‘The Vince Staples Show’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Is Vince Dead?

The vignettes from the life of rapper Vince Staples provide some rib-tickling comedy, but the show functions more as a critique of the black experience in America. The floating in two boats gets the show drowned, sadly. But for whatever it was worth, The Vince Staples Show offered us an insight into the intricacies of meager fame and how someone like Vince dealt with it. The show had no fixation on a linear progression, as in raising the stakes of each episode methodically. We got a topsy-turvy world, and I think the hope was that we would get lost in it, but sadly, we couldn’t.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Vince Get Out Of Jail?

The show began by showing us how Vince got arrested. He apparently took a U-turn and was stopped for speeding. The arresting officer was a Caucasian man, and the next thing we know, Vince wound up in jail. He was arrested on the charge of assault. Usually, it’s the case that a driver would get a ticket for driving over the speed limit, but as the show makes a point to highlight the unjust treatment faced by the black community, the unnerving humor is in the fact that Vince was put behind bars amongst criminals. Some people recognized Vince in prison, and they came up one-by-one in their own unique ways to impress or threaten him. Robb knew who Vince was and wanted to sing songs and rap for him. Poke wanted to stab him for some reason, and Walter wanted to give him life lessons. Vince made a few phone calls, hoping to reach someone who could bail him out. First, Vince called his mother, and she wasn’t impressed by the pickle Vince had found himself in this time around. Funnily enough, Vince had bailed his mother out of jail just a week ago, but she wasn’t willing to return the favor. Next, Vince called Bri, his friend,who was busy doing her thing in her realtor business. Vince didn’t want to call Deja, his girlfriend, as he didn’t want her to see him in jail. Vince, isolated, had to wait for a miracle, and it came. He was simply let go as the cops realized he was innocent. Perhaps the cops had decided that they’d had enough fun with the rapper who had made songs against the police. 


How Did The Robbers Help Vince Get The Loan?

Vince had an idea to start a business producing zero-sugar cereal. The reason for that was that he believed that sugar was lethal and the number one cause of all sorts of problems in the black community. Vince needed a loan, though, which gives away the fact that he didn’t have that kind of money, even though everybody thought he was famous. His entire family, extended family members included, were after his money, but it was his Uncle James who told him that they just wanted to be a part of his life. Amidst all the family chaos, Vince had the idea to start the cereal business, and for that, he approached a fancy bank, but his loan application was rejected. However, Vince’s friend Louis arrived with his gang to rob the bank. Everybody, except Vince, was tied up, and that gave Vince the opportunity to negotiate the terms for his loan. The manager was willing to do anything to convince the robbers to release him. Vince struck up a deal to make Louis let the manager go if he got him his loan. Louis was after the money, and Vince went ahead into the general manager’s room to find the code to the vault, which turned out to be the year the original owner, Mr. Fargo, had sold the property to the bank. There was no money in the vault, though, because someone had pulled off a heist while Louis and his gang were busy dealing with the hostages. Vince left the bank and took the manager with him, keeping his promise. However, the police shot the manager as they both left the bank, as he didn’t raise his hands in the air. 

Why Did Vince Go To The Theme Park?

It was Deja’s little brother Dee Dee’s birthday, and because Vince didn’t have the money to go to Disneyland, the idea was to take Dee Dee to a local theme park with similar rides. But it turned out to be an intense day for Vince. He got chased around by a man named the Dude, who was one of those chicken suit-wearing guys. Vince always believed he wasn’t real, but when a bunch of others joined the dude and attacked Vince for no reason, he had to accept that he was the real deal. There was also the episode with the magician, where Vince saw an old and desperate magician perform a magic trick. The magician perhaps had not had an audience in a while and he wanted to impress Vince and ultimately managed to do so. Vince had been sent to get dinner but was creeped out by a chicken store manager later. He came back late only to find Deja nagging, as Vince had left her high and dry without any dinner.


Why Did Vince Get Shot At?

In the finale, Vince finally had to face the nightmare of getting chased around and being shot at for something he had done in his childhood. Apparently, he had been a bully and called a fellow classmate ‘white boy’ an insult. When Vince was called in by his school to give a speech telling the kids about his successful career, he met a little boy who told him that his father had a grudge against Vince. He didn’t have to wait long for the grudge match to begin, as he saw the kid with his father outside the school. The father shot at Vince, and thus began a chase across town. Vince managed to get a gun from a stranger’s house and finally hid in a mall. The father came looking for Vince, but he was outdone in the end. A gunshot was heard, and Vince came out of the mall to see the same kid from class earlier sitting with headphones on in the father’s car. We can surmise that Vince shot the father, and the news reported the incident later. So did Vince end up killing him in self-defense? It looks so. If there is a second season, it will definitely begin by revealing what happened in the mall. 

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