‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Elena Make Her Way Into The Winthrop Apartment?

With time, Elena seems to be getting closer to the ruby. Also, there seems to be no end to the secrets that the Greybourne holds. Elena has decided to visit the Winthrop apartment to look for the ruby, courtesy of Ginny who works there as a babysitter for Mrs. Winthrop-Chan’s daughter. Episode 4 of “The Watchful Eye” shows us whether Elena does manage to step inside the apartment and if she finds the ruby or any clue there. Or is there anything else waiting for her? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

The Silent Babysitter

Elena gets a call from her younger brother Teo, who is at boarding school. Teo tells her that their mother, Ronnie, called him to ask him to write a letter to the parole board to request her early release. Teo wants to do it because it is the only way he will get out of the school that he hates, to say the least. Elena, however, doesn’t want him to write the letter and reassures him that she is planning something big for them both and he just has to hold on for a little longer [remain in that school that Elena has tried very hard to get him into]. Frustrated, Teo cuts the call. Elena then pays Ronnie a visit in prison to tell her to stop calling Teo. That’s when we find out how Elena’s father’s garage was blown up by people from the Greybourne Corporation after they failed to persuade the poor people to remove their businesses from the place. Also, Ronnie is about to get out of prison due to overcrowding. She was sentenced to 8 years, but it has only been seven months. Elena ensures Ronnie that she will make sure she is never able to get out until after she has served her sentence. But one can’t tell if Teo will do the same. Before leaving the table, Ronnie tells Elena to look around and familiarize herself with the cops, as she will see them all again soon. It seems Ronnie knows what Elena is planning. [What happened with Elena’s father and Elena that landed Ronnie in prison is something we don’t clearly know yet.]


After meeting Ronnie, Elena meets Morgan at the park. From her, Elena finds out that after the Greybournes made her sign an NDA about Jasper or anything related to the family, they gave her an apartment at The Hilderbrand. Then comes the interesting part. Morgan tells Elena that Alice had started seeing things [people who didn’t exist] and was trying to talk about it, but rather than listen to her, the Greybournes decided to get rid of her. They kept eyes on her wherever she went, and using their lawyer, Victor Marcato, they got rid of her. This is the same guy who made Morgan sign the NDA. Before Morgan could reveal anything else, she realized that they were being watched as well and told Elena not to contact her again. After this, she leaves. Elena then meets Scott, who almost laughs the whole conversation (with Morgan) off, and they have a falling out.

Elena returns to the Greybourne, and on the way to the elevator, she comes across Bennet, followed by Tory, who yells at Bennet for apparently borrowing as well as ruining her bag. Bennet leaves the elevator, irritated. Elena, merely an audience member, follows Tory, trying to calm her down. Roman offers to take Tory’s bag to the repair shop. Tory obliges. After she leaves, Elena and Roman head to the basement, where Elena tells Roman about everything that Morgan told her. She also shows him Alice’s letter and how it implies that the ruby is somewhere in Winthrop’s apartment. Scott doesn’t know that she has brought Roman into the plan, and she has decided to keep it that way. She then sets up a playdate with Jasper and Rex (Winthrop II’s grandson, AKA the Chans), whom Ginny babysits, to search the apartment for the ruby.


The Truth Exposed

Elena manages to fix the playdate and is at the Chans’ apartment with Ginny. She finds out from Ginny that Alistair Greybourne’s wife was a Winthrop, and since then, the Greybournes and the Winthrops have been part of the same big family tree, thanks to intermarriage. Elena tries to look for the ruby after asking Ginny for directions to the bathroom. She is only able to search some areas of the bedroom when Ginny finds her and tells her not to move anything out of place because Mrs. Winthrop-Chan doesn’t like it. Elena pins it on her curiosity and assures Ginny that she won’t go exploring the apartment again. That’s when Elena finds out that Mrs. Winthrop-Chan grew up not in this apartment but in the Wards’ apartment.

Elena conveys this information to Roman and believes that the ruby has been under her nose the whole time. All Elena has to do now is look around. She drops Jasper at his fencing class, returns to the apartment, and finds Matthew packing all of Alice’s clothes for the next day’s charity benefit auction. Elena realizes that this can be her chance to search for the ruby and offers to help Matthew. She suggests that he go out and spend some fun time with Jasper while she packs all the stuff up. Matthew gladly agrees and leaves. Later on, with Matthew out with Jasper, Elena calls Ginny to help with the packing. While packing, they find an envelope, inside which are divorce papers petitioned by Matthew. However, while Alice’s signature is present, Matthew’s isn’t.


As Elena tries on a dress that Ginny asked her to put on, Tory arrives and tells Elena to take it off. After that, she leaves. After some time, Ginny leaves, too; most of the packing has been taken care of. Then Matthew and Jasper return, and Matthew offers for Elena to stay and have dinner. Elena agrees. While the food is being cooked, Matthew invites her to bring Jasper to the groundbreaking of a community center that he has designed on Monday. They forget about the food while talking, and it gets burned. However, the smoke detectors don’t go off. They have probably run out of batteries.

So while Matthew goes to find new ones, Elena decides to check them and reaches up to the one in the kitchen using a chair. On taking off the cover of the device, she finds a camera inside it. She then goes to the closet and finds a camera inside the smoke detector there as well [it must have recorded her looking at the divorce papers, and if there are more smoke detectors in the house, the person on the other side probably knows what she has been doing since the day she came into the house]. She returns to the kitchen just in time and tells Matthew that she is heading out for the night. Matthew tells her to take Monday morning off and bring Jasper from his art class directly to the groundbreaking.


Missing Morgan

In the lobby, Elena tells Roman about the cameras and shows him to the dining room in the basement. There, she tells him that she believes that the cameras had been put up by Tory to spy on Alice. She also showed Roman the divorce papers. The question is: why file for divorce if you want the money from your wife’s death? Roman suggests that maybe he filed for divorce to protect himself from the suspicion that he may have killed his wife for money. They also find a note inside the envelope, something Elena had missed earlier, with Victor Marcato’s name on it. She decides to call Morgan to find out more. Unfortunately, the number is not in service anymore. Elena and Roman head to The Hilderbrand, where Morgan says she has an apartment, but the whole building seems to have been evacuated on the same day. The Condemned Notice names The Greybourne Corporation as the building’s owner.

Elena rushes to Scott that night to tell him that Morgan’s missing, and if the reason for this is that she got too close to the Greybournes, then Elena’s life might be in danger as well. Scott tells her that he will set up an alert in their department’s system and see if he can find anything regarding Morgan. Meanwhile, Elena is better off keeping her distance from the Greybournes, like not having dinner with them. Elena realizes that Scott is just angry that she had dinner with Matthew [Scott had called Elena when she was at the Wards’ apartment, but she didn’t speak to him]. She decides to return to Greybourne.


‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Who Is ‘Mommy’s Friend’?

The next day, Elena meets Kim and Alex at a coffee shop. James, too, joins a bit later. She tells them that she found cameras in Matthew’s apartment, and they’re not the usual “nanny-cam” thing but proper surveillance cameras. Kim and Alex offered to help her and mentioned spying on the owners in return. This gives Elena an idea. She heads back to The Greybourne, takes Tory’s repaired bag from Roman, and heads to her room, where she sews a tracker inside the bag. She then heads to the Wards’ apartment and returns the bag to Tory, who is rather apologetic for snapping at Elena the last time in Alice’s closet. On her way up to her room, she checks her phone. The tracker is active. While in her room, she gets a call from Teo again, who informs her that Ronnie’s parole hearing has been postponed, and he isn’t happy at all about it. Elena tries to make him understand that she wouldn’t take a single step against him, but Teo isn’t willing to listen and hangs up on her.

Monday arrives, and Elena and Jasper are at Matthew’s groundbreaking. There, she sees Otis Winthrop II (co-representor for The Greybourne Preservation Fund) [the guy Elena saw walk out of the elevator at the end of Episode 3] and Otis Winthrop III (CEO of The Greybourne Corporation and co-representor for The Greybourne Preservation Fund) and finds out that Matthew’s company, Ward and Brickman, is becoming an official subsidiary of Greybourne. Clearly, the Greybournes leave no stone unturned to keep it all under one roof (just as Ginny had said). After the ceremony is over, Matthew leaves by car because Jasper wants to walk home with Elena. When the two return to the apartment, Jasper enters ahead of Elena and finds his father talking to someone who is his “mommy’s friend” [Alice’s friend]. Elena wonders who this friend is and finds Matthew talking to Scott.


If Scott is Alice’s friend, things go way deeper than Elena could have imagined. Scott knows a lot more than he has told Elena, and this changes the whole equation. Is Matthew in on the ruby too? Was he just a way to keep Tory away from Elena so that she could continue her search? If not, then how does Matthew know Scott? What is Scott’s relationship with Alice? And where does Morgan play a role in all this? With every episode, The Watchful Eye keeps getting darker and darker.

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