‘The Tailor’ Season 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Esvet Escape Dimitri? What Happens To Peyami?

The Turkish-language show The Tailor is making a buzz across the globe due to its dramatic and mysterious plot. While the show didn’t do it for us, it was still worth a try. You can read our full review here. Keeping that in mind, there are a dozen twists in the show that are confusing, so let’s try to break down the show and understand the ending.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Peyami And What Is His Big Secret? 

Peyami is a handsome young man who has it all: the fashion label of his dreams, a luxury lifestyle, and a best friend who ruins everything. Tragically, after a successful show, Peyami loses his dear grandfather and returns to his hometown to say his last goodbye. There, we find out that Peyami’s father, Mustafa, is differently abled and needs a caregiver at all times. The childish behavior of Peyami’s father made him embarrassed as a child, and so as a grown-up, he kept it a secret. Even his best friend Dimitri is under the impression that Peyami’s father is dead. Peyami was close to his grandfather but lived away from home to fulfill his dreams. His grandmother, on the other hand, doesn’t quite know how to treat her own son and decides it’s time to go to Istanbul with her grandson so they can be taken care of as a family. In Istanbul, only Peyami’s trusted assistant Suzi knows about his father’s condition and is tasked with finding him a caregiver because Peyami didn’t bring the one from before.


Peyami is designing the wedding attire for uncouth Dimitri and his fiancée, whose wedding is in about two weeks. But it is Dimitri’s family tradition that the bride can’t be seen in her wedding gown by any man, so Peyami has to be blindfolded during the fitting. Soon it is clear that Dimitri is an abusive man and has been putting Esvet, his fiancée, in a box to “teach her a lesson.” She is forced to do the fitting, and Peyami is blindfolded, so he has no idea what is happening to her. Additionally, Suzi can’t see Esvet’s face because she’s wearing the veil. After the trial, Suzi gets a call from the caretaker agency, and Peyami is furious that she will attend this call at Dimitri’s house because no one knows about Mustafa (his father). It is already too late, though, as Esvet has heard their discussion, and now she plots a smart escape plan to save herself from Dimitri’s clutches. Back at home, Mustafa is creating a nuisance because his precious scarecrow wasn’t brought to Istanbul, and now his mother chains him to the wall and threatens to hurt his toys. Peyami finds a letter in his grandfather’s belongings regarding his mother, who had left him in the care of his grandfather. Now he is determined to find her too.

How Does Esvet Plan On Escaping Dimitri? 

Esvet’s big plan is to come as the caretaker to Peyami’s house and work seven days a week. Since Mustafa needs to be hidden, she believes she can stay hidden with him too. Esvet was adopted by her parents from a Greek orphanage when she was about 4 or 5. She is close to her father, but her mother is desperate to marry her off to Dimitri because of all the luxuries they would receive afterward. Esvet’s mother and Dimitri’s mother are sisters (the incest gets weirder), and there are some secrets there, too, that Esvet’s parents don’t know about. Esvet, who calls herself Firuze in Peyami’s household, is made to sign an NDA and is taken to meet Mustafa. She is quick to work, and he likes her immediately, proving to Peyami that she is quite perfect for the job. In the meantime, Dimitri harasses her family as a punishment for her running away. Dimitri and his father don’t get along at all, and since his childhood, he’s been treated as an outsider rather than a son. Peyami had been visiting since he was a child; hence the title blood brother for each other, but Dimitri’s father had a liking for the more civil and well-groomed Peyami, making Dimitri jealous and more rebellious as he aged.


Peyami’s grandmother is dancing to her own tunes as she tells Firuze that she has to marry Mustafa and become a part of the family to truly be his caregiver. She cryptically tells her that Mustafa has the mind of a child but the body of an adult and will be able to take advantage of her. Firuze tells Peyami this, and he tells her that his grandmother is from a different generation, so she doesn’t understand modern culture, and there is no need to do such a thing. Esvet is relieved, as she has found a liking for Mustafa and is safe in this house from the vicious Dimitri. As a young girl, she was brought into her parents’ household, where she had to live and take care of her foster brother, who, too, had a condition like Mustafa’s. At Dimitri’s home, Peyami learns about the Esvet escaping and tells his friend that he just needs to wait it out, and she will return. Back at home, Peyami asks Firuze to try on a dress he’s making so he has a live model to do the fittings on, and she does, but she sees her wedding gown and begins to get anxious. Peyami wonders if she wants to try the dress because she keeps staring at it, but Firuze declines. Before she can try it on, though, Mustafa comes into the Peyami’s workshop, where he’s not allowed, and begins to make a mess. Firuze is quick to calm him down and take him back to his room.

Esvet’s Big Mistake And Dimitri’s Surprising Treatment Of Mustafa 

It looks like Dimitri’s father has given Peyami all of his amenities and owns the business. They’re working on a deal to open a store in the US, and to celebrate, Dimitri invites himself and his family to Peyami’s house. Peyami warns Firuze that there should not be so much as a sound from Mustafa; it should be as if he doesn’t exist when his guests arrive. Of course, Esvet is curious to know how her parents are doing as well as what Dimitri is saying about her, so she leaves Mustafa and heads out to eavesdrop. Dimitri is distraught and disrespectful to Peyami’s grandmother, so Peyami takes him out to get some air. By this time, Mustafa has escaped the room, and Dimitri sees him. Esvet can’t show herself in front of Dimitri, so she’s stuck in her position, but fortunately, the other housekeeping staff is able to deal with the situation and takes Mustafa away. Dimitri’s interaction with Mustafa is rather interesting because he is understanding and does not mock the man or harm him in any way. This is quite a contrast to his usual personality. Peyami is still furious and fires Firuze immediately. During the time Mustafa was out and about, Esvet met her father and told her she’d be in touch. Now he knows where she is and that she is safe. The next day, Esvet calls her father to meet her so she can explain everything. Dimitri overhears and follows him to the meeting spot. Before they can meet, Esvet has to run away from Dimitri. In the meantime, Peyami struggles at his workshop because of anxiety; something has been bothering him. His hands shake, and he is creatively frozen.


Esvet just manages to escape Dimitri and his men and return to Peyami’s home. She tells his grandmother that she is willing to marry Mustafa and take up the job again. Dimitri fights Faruq, Esvet’s father, because he knows where Esvet is. He beats him up until his father interferes and breaks them apart. Faruq says he was going to convince Esvet to return home, but she saw Dimitri and ran away in fright. That is why he didn’t tell anybody and sneaked out alone. Nobody believes him, but the conversation ends there for now. Peyami’s grandmother tells him that he has brought Firuze back because Mustafa missed her. Peyami thinks if she makes a mistake once, she will definitely do it again (and wow, does she do that). In a flashback, we get the hint that Esvet was Lia and Ari’s (Dimitri’s parents) daughter who was given away to the orphanage.

What Makes Mustafa Happy, Makes Peyami Nervous

The next day, Mustafa makes his way to Firuze’s room and then to the workshop. In the workshop, he starts to make a mess of everything, and Firuze gets angry with him. This makes things worse, and finally, he quiets down after seeing the dress. Firuze has to try the dress on for Mustafa to stop his tantrum. Peyami hears the commotion up top and sees Firuze in the dress, realizing quickly that she is Esvet. Esvet apologizes and tells Peyami that she fears for her life and has no other choice but to escape. Peyami can’t believe her best option is Dimitri’s best friend’s house, and he needs her to get out as soon as possible. At that moment, Suzi and Dimitri arrive at the house. Suzi wants to tell Peyami that Firuze is a fraud because she found out that the agency didn’t send anyone. Peyami tells her they will talk about that later because he has to deal with Dimitri. Peyami defends Esvet in front of Dimitri and doesn’t call her out.


While Esvet is wearing the dress and Mustafa is in the workshop, Dimitri lingers downstairs. Peyami tells him they’re late for their meeting, but Dimitri is adamant. He finds Esvet’s bracelet on the staircase to the workshop, and all hell breaks loose. Peyami tells him it might’ve been stuck on the dress and as he was climbing the stairs it may have fallen off, and Dimitri doesn’t believe him. But the sound of the dress in the house makes him excited, and Dimitri makes his way up to the workshop. Esvet manages to get out of the dress and hide in the changing area with Mustafa. They narrowly escape Dimitri, and Peyami is able to take him to the ranch where the meeting is set to happen. Esvet realizes her bracelet is lost and feels terrible about it, but Mustafa ties a red thread around her hand to make her feel better. At the ranch, things go okay with the designer for the New York shop, but Peyami is distracted by the events of the day. Dimitri notices, but Peyami waves him off.

Grandmother Knows Best (Even All The Secrets)

At the shop, Peyami keeps returning to the thought of the bracelet and shows signs of fear of Dimitri. He lashes out at Suzi, who cares for him, especially because she keeps bringing up the topic of Firuze. He’s unable to do any of his work and remembers how his grandfather used to calm him down. Peyami confronts Esvet again and tells her she needs to leave and that he has made all the arrangements. He plans on sending her to London, where she’ll be sure to be safe. His grandmother overhears the whole conversation and sees the two getting close. She knows that Dimitri will not let it go if Peyami is hiding Esvet, but even more so if they get together. She looks at the photos in Mustafa’s room of him and Firuze and notices the bracelet on her wrist. Later, Firuze helps Peyami with that red dress he had made her try on earlier, and they share a kiss. What they don’t know is that Grandma knows-it-all has seen them together, and now she makes her own plans (ay the drama). Not only are things getting heated in the house, but we are also introduced to a new character out of the blue. Peyami is playing the instrument his grandfather used to play with a small crew, which includes the man who can help him reach his mother.


A Family Outing To The Sea

Peyami takes Mustafa and Firuze to see the sea, and they have a great time there. Finally, we see signs of Peyami learning to be around his father and also accepting him. In the meantime, Ari, Dimitri’s father, has given Faruq a directorship in the company, much to the disappointment of Dimitri. He’s unable to deal with the disrespect and urinates on Ari’s office chair (yuck!). Dimitri warns Faruq that if Esvet is not found, the consequences will be steep. At home, Peyami’s grandmother visits Dimitri’s house and slyly asks to see a photo of Esvet. Her suspicions are proven right, and she makes her way back home. Dimitri comes to Peyami’s workshop and makes a dress that represents a “backstabbing” woman, scissors and all. At home, Peyami overhears Esvet telling a sleeping Mustafa that she is sorry for leaving him and that she has to because she’s falling in love with Peyami (and just like that).

The Reason Dimtri’s Parents Want To Find Esvet

Dimitri places a recording device in his parents’ room and overhears their conversation. To his utter shock, his father says that Esvet owns half of their property. It looks like Esvet was adopted by Ari and Lia just so that they could use her inheritance money and then dropped back at the orphanage. Assuming Dimitri has mixed some other drugs in his hand-rolled cigarettes, we see him act in a strange manner to try and focus on the problem at hand and find Esvet because, subconsciously, he knows where she is. He figures out that she’s with Peyami. He rushes to their home in the middle of the night and creates a ruckus. Fortunately, Esvet has followed Peyami out of the house and hidden in his car, which takes him to a little restaurant where he’s about to perform as a different man. He goes by the name Ziya, and none of his bandmates know his true identity (or do they?).


Peyami’s Search For His Mother

Peyami is enraged by Esvet’s presence at the performance. He tells her to head back and wait in the car, but she doesn’t listen, of course (this dude has anger issues, and she can’t follow rules to save her life). At home, Grandmother tries to save the day and sends Dimitri back without Peyami or Esvet. They have a mini-ego battle before he leaves. Peyami tells Esvet that he is hiding his identity in order to find his mother. The only connection he has is the photo his grandfather had, which included the man in his band. Peyami decided to get close to him and then find out about his mother. But what he doesn’t know is that his mother and his new friend know who he is and what he’s doing. She even saw him play on this day. She cryptically says it is best for her to stay away from her son. What might be the reason, though? Maybe the grandmother would stop her from seeing her son and opening more doors to secrets.

Peyami’s Confession To Esvet 

Grandmother finds Peyami and Esvet and tells them that Dimitri had visited to take his fiancée back. They are shocked that she knows who Firuze really is. Esvet realizes this means her father is in grave danger if Dimitri knows where she is. She can only guess that he was coerced to tell them her location. Peyami calms her down and tells her she is not going anywhere and that he will take care of things. Grandmother warns Esvet that she will tell Peyami the truth about her and Mustafa’s marriage and make her life harder. The grandmother just wants her son to be safe, so she wants Esvet to return to Dimitri. She doesn’t hate Esvet, but she just cares for her grandson too much. But she realizes that her grandson is in love with Esvet and gives him his grandfather’s gun so he can save them both and end their misery. Peyami can’t shoot at his blood brother Dimitri and refuses the gun, but his grandmother insists. Esvet knows that even if she is sent away now, Dimitri will come after Peyami. Peyami tells her he will not let anything happen to her and he will end all of this because he loves her.


What Happens To Peyami At The End Of Season 1

Peyami and Dimitri fight it out, and Dimitri pours out all his jealous feelings from before until now. Dimitri was never favored by his own father, and so he hated Peyami for that. He tells Peyami that he let the foal go all those years ago because he could never let Peyami have what was rightfully his. Now he has stolen the love of his life. Finally, Dimitri pulls out a gun and aims it at Peyami. On the other side, Esvet arrives at the scene with Peyami’s grandfather’s gun in hand. Peyami tries to calm both of them down and tells Dimitri that both of them don’t get Esvet because he is sending her away, but Dimitri doesn’t calm down. Esvet pulls the trigger on Dimitri, but Peyami comes in the way and gets shot. The series ends with Peyami’s eyes closing, making it look like he’s letting go, with Dimitri and Esvet sitting over his body and crying for help. Dimitri’s demeanor completely changes after seeing Peyami being shot, and he realizes his jealousy has been juvenile. He doesn’t want his best friend to die at that moment, no matter what they’ve been through over the years, and all he wishes is for Peyami to stay with him. Esvet, too, forgets her fear of Dimitri and sits beside Peyami, crying for help.

What We Understand From Season 2 Trailer!

Oh, but hold on! We already have a trailer for season 2, and Peyami is, in fact, very much alive! We see a kind of role reversal in personalities between Peyami and Dimitri. Peyami seems to be obsessing over work and succumbing to the “glamorous” side of fashion. Peyami and Esvet will finally be married, as Dimitri already appears to have learned from his mistake after seeing his friend being shot. He just wanted to use the gun as a threat, but after Peyami was shot, he regretted all his decisions. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about Peyami’s mother and Esvet’s past too.


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