknowledged her predicament and urged the others to have fun and enjoy the evening in her honor. Meldof befriended Brother Death and opened up to him about her tragic past, including how she lost her lover, the attractive dwarf named Gwen. She grieved about how some of the evil-minded elves had raped Gwen, killing her on the spot. Consequently, to exact revenge, Meldof gave her hammer a name inspired by her lover after stirring Gwen’s ashes into it. She tracked down the rapist and killed him, satisfying her vengeance and the spirit of Gwen. Brother Death also described how he fell in love with Zacare, who possessed the power of mind reading. She was a unique mage who could see in people’s faces how much evil they had done while also finding the good in them. Scian didn’t drink at all because she needed to be alert and keep an eye on everything. She questioned Fjall about the hidden passage, which he had mentioned previously (in “Blood Origin” Episode 1), to which Fjall laughed and replied that he had only mentioned it to convince Scian to accompany them. Scian controlled her anger and stormed out of the cave.

What Happened to Fjall?

Everyone in the cave felt relieved when Eile began to sing the “Black Rose” song. Fjall was so moved by her song that he realized Eile didn’t deserve to sacrifice herself. Through her song, she could be the voice of the lowborn, and only she could give them reasons to speak out against the monarch. Fjall discovered Eile sitting by herself in a jungle, under a star. He then joined her, and they began to discuss their lives. Finally sharing a kiss, they began to spend a beautiful moment together. But after a short while, when Eile dozed off, Fjall went to Syndril and agreed to be transformed into a monster instead of Eile. When Eile opened her eyes, she discovered that Fjall had consumed the first potion, and he was groaning in pain. He was restrained and repeatedly forced to drink the elixir. After the first preparation was completed, Zacare brought a massive monster heart to connect with Fjall’s body. Eile stood by him the entire time, watching over and tending to him. Fjall lost consciousness after the heart connected to his mind and body, then regained it to transform into a completely different Fjall who was not the same as he had been at first. His complexion began to fade as his eyes changed to cat-like ones. His veins were prominent, and he changed into a hybrid of a beast and an elf. Syndril and Zacare left Fjall and Eile alone in the cave, where they had finally shared their intimate time with each other. Fjall told Eile that he would die for her, to which Eile replied that he had already done so.


Was Scian a Traitor?

Meanwhile, in Xin’trea, Avallach stole the book of Monolith from Balor’s room and showed it to Merwyn. Balor discovered the theft and attacked him. He was about to kill him when Eredin stopped him by threatening to kill Fenrik, who he regarded as his daughter. Eredin and Merwyn locked Balor and Fenrik in the cell, a place where no magical power could work. Merwyn was ready to open the monolith with the help of Avallach, but he couldn’t, due to his limited magical power, making Eredin and Merwyn realize they needed Balor for this. It was necessary to open a gateway to a new world because famine had struck this city, and people were starving to death. Merwyn, who wanted to elevate her empire, was committed to establishing herself as a hero of the empire, but she was unaware that she had already become a villain by assassinating a compassionate king who had the plan to end the starvation. She was now left with no other option but to re-contact Balor, who was dangerous and unreliable. She approached Balor and released him from the prison to open the monolith to a new world. Balor had been waiting for this opportunity. He was no longer confused because he had finally realized the meaning of true sacrifice.

When Fenrik was threatened with death, Balor was terrified of losing her, leading him to believe that only Fenrik’s death could truly entail a sacrifice on his part. On the other hand, Scian arrived at the Xin’trea palace to speak with the monarch about Fjall. When she entered the palace hall, she discovered her soul reaver on display. She had promised the Queen that she could bring Fjall back if she agreed to give her a sizable sum of money, a group of soldiers, and the soul reaver, the sword of her Ghost tribe. Merwyn accepted the deal, and Scian returned to the forest. When she came back, she discovered that Fjall had undergone the procedure instead of Eile and had transformed into a different person who no longer behaved like Fjall. As they traveled towards the palace, they discovered that a group of soldiers from Xin’trea had followed them to take them to Xin’trea. Scian had misled them into thinking that she had betrayed the rest of the warriors, but they soon discovered that Scian’s ally, a swordsman named Uthrok, had come to their aid to defeat those armies. The sellswords killed the soldiers, and along with the seven warriors, they took their armor and swords. This implied that Scian had not betrayed them but had discovered a better and more intelligent way to enter the castle and confront the Queen. They were accompanied by all seven warriors, Uthrok, and the group of swordsmen. They were all dressed in armor to resemble Xin’trea’s troops. They held Fjall like a captive in order to gain the Queen’s trust and gain access to the palace.


The seven warriors, using only their intellect and hope, transformed into an army of thousands. They had moved a step closer to confronting the Queen and overturning her empire of treachery. So, let’s see if they can make it to the end of “Blood Origin” episode four.

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