‘The Tailor’ Season 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Peyami’s Mother Stay Away From Him?

Season one of The Tailor ended on a cliffhanger because the nature of the show is such that the makers had to end the first half in a manner that would bring back the audience. Season two of The Tailor, which was released on July 28, 2023, has managed to garner enough attention from critics and viewers alike to understand where the stories of Peyami, Dimitri, and Esvet will head from here on. The second season will answer many questions that were left open-ended by the makers.


Spoilers Ahead

Dimitri and Peyami

The Tailor Season 2 begins with Peyami having a gala time at his best friend’s wedding to Esvet. Yes, the makers chose to skip the part where Peyami was gravely injured due to a gunshot by Esvet. The woman, who was not ready to marry Dimitri at any cost, was made to agree to this match thanks to her parents and Dimitri’s insistence on the match. Peyami’s drunken demeanor at the wedding party could be because he had to let go of Esvet forever. Even though his best friend and blood brother Dimitri has doubts about Esvet’s infidelity, there is a sense of joy they feel. The tensions are rising because Peyami has never felt this way about any other woman. Even though he brought his current girlfriend, Cemre, along with him, there is lingering tension between Peyami, Dimitri and Esvet. This was bound to happen because Dimitri might be spoiled, but he is a smart man who sees through Peyami. Viewers this early in the second season were expecting drama because the show is nothing without it, and the simmering tension is palpable.


Dimitri learns that Mustafa is his best friend’s father, and his reaction surprises Peyami. He never expected Dimitri to be inclusive of people like his father. Peyami underestimated Dimitri’s love for him. Viewers were quick to judge him as the villain, but his behavior towards Mustafa was a surprising change of arc given by the makers. Dimitri went out of his way to make his friend’s father feel comfortable. This is what a best friend is supposed to do, which is to understand their situation and work around it so that no one is unhappy here. Even though there was a flare-up when Peyami thought Dimitri was feeling pity for him. The latter was the first one to let him know that Peyami was lucky to have Mustafa, who is childlike and endearing. Dimitri’s swinging back and forth regarding Peyami confuses the viewers a bit, for it’s unclear whether he wants to be there for Peyami or not. Nevertheless, Peyami comes across an excellent friend who is willing to be there for him.

Peyami and Esvet

The first season ended with Esvet confessing her love for Peyami before accidentally shooting him. Viewers figured the next season would begin where it left off, and Esvet would not marry Dimitri. The tables have turned, and Dimitri and Peyami are still close friends. They pushed everything under the carpet and moved on to celebrating Dimitri’s wedding to Esvet. She and Peyami have some unfinished business, and it is not related to Mustafa. The two are attracted to each other, and Esvet wants to pursue it, while Peyami resists it because of his loyalty to his best friend. He is tormented by the thought of loving her, but he does not want to lose the only friend he has had since his school days. The two kiss twice, just out of pure desire. But it is Peyami who feels awful.


The scenes between the two of them are filled with tantalizing chemistry, but the amount of time spent justifying the chemistry is exhausting. The attraction is real because Esvet surely feels it. She believes he will always protect her, and this nature makes her go back to him from time to time. In season one, she felt safe in his vicinity, and because of that, she craved that space. Mustafa is just an added excuse for her to run into Peyami because she feels she has a responsibility towards his father. Esvet is also jealous of Cemre, Peyami’s new girlfriend, but that does not stop Dimitri from taunting Esvet publicly. Esvet does not stop herself from going after Dimitri and makes him jealous. The worry is that Peyami should not get stuck between the mind games that Esvet and Dimitri are playing.

Kumru, The Cleaning Lady

We see this lady in the first season of The Tailor, and it is easy to understand that she is indeed Peyami’s mother, though she is keeping her distance for a reason. Through flashback sequences, we get to see her visiting her son while he is getting treated for his gunshot wounds. It is being set up for a big shock for Peyami. But the narrative is very predictable; it is easy to guess that at some point, the lady will have to come forward and tell Peyami about herself. But before that, she approaches as a cleaning lady at his office just to get closer to him. It does not make sense as to why she finally decided to get a closer look at him, but all this while she stayed away. Peyami is seeking answers, and he will not accept them until Kumru, whose real name is Kiraz, comes forward.


Mustafa recognizes Kiraz, but nobody, including Peyami, is willing to believe him. Peyami only believes what his grandparents have told him. His father indicated something else. Kiraz was glad to have been let go by Peyami at that juncture because she was not ready to have the conversation with her son. She will probably look for the right time, but she ought to know by now, there will never be a good time to talk about this matter. But it will be interesting to know if Peyami will finally learn of her identity and what his reaction will be.

Why Did Peyami’s Mother Stay Away From Him?

Dimitri’s father is no longer interested in working with Peyami, even when Dimitri begs to give his friend another chance. Ari, Dimitri’s father, is a ruthless businessman, and if Peyami is a liability, he will want to get rid of him. Dimitri is initially not keen on getting rid of his best friend because of the loyalty he has to him professionally and personally. He is aware Peyami will never betray him, and this is what is making him root for the only friend he ever had.

But soon, he changed his mind when he witnessed a drunken Esvet kissing Peyami. Dimitri’s behavior towards Esvet had changed, and out of vengeance, he wanted to finish Peyami and his design house. Dimitri has never had a mind of his own. He made decisions based on his emotions and not logic, which allowed his father to take advantage of him and target his son’s only best friend. Dimitri is not as shrewd as his father, but he has been keen on getting into his good books for many years. This is why he allows himself to get manipulated by his father’s words and proposes the idea of buying Peyami’s label and design house. The viewers know this is one of many bipolar behaviors that Dimitri showcases towards Peyami. Maybe Dimitri’s father was not wrong about his business acumen. His only son lacks it, which is why he is desperate to get his father’s seat. There is a full-fledged war between Dimitri and Peyami, and only time will tell who will win it.

Mustafa is sure he saw Kiraz at their home and shared the wedding ring she left with him with Esvet. Mustafa was attached to Peyami’s mother, and there is a story no one is willing to hear just because of his state. The viewers are awaiting a heartbreaking tale of their separation, and it will be interesting to know who will be the one to recall the news about Peyami. The only person who believes in Mustafa is Esvet. He follows Kumru to finally learn the truth from the lady herself. Kumru had no choice but to open up because Esvet had the ring with her. The narrative from this point on becomes interesting because there’s no dramatic speech or dialogue, which was unexpected from the makers of the show. The change of tone is a surprise. Esvet believes Mustafa because she has spent a good amount of time with him and realizes he remembered the woman he was married to after many years, which would indicate there is some truth in his tale.


Kumru/Kiraz figured there was no point in living in the city as Esvet would surely let Peyami know about her identity. She was right because Esvet will have to inform him about this piece of information because he has been on a quest for a while, and meeting Kiraz narrative from her perspective will either make him elated or livid. It is obvious Peyami will be mad because he would have wanted an honest answer instead. He is being kept captive, kept in the dark about her identity. Kiraz’s brother, Osman, leads her to meet Peyami without her permission. It was high time someone took the step forward to end this saga of pain that both mother and son are in. Esvet also lets Peyami know about his mother’s identity by giving him the wedding dress his mother wore with Mustafa’s name embossed on it.

The face-off between the mother and the son happens, and Peyami is unwilling to hear any justification for her. Peyami’s anger is justified, but it is also clouded by the stories he had heard from his grandparents, which for the most part, are untrue, but there was no one to correct their version of why Kiraz left Peyami behind. The viewers knew this showdown was imminent, and finally, the truth came out. It turns out Kiraz was sold into this marriage with Mustafa because of his mental health issues, but the couple had a good time together. This showcases the good-hearted nature of Kiraz, who, just like Esvet, took care of him. The women saving and taking care of men trope comes up again. Why do men have to marry women to be saved? Wouldn’t it be easy to just let a doctor or a therapist do the job and offer women a healed man? In this case, Mustafa is the innocent one; it was his mother who made all the decisions about their marriage. She came back years late only because the grandmother had died, and Kiraz figured she would somehow find a way to reveal her identity to Peyami.


Peyami is somehow convinced by the story, and there is the closure he needs. There is a wonder if this was a conventional plot line. The bittersweet reunion did take a lot of stress out of the mother-son duo, for they can start afresh in their relationship. With his grandmother gone, no one could oppose Kiraz’s story, for she had no reason to lie. Peyami finally got another family at an unexpected juncture in her life.

The Tailor Season 2 ends with Dimitri coming on board with Peyami for the fashion show because he trusts the man since Peyami has openly revealed that he will never pursue Esvet. Dimitri finally gains control of his life, and at the office, by burning the large box his father used as a way to punish the kid. This is a symbolic gesture that stands for Dimitri not emulating his father’s words and ideas anymore. The fashion show was organized to convince Dimitri and the company’s other shareholders to invest more money to expand Peyami’s brand, and the evening became a success.


Peyami finally got his mojo back, and a lot of it can be credited to him meeting his mother. He does the best thing in the end when he publicly acknowledges his father, Mustafa, by introducing him to the media and the audience, and he reunites him with his mother, Kiraz. The two of them were elated to see each other; it was only pertinent for the son to bring their parents together. Peyami’s arc began with him not knowing anything about his parents, with season two concluding with him accepting his mother and father for who they are. The ending sequence of The Tailor Season 2 has scenes from the next season, where we will get to watch much more drama happening in the lives of three people who seem to have formed a bond.

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