‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Is The Séance By Elena And Roman Successful?

“The Watchful Eye” Episode 6 ended with Elena facing Ginny and her queries. Furthermore, the person who stole one of Elena’s two phones has sent Ginny a picture of the three girls [Elena, Ginny, and Alex] at the gala. So they are being followed. Episode 7 takes a paranormal turn, which seems to further strengthen the truth behind Elena’s visions. Let’s see what new secrets Elena discovers.


Spoilers Ahead

Being Social

Elena meets Roman in the lobby and apologizes for jeopardizing Roman’s chance of spending some time with Bennet [Episode 6]. Roman is still upset, but he tells her that he didn’t find anything in Mrs. Ivey’s apartment. Later, while at the Wards’ apartment, she finds that the person who sent the photo of the three girls to Ginny has also sent it to her other phone, which she is now using. She is staring at it when Matthew offers her dinner together. She can bring a friend too. She has been very helpful, especially with Jasper, and this is Matthew’s way of thanking her. Elena tells him that she’ll think about it. She then heads to the Ayres’ apartment to find out from Tory if Dick has returned. Unfortunately, he hasn’t, and from the looks of it, Tory doesn’t know where he is. [Although we do remember Tory warning Dick before he left for the gala (Episode 6)]. Elena then visits Scott at his apartment, but that’s the last time. She is packing her things and moving out. She also informs him that Dick Ayres didn’t return from the gala while Tory has been to the Greybourne Social House, which also houses Winthrop’s offices, four times in the same week. Scott lets her keep the keys to his flat. Elena leaves. She returns to the Wards’ apartment and asks Matthew if they can have dinner at the Greybourne Social House. Matthew agrees.


Tory has planned a sushi and spa night for herself and her stepdaughter Bennet, but Bennet has other plans. Without paying any heed to how her present mom is trying to clear up their differences, she tells her that she is going to Chile. Meanwhile, Ginny and Kim are spending some alone time in the former’s quarters. In the lobby, Cecil tells Roman never to forget to close the door to the basement. Apparently, it is open. Roman closes the door and heads to the attic to talk to Elena, who must have gone to the basement again. However, Elena tells him that she hasn’t been to the basement much lately. She is dressing up and will be leaving for dinner with Matthew. That’s when the lights go off in the building. Elena and Roman come out to the corridor and find Bennet outside [she had been trying to listen to them], who believes that after Roman, Elena has now moved on to Matthew. Elena just ignores her and walks up to the elevator. It isn’t working either. Ginny and Kim also come out. Elena, Roman, Bennet, Ginny, and Kim are stuck in the attic, and there is no fire escape. Ginny, Kim, and Bennet head inside Ginny’s room. Elena texts Matthew about the situation they are in. Also, unbeknownst to these five people, Mrs. Ivey, Alex, and James are stuck inside the elevator.

The Ouija Code

Roman asks Elena if they can just access the hidden stairs, but she immediately vetoes the idea. They cannot tell the others about the stairs. Both then head inside Ginny’s room, where Kim decides to have a séance. Bennet brings an Ouija board from the storage closet but decides to stay out of it, so returns to the closet. Elena notices from the window that the streetlights, as well as the lights in other buildings, are on. Only at Greybourne, it is dark. Ginny, Kim, Elena, and Roman then sit down to begin their séance when Elena and Ginny both get a message on their phones. It is from the same anonymous person(s) who knows that they are stuck in the attic and have no way out. Ginny heads out to the corridor out of panic, and Kim follows her, not knowing what’s wrong. Elena stays quiet. Roman suggests using the Ouija board to contact Jocelyn and ask her about the ruby. Elena and Roman put their hands on the planchette, and as soon as Elena asks the question, the planchette moves on its own. They get a random code. The very next moment, Elena sees Jocelyn sitting beside her for a split second, after which all the candles that Kim and Ginny had lit are extinguished. Elena rushes back to her room, followed by Roman, and jots down the code: P-E-T-S-H-T-X-I-S. Ginny and Kim return to Ginny’s room and finally have a moment all to themselves. They end up kissing. Elena snaps at Roman for not being able to offer help cracking the code. So Roman leaves too her room and comes to the storage closet where Benet is. He apologizes to her, and after much persuasion, she believes Roman when he says that he wants to be more for her. They, too, kiss.


Downstairs, Matthew ushers Tory into his apartment. Tory had sushi left over (all of it) and didn’t want to be alone in the dark, so she came here. While having dinner, Matthew asks Tory about Dick. Tory tells him that there isn’t any truth in their relationship. Matthew receives a text from Elena but ignores it when Tory asks who it is.

The Escape

Elena receives a text from Alex telling her that she is stuck in the elevator along with James and Mrs. Ivey. She tells Roman that they can use the hidden stairs, as Mrs. Ivey won’t be able to find out. Also, they aren’t safe in the attic, it seems. The four of them make their way down the stairs to Mrs. Ivey’s apartment and decide not to let her find out about it in any way. While Ginny, Kim, Roman, and Bennet exit the flat, Elena tells Roman that she has forgotten something upstairs and will get it back and meet them downstairs. Once on the hidden stairs, she takes out the piece of paper on which she wrote down the code: P-E-T-S-H-T-X-I-S. She turns the paper around and holds it against the flash of her phone. The code reveals itself: S-I-X-T-H-S-T-E-P, aka Sixth Step. She has yet another vision of Jocelyn running up the stairs and closing the hatch. Now, Elena’s only escape is the hidden door leading to Mrs. Ivey’s apartment. She pulls the lid off the sixth step, and it comes off. Inside, she finds letters written by Alistair Winthrop to Jocelyn.


Inside the elevator, during their conversation, Alex tells Mrs. Ivey that she, along with Ginny and Elena, sneaked into the gala last week. Mrs. Ivey’s expression tells us that she isn’t happy to hear this fact. That’s when the power comes back on. Mrs. Ivey thanks Alex and James and exits the elevator on her floor.

Elena’s phone runs out of battery. She hears someone enter Mrs. Ivey’s apartment and quickly closes the hidden door. Inside the apartment, Mrs. Ivey notices the latch being lifted and presses it, thereby locking the door [she knows about the door]. Elena is now trapped. She screams for help, but Mrs. Ivey keeps playing her piano. After quite some time, the hatch on the attic’s side opens. It is Ginny. Elena comes out, and Ginny asks her about her relationship with Roman [Ginny had heard them speaking earlier from her room]. Elena finally reveals to Ginny how her father killed himself after the Greybournes torched their whole block and bought the land. And now she and Roman, whose life the Greybournes also ruined, intend to take their revenge on the Greybournes. Ginny doesn’t want to be a part of her plan anymore, it seems, and heads back to her room.


‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Is The Séance By Elena And Roman Successful?

Elena returns to the Wards’ apartment to ask Matthew if their dinner outing is still on but finds Tory there. She and Matthew had sushi for dinner so the dinner outing will have to be some other time. Elena asks Tory about Dick, and as usual, Tory doesn’t reveal anything. Furthermore, she seems to know that it has been a rough night for Elena, raising doubts about whether she is the one pulling the strings. Elena excuses herself and heads to the lobby, where, after saving Roman from yet another verbal bashing by Cecil, she finds out from Roman that someone intentionally messed up the breakers as well as the cameras. Elena returns to her room and puts her phone to charge. She then gets a call from Scott [who had already called multiple times, but her phone was off]. Scott informs Elena that Dick Ayres isn’t on a golf trip [contrary to what Tory told Elena] as there have been no payments made from his card. Moreover, all the money in Dick and Tory’s joint account has been emptied by Tory herself. There’s a knock on Scott’s door. He tells Elena that he’ll call later and opens the door. It’s Ginny asking for Detective Macedo. Elena, while going through the letters and documents she has about the Greybournes, comes across a birth certificate [we do not know if she had it earlier or if it was among the letters that she found under the sixth step and brought to her room]. The name on the certificate is “Ruby Greybourne,” daughter of Alistair Greybourne and Jocelyn Morrow. Elena was so wrong all this time. Ruby isn’t a stone. Ruby is a human.

Downstairs, Tory joins Otis Winthrop III in the elevator. After the door closes, Otis stops the elevator. Tory asks him about her husband, Dick. Otis tells her that Dick is at home, safe and sound. He then resumes the elevator and, as the door opens, leaves. Tory rushes back to her apartment and finds a bloodied Dick on the sofa, barely breathing.


Mrs. Ivey knows that Elena has accessed her secret door, and she clearly isn’t happy about it. We also have to wait to see if Dick Ayres survives or dies. On the other hand, why has Ginny gone to meet Scott, and how did she find him? Is Ruby none other than Mrs. Ivey herself? Episode 8 will clear up a lot of doubts.

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