‘The Tailor’ Season 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Dimitri Find Out About Peyami And Esvet’s Affair?

Season three of the much-awaited Turkish Netflix Original The Tailor is out, and it takes the viewers through the lives of Peyami, Esvet, and Dimitri. The second season ended with Peyami finding peace by accepting his father and mother. Peyami lets Dimitri know of his disinterest in Esvet, which strengthens their friendship. Only time will tell if Peyami will remain true to his word regarding the attraction he feels towards Esvet. This article will take the readers through the third season of this romantic drama directed by Cem Karci.


Spoilers Ahead

Are Peyami And Esvet Avoiding Each Other?

The Tailor Season 3 began with Peyami traveling across the world with his fashion house in the hope of expanding the brand. Since Dimitri was confident in his talent and invested generously, it was Peyami’s duty to make his fashion house popular. Meanwhile, Dimitri was on a holiday with Esvet and was quite happy with the way things changed between him and his wife as he finally stood up to his father. Esvet, meanwhile, was having a hard time forgetting Peyami because of their small, brief interactions in the past. Peyami’s declaration of him not being interested in Esvet did not affect her feelings for him. This was one of the prominent reasons why Esvet and Peyami avoided each other all this time. Peyami returns from his long trip only to discover his love for Esvet. Dimitri planned to move to New York City to manage Peyami’s fashion house. Meanwhile, Peyami himself was asked to take over the expansion work in Europe. This business decision would mean that Esvet and Peyami would have to part ways and possibly not meet each other for a long time. Esvet cancels their travel plans to attend the much-awaited wedding of Peyami’s parents. Peyami was not happy with Esvet’s decision. He had no choice but to face her.


What Happens At Mustafa And Kiraz’s Wedding?

As the wedding date was approaching, Esvet and Dimitri found it difficult to be around each other. They tried to remain loyal to Dimitri and evade all the questions coming their way from him. He finds them in precarious situations and wonders if his wife was being unfaithful to him. Peyami designed his mother’s wedding dress, and he was obliged to fashion another dress for Esvet as well. They kiss during the fitting, reigniting their passion for one another. Esvet ends up slapping him out of sheer anger because she felt guilty of being unfaithful. One moment of weakness led to the kiss, and they cannot undo what happened between them. To seek a reaction out of Peyami, she ditched the dress he had made for her. Peyami did not react and did not feel offended by her move. He was willing to look past her stunt and admit to himself that he loved her and would pursue her despite the relationship she shared with his best friend, Dimitri.

Was The Yacht Purchased To Commence The Affair?

There was no admission of love between the two at any point in the show, but it would seem Peyami purchased an expensive yacht to commence a relationship with her. They would be walking on thin ice by commencing this relationship because Dimitri was a loving yet volatile person. Dimitri and Esvet formed an understanding with each other by the end of The Tailor Season 2, but it turns out their marriage was still on the rocks, and she started seeking comfort in Peyami. Peyami, at Esvet’s insistence, made dinner plans with Dimitri to come clean about their relationship. The dinner and conversation do not go as planned. Esvet finds an excuse to be with Peyami on the yacht, but Dimitri makes a surprise visit to confirm his doubts. Dimitri found no one, but there was no end to Peyami’s apprehensions, for he did not want to be the victim of his best friend’s wrath.


Why Is Dimitri Suspecting Infidelity?

Dimitri’s self-contained father, the business magnate, had planted a theory in his son’s head regarding Peyami and Esvet’s affair. His father was confident about this notion, as he wanted to create a rift between his son and his best friend based on the business fallout in the last season. His father’s reasoning took root inside his head like cancer, and started messing with his judgments. Dimitri subconsciously could not trust Peyami and Esvet, the result of which was him carrying out a surprise check at Peyami’s yacht. Dimitri was certain he would find Esvet on it, but somehow, luck was not on his side. Dimitri confronted Ari multiple times for messing with his head, and as a father, he should have made sure his son was happy. Ari fueled his suspicions, and Dimitri was losing his mind over horrible scenarios that probably only existed in his head. Dimitri’s relations with his father had always remained complicated, and his constant suspicion made it worse.

What Did Ari Witness?

Ari witnessed Esvet and Peyami hugging each other intimately. The couple was aware the man was vicious, and that he would stop at nothing to make their living hell by informing Dimitri about their relationship. The two of them try to inform him about it before Ari can catch up, only to witness a mentally deranged and blood-soaked Dimitri at the hospital breaking down over murdering his father. We assume the father must have met Dimitri to inform him about what he witnessed, and an altercation between the two may have caused a hemorrhage. Despite all the complexities the father and son had gone through over the years, Dimitri would never want him dead. The situation at the hospital put Peyami and Esvet in a precarious situation.


Ari passed away due to his injuries, and Peyami and Esvet decided to separate briefly and be there for Dimitri in this hour of grief. The two were in no mood to betray Dimitri, and they believed it would be best to put their relationship on hold till the worst was past them. Peyami and Esvet were not sure if Ari shared what he witnessed between them. Looking at Dimitri’s reaction, they are under the impression that Dimitri was unwilling to hear his father, which could have led to the altercation. Ari had the last laugh at this juncture because, at the funeral, Dimitri vows to destroy his wife and best friend for breaking his trust.

What Happens Between Dimitri, Peyami, And Esvet?

Dimitri invited Peyami and Esvet to a garage and planned an elaborate dinner for the three of them. He finally reveals his knowledge of the affair, thanks to his father. Ari had placed cameras around the hotel and the yacht to catch Peyami and Esvet red-handed. Dimitri was livid about the affair and realized that his deceased father was right. He knew Ari might be laughing from his grave, and Dimitri felt like a fool who remained blind to this travesty most of the time. Dimitri wanted answers from them, and they were willing to offer an honest response.


The three of them have a lot to lose after this confrontation. Dimitri will lose individuals who knew him up close. Peyami had been his friend since childhood and was aware of many secrets growing up, including Dimitri’s troubled relationship with his father. Peyami felt guilty, but he did not feel sorry for falling in love with Esvet. Dimitri initially planned to blow up the garage with them inside to finish everything between them. As expected, Dimitri was a volatile person, and an extreme reaction was a predictable behavior. As the timer began ticking, the three of them had a severe altercation, which soon reached a truce. The truce is the result of their years of friendship, and Esvet knowing both men for a while.

Dimitri and Peyami compromised soon, and the latter asked for forgiveness. Dimitri gave them the impression that they could escape the garage, make a life for themselves, and put these incidents behind them. Dimitri stayed back in the garage and allowed himself to get blown up, despite Peyami and Esvet begging him to walk away with them. We believe Dimitri sacrificed himself because he could not trust himself not to do anything awful to the couple. Dimitri knows himself too well, and by taking himself out of the picture, the two of them could live a happy life. The other scenario could be that he wanted Peyami and Esvet to feel guilty about Dimitri’s death, which might lead to them breaking up eventually.


The Tailor Season 3 ends with plenty of flashbacks involving Peyami and Dimitri’s childhood. Peyami will have a hard time forgetting his friend, but these memories could be the only way to keep his friend alive in his heart. Dimitri left an apology letter for Esvet, and she was moved by his choice of words. Both were unable to come to terms with Dimitri’s untimely death and the words of self-realization he left behind. Esvet was also made aware of the heritage money that was taken away from her by Dimitri’s family. Showmakers did not expand on her plans with the money she just received. Peyami and Esvet are now married and have been living happily with his parents. The last shot of the show involved Dimitri looking out at them from afar. Dimitri didn’t die in the explosion, and his half-burnt face was proof of the pain inflicted on him because of the blast, but he planned to stay away so that Esvet and Peyami could live happily.

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