‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Elena Leave The Greybourne?

At the end of Episode 7 of “The Watchful Eye,” Elena finds a birth certificate carrying the name “Ruby Greybourne.” Now, the task at hand is to find out more about this person and if she is even alive anymore. It may not bring Elena money, but it sure will reveal a lot about the Greybournes and the Winthrops and their pasts. “The Watchful Eye” Episode 8 is all about this. Elena discovers something crucial, and so do we.


Spoilers Ahead

Incomplete Truth

Ginny is at Scott’s place only to notify him of her concern for Elena. She has gotten herself involved with the Greybournes and the Winthrops, and it’s anything but good. She wants Scott to talk to Elena, although they aren’t together anymore.


Later, Elena arrives at Scott’s place and shows him Ruby Greybourne’s birth certificate. Ruby is a person, not a stone/gem. Scott has no idea and is exasperated. There’s nothing more to it and no way to get his revenge on the Greybournes. As sad as Elena is, she tells Scott that she is scared to remain at Greybourne any longer. So she decides to leave. The Greybournes would leave her brother alone, too, once she left the place. Scott then tells Elena that Ginny came to meet him because she was worried about her. Elena decides to clear things out with her and everyone else for the final time. The Greybournes have won.

Elena tells Roman about Ruby Greybourne. She apologizes to him for everything that she made him go through. But Roman, on the other hand, has news for her. Dick Ayres is back at home, and Tory finds her all bloodied. This is the reason why the power was out in the building. So that no one would know who brought him back; however, this doesn’t matter anymore as Elena and Roman are both leaving.


Elena returns to her room, where she gets another vision of Jocelyn asking her not to leave yet. There is more to the truth. Elena then starts reading the letters written by Alistair to Jocelyn. Whatever truth the apparition was talking about has to be in the letters.

Meetings And Greetings

Jocelyn Morrow arrives at The Greybourne to serve as the nanny for the two kids of Alistair Greybourne and Iris Winthrop. Iris tells Jocelyn that she would love to have more children. Alistair and Otis, Iris’s brother, also meet Jocelyn. Alistair is attracted to her. Later on, he comes to know from her directly that she lost her husband and thus never had children of her own. She wants this to be a secret between her and him. Alistair promises.


Elena visits Ginny and tells her that she is leaving. She wants Ginny to let the others know about it. But Ginny is hurt by how Elena wants her to break the news of Elena’s departure to those who have come to love and trust her. This includes Darcy, Bennet, Kim, Elliot, James, and Alex. Saying this, she shuts the door in Elena’s face. She meets Elliot, tells him that she is leaving, and also suggests talking to Darcy. If they love each other, they need to be together.

Hidden Secrets

Jocelyn is at the Greybourne apartment when she notices Alistair press a latch on a painting and take the key that comes out of it. Upon asking about it, Alistair tells him that the key is to a cabinet to keep his documents hidden from people like Winthrop. Surprisingly, that’s when they first kissed. She soon gets pregnant with Alistair’s baby and decides to leave. Iris makes Jocelyn an offer to let her baby grow up as a Greybourne. That way, she will have the best life. She wouldn’t have to abandon her and could raise her child as her nanny. As painful as it would be, Jocelyn knows that it would keep her close to her baby Ruby and her love Alistair. But Ruby has to be a Greybourne in order to inherit the family fortune. Later one day, Iris notices Alistair caressing Jocelyn as the two smile at baby Ruby, who is in Jocelyn’s arms. Iris realizes that the baby is Alistair’s.


Elena, who is in her room reading the letters, gets a text from Scott saying that there is no Ruby Greybourne in the city records. It might just be that she is dead. Meanwhile, Ginny meets Alex in the lobby, who tells her that there is a possibility that James and Mrs. Ivey know each other (from what she saw in the elevator [“The Watchful Eye” Episode 7]. Later on, Elena arrives at the Wards’ apartment and informs Matthew that she is leaving. Matthew is clearly heartbroken, and so is Jasper. She tells him that she will come by the next morning just so that Jasper can get his closure. She then goes in to grab a sweater of hers from Jasper’s room. Ginny meets Alex in the lobby, who tells her that there is a possibility that James and Mrs. Ivey know each other (from what she saw in the elevator [Episode 7]).

Tory visits Mrs. Ivey and tells her that she and her husband, Dick, want to leave The Greybourne. Otis Winthrop III, Mrs. Ivey’s business partner, wants to kill Dick. She also tells Ivey that she doubts if Allie didn’t kill herself but was killed by someone. Mrs. Ivey negates the possibility, saying that Allie’s death was her own fault. Tory realizes that she can’t reason with Ivey and respectfully leaves.


Truth And Dare

Elena returns with the sweater and sits on the couch beside Matthew. She tells him that she doesn’t have a family or a boyfriend anymore. She never mentioned her relationship because it was never really stable. Matthew reveals that the reason why he and Allie wanted to split is that while he wanted to take her and Jasper to his home in Indiana, Allie wanted to remain at The Greybourne. He never wanted any money but just Allie and Jasper, so he stayed. And here he is, without Allie and all the fortune that being a part of the Greybournes brought him. The conversation gets intimate, and the two end up kissing and more.

Ginny and Alex find out that contrary to what James has been telling Alex about working as a nanny in Watch Hill, he hasn’t been there for the last few months. James has been lying to them. The question is why.


When Jocelyn finds out that Iris knows the truth about Ruby, she informs Alistair. Alistair gives her a birth certificate, legally making Ruby a Greybourne. He tells her to hide it under the staircase. He will bring Ruby there at midnight, and they will run away. Before the clock strikes midnight, Jocelyn comes to take Ruby but is intercepted by Iris. She pulls Ruby out of her arms, and in that endeavor, Jocelyn hits her head on a chest of drawers and passes out, blood oozing out of her forehead. Winthrop arrives at the spot a few minutes later and sees Jocelyn on the ground. He picks her up, walks to the window, and, with Iris watching, throws her out. Jocelyn falls to her death, and everyone will think that she committed suicide. Otis then goes to the room (in the basement) and sees Alistair, who is meanwhile writing a letter of apology to his wife, Iris. Otis slowly makes his way to him from the back and slits his throat. Alistair’s head joins his arms on the table, on which the blood has already begun spreading. Otis leaves the knife under Alistair’s hand to make it seem that he killed himself as well. Now, he will no longer be able to bring shame to Otis’ sister Iris and, by extension, the Winthrops. When the cops arrive, Otis pays the chief not to let the press know about the deaths and their connections. As the cops are leaving the Greybourne, the chief officer asks Iris the name of the baby. Iris answers, “Charlotte.”

‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – Does Elena Leave The Greybourne?

Elena finally decides to leave. Matthew doesn’t want her to, but she is scared, especially for her brother Teo. She visits Mrs. Ivey to let her know that she is leaving. Mrs. Ivey tells her that if she is running from something, she needs to face it because either way, it will catch up to her. Saying this, she walks away and sits down to resume her painting. Elena then notices the picture on the wall that she had observed earlier as well (the one with Mrs. Ivey in the pram, her parents, and Jocelyn). The year at the bottom of the painting is 1945. Something strikes Elena. With Mrs. Ivey not watching, she takes herself to a side and brings out Ruby Greybourne’s birth certificate. The year is 1945. Elena rushes out of Mrs. Ivey’s apartment. Ivey, who had been painting, hears a woman crying profusely. Her eyes swell up. She heads to her piano, sits down, and starts playing a lullaby. The echoes of the woman’s cries continue.


Charlotte Ivey is Ruby Greybourne. So, Mrs. Ivey isn’t a Winthrop. She is either fooling everyone by posing as a Winthrop and claiming the inheritance willed to the Winthrops, or she doesn’t know that she isn’t a Winthrop for real [This would make sense as she was an infant when Jocelyn and Alistair were killed, or she might never have been told by her mother (Iris) about her real parents]. There is another suggestion. Mrs. Ivey being able to hear the woman crying (it does seem like she has heard the cries earlier as well) does imply that she, too, like Elena, has been seeing Jocelyn, her real mother. If this is the case, then she might know that she isn’t a Winthrop but a Greybourne. This justifies that he has been hiding her identity deliberately, and there has been no one around to figure it out until now. Elena can try to use this crucial piece of information to blackmail Mrs. Ivey and try to get the money out of her. In other words, Elena will indeed be able to make money from “Ruby.” It waits to be seen if Charlotte Ivey is also related to James based on the doubts of Ginny and Alex. 

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