‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Is Scott’s Relation With The Wards?

In episode 4 of “The Watchful Eye,” Elena found proof that the ruby was hidden in the Wards’ apartment. The episode ends with Elena finding out that Scott too is connected with the Greybournes in some way or the other. In “The Watchful Eye” episode 5, Elena discovers a shocking truth that may or may not be connected to the mysterious experiences she is undergoing at the Greybourne. As for the ruby, she has yet to find out where it is.


Spoilers Ahead

Mommy’s Friend

It was Alice Greybourne’s birthday. Matthew had a meeting to attend, so Alice and Jasper decided to do the usual and visit the city aquarium. At the aquarium, Alice met Scott, who asked her for any updates regarding their matter. Alice told him that things were complicated and that she was trying. Jasper, who was exploring jellyfish, noticed his mother talking to a guy who was a cop [Jasper saw the badge on Scott’s waist]. Scott left after the conversation. When Alice returned, Jasper asked who the guy was. Alice told him that it was a “friend of Mommy’s.”


Go Places

Matthew introduces Elena to Detective Scott Macedo. Pretending not to know each other, Elena asks what the matter is. Scott says that he is there to talk about the case of Hector Malo (“The Watchful Eye” Episode 1) and see if Matthew can provide any information. After the brief conversation, Elena shows Scott to the elevator. Once out of Matthew’s sight, Elena asks Scott if he’s hiding something from her. He says he isn’t. Elena warns him that if he returns, he will regret it. By visiting the Wards, he is just compromising Elena’s plan. As the elevator door opens, Elena finds Elliot and Ginny inside. They all exchange a few words, and Scott walks into the elevator, and Elliot walks out. Elliot shows Elena a necklace that he has bought for Darcy. Elena suggests he not rush things with Darcy. He needs to play hard to get. Elena returns to the apartment, where Matthew tells her that it is Alice’s birthday the next day, and he is glad that Elena is around, especially for Jasper. After that, Elena heads back to Jasper in his room and asks him about his “mommy’s friend” (Scott). Jasper tells her that he has seen the guy go places with Alice multiple times. That’s quite unusual.

A Coroner’s Letter

That night, Elena goes to Scott’s apartment and apologizes for speaking to him rudely earlier. Scott accepts the apology, and they kiss. That night, while Scott sleeps, Elena decides to check his locker. Inside, she finds the coroner’s report on Alice Greybourne. The next day is Alice’s birthday. Matthew and Tory have a heated exchange of words, after which Matthew leaves for a meeting. Elena tries to calm Tory down, but she just wants to be left alone. After that, Elena takes Jasper to his Mandarin classes. On the way, as they talk about what they used to do on their respective birthdays, Elena asks Jasper if he would like to play hide and seek later in the day. That’s when Jasper mentions how she couldn’t find him last time because he hid in a secret spot known only to his mother (Alice) and him. Elena, suspecting that’s the place where the ruby is hidden, tries to make Jasper reveal the spot, but he doesn’t. Elena doesn’t push it much. After returning to the Greybourne, Elena tries to get inside the attic, figuring Jasper might have hidden there, but she is unable to unlock the door. She then meets Ginny in the corridor and asks her if she can get cupcakes from downtown for Jasper (Elena won’t be able to because she has to get Jasper from his Mandarin class). Ginny will go, but only after Elena tells her about the guy (Scott) she saw in the elevator. Ginny had already seen him talking to her in the bar (Episode 2). Elena tells her that it is her boyfriend, but he is keeping secrets from her, so she is struggling with it all. Hence, she didn’t want to mention it to Ginny. Ginny suggests Elena talk to him and solve whatever their issue is. Ginny is thus off to get the cupcakes. Elena comes back to her room and opens Alice’s death certificate. The very next moment, she hears what probably sounds like a marble drop and roll on the corridor floor outside.


The Secret Spot

Elena walks out and finds the marble on the floor. She heads in the direction of the attic, and in front of the attic door, on the small flight of stairs, she finds a card (King of Hearts). She then finds that the stairs are hollow and tries to lift them. The whole thing comes up and reveals another flight of stairs going down. As she walks down a gloomy staircase, she can hear the sound of someone playing the piano. She approaches a door and tries to peek through the side from which she can see the light. This is when her phone starts to ring. She quickly cuts the call, but whoever was playing the piano heard it and stopped. A second later, the door opens. Elena is behind the door, somehow trying not to let the person, or whatever it is, hear her breathe. Elena puts her hand over her mouth tightly. The door shuts, and without wasting a moment, Elena rushes back. Meanwhile, at the Wards, Tory cannot find Alice’s blue peacock purse and asks Dick to help her search for it. They are going to the cemetery to pay a visit to Alice’s grave on her birthday.

Elena and Roman are in the basement dining room. It has become their new meeting room. Elena tells Roman that she believes the room she discovered is Mrs. Ivey’s and that the ruby must be there. Elena knows that Mrs. Ivey’s apartment once belonged to Mr. Alistair. So these stairs are what Jocelyn used to go and meet Alistair and vice-versa without anyone finding out about them.


Secrets Of Love

Tory approaches Matthew to ask him if he is ready to go to the cemetery. Matthew isn’t. Tory reminds him that it is Alice’s birthday, but Matthew doesn’t want to take Jasper to his mother’s grave. Tory tries to make him understand that they all need some kind of closure, but Matthew isn’t willing yet. Tory and Dick leave. That’s when Elena arrives and makes Matthew understand that Tory is not okay, but that she is acknowledging the pain she is undergoing, unlike him, who is just keeping it hidden and snapping at those who are trying to address it. She then returns to her room and goes through Alice’s death certificate again. Her phone pings. It is Ginny. She has returned with the cupcakes. Elena decides to head downstairs to take them. As she sorts the documents, a postcard falls out. It is addressed to Scott from Alice with “love.”

On the way down, Elena comes across Elliot, who isn’t happy with her. Due to her suggestion earlier, he literally played hard to get by not replying to Darcy’s texts, and now she finds him rude. Elena tells him not to take her seriously because she isn’t functioning properly. This makes sense, as her mind is filled with questions regarding Scott, the hidden stairway, the mysterious person, and of course, the ruby. She reaches the lobby and takes the cupcakes from Ginny, who is waiting with Kim. Unbeknownst to Elena, there is love brewing between Ginny and Kim.


Matthew meets Tory at the park. Matthew had seemingly asked if they could meet after Tory returned from the cemetery. During this conversation, we find out that Matthew used to date Tory once before getting together with Alice. Alice didn’t know about it. Likewise, Tory also dated Otis Winthrop III before getting married to Dick. Tory mentions how angry she is at Alice for leaving them all. Matthew feels the same but doesn’t want to be consumed by the anger, so he does not acknowledge it. Thankfully, they have each other to share the pain. Both arrive at the city aquarium, where they find Elena and Jasper. Matthew is surprised to see cupcakes in Jasper’s hand, and they all celebrate Alice’s birthday in their own little way inside the aquarium. Matthew, Tory, and Jasper return to Greybourne, where they find Dick in the elevator. Matthew invites him to dinner for some spicy Szechuan shrimp, but Dick is allergic to shrimp, so he refuses. Once back in their apartment, Dick tells Tory that he has been chosen to be a member of the Greybourne board. She tells him that she is happy for him, but her expressions say otherwise, and Dick notices this too. There is more to Tory than he knows.

‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – What Is Scott’s Relation With Alice?

Elena arrives at Scott’s apartment and shows him Alice’s coroner’s report, asking him upfront about his relationship with Alice. As taken aback as Scott is when he sees the report with Elena, he realizes that he cannot hide things anymore. He tells her that Alice is his cousin. Scott’s grandmother fell out with her brother, after which Scott’s side of the Greybournes was cut off from the family. Nobody in the present Greybourne family can recognize Scott because nobody knows about his existence. They last saw his mother when she was a baby. The reason Scott is after the ruby is that he needs to fix things for his mom. And Alice was trying to help him in that endeavor. After listening to Scott’s truth, she decides to show him something that she has been hiding from him all this time. She decides to show him the basement dining room, but upon entering it, she finds that it is completely empty. There are no portraits on the wall, no furniture, no wallpaper, and no locker. She tries to convince Scott that she is telling the truth and isn’t dreaming or hallucinating. Scott apparently has a hard time believing her until he spots something. On one of the walls, they find pictures of Elena and her brother Teo. Someone has been stalking them.


We must remember that Elena’s mother, Ronnie, had told her that she has ways to contact them (“The Watchful Eye” Episodes 3 and 4). Is someone at Greybourne in contact with Ronnie? Or is this a whole different ball game? How was Alice trying to help Scott? And what made her commit suicide? We know that Elena’s father didn’t want to sell his garage to the Greybournes, which is why he was killed. Does someone know about her past? Who is the mysterious person who was playing the piano? Who cleared the basement dining room? As Elena finds out more and more about the Greybournes, things around her are also picking up speed. “The Watchful Eye” Episode 6 holds many secrets.

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