‘The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract’ Episodes 9 And 10 Recap And Ending Explained

It is rightly said that history repeats itself, as we see Yeon Woo stuck in a parallel universe with the same things that happened to her in her previous life happening all over again. There are several revelations in the ninth and tenth episodes of The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract. The real motives of many characters, such as Chairman Kang and Secretary Hwang, have been exposed! These two episodes are full of epic revelations and thrilling actions with subtle hints of romance. What were Secretary Hwang’s intentions? How did Chairman Kang’s reality come out in the long run? Let’s find the answers to these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

Who Killed Yeon Woo in Her Past Life?

Yeon Woo and her entire family had been eliminated in her past life by the Kang family. It is revealed that they wanted a memorial headstone of a loyal wife and hence were behind her murder 200 years ago. There is a possibility that the Kang family had murdered Yeon Woo’s family to gain control over her family property. Later, Midam came up to Yeon Woo and told her that she had found Yeon Woo’s diary from her past life, which was filled up right up until the date of her wedding. Later, new content popped up in the diary, which revealed that both Tae-Ha and Yeon Woo had been murdered by Madam Yoon in their past lives. Later, Chyeon Myeong came to meet Tae Ha, showing him a vision of his past life and making history more clear to him. He saw that his fate was repeating itself, and things were occurring just like in his past life.


What were Chairman Kang’s real intentions?

Chairman Kang wanted to fire CEO Min from SH so that he could place Tae Ha in her position. However, Tae Ha later told his grandfather that he wanted to resign from the post of deputy chairman to ensure Yeon Woo was by his side, much to his dismay. Later, when CEO Min and Tae Min are threatened by Chairman Kang to be deprived of their shares in the property, CEO Min exposes his real intentions to Tae Ha. She told him that Tae Ha’s grandfather was the one who killed his mother 23 years ago. He had asked his son to re-marry to get hold of his new bride’s fortune. He manipulated Tae Ha’s father by telling him that his wife’s heart ailment could be treated if he acquired all the wealth. However, later, Tae-Ha’s mother was left to die, untreated, at the family annex.

While Tae Ha’s grandfather had locked his mother’s room from the outside, he had also been locked up inside the room accidentally, and later, when Min came to save him, Tae Ha saw her and thought that his stepmother was behind Tae Ha’s mother’s death. CEO Min told Tae Ha that his grandfather had raised him like a puppet, making him think all his life that his stepmother was at fault. Initially, he did not believe CEO Min, but later, when Ha Na confessed to her crimes and told him that she had started keeping an eye on him and Yeon Woo on the orders of Chairman Kang, he realized that his grandfather was responsible for his mother’s death. Later, when he faced CEO Kang, he told him that whatever he had done was for his son, Jung Hoon.


Later, Yeon Woo decided to meet CEO Kang to mend his relationship with her husband. He showed her the picture he had hidden from her all this time. The lady in the very old portrait had an uncanny similarity with Yeon Woo. CEO Kang told her that he had first seen the portrait in his father’s gallery. He wanted a share of the gallery, but his father refused, telling him that he would donate it, which infuriated him. He tricked his father and captured his property, which highlights CEO Kang’s excessive greed. Kang showed Yeon Woo the watch and told her that it had started moving ever since she came, and he compared her to Yoon Hee (Tae Ha’s mother), indicating that he would hurt her if needed!

Why Did CEO Min Want to Get Tae Ha Killed?

CEO Min was responsible for the couple’s deaths in the past and wanted the same in their current lives. She had sent a spy to tail the couple, which Secretary Hong had already informed Tae Ha about. He attached a GP system to the stalker’s car and followed him, finding out that he had contact with Secretary Hwang, CEO Min’s right hand! Later, when the stalker tried to poison Tae Ha’s water at a conference, Secretary Hong promptly acted and changed the bottle. Later, Tae Ha gets hold of the stalker and brings him to CEO Min, telling her that she was behind all the conspiracies. Secretary Hwang also admits that he has been working as per CEO Min’s instructions. She had always been jealous of Tae Ha’s excellency over her own son, Tae Min. Even in her past life, we saw a glimpse of her getting upset over Tae Min’s skills as a painter, as he had decided not to take part in the state exam like his stepbrother. Her jealousy caused her to become vengeful and do things to disrupt Tae Ha’s and his partner’s well-being.


Why did Chyeon Myeong help Yeon Woo?

Cheong Myeong warned Yeon Woo that if she chose to stay in this world, then Tae Ha would end up having the same fate as in his previous life. He could die if she chose to stay with him in this life, and hence she had to be transported to her previous world. When Yeon Woo asked her why she was helping her, she told her that Yoen Woo’s grandfather had saved her life as a child when she was being bullied by other children for having colored eyes. She had given a watch to Yeon Woo’s grandfather and promised to help him when the correct time arrived. It was Cheong Myeong who had saved Yeon Woo when she fell into the well and transported her into another life.

What were Secretary Hwang’s intentions?

Secretary Hwang had a history with the Kang family and wanted to seek revenge on Chairman Kang and his entire family. It was Secretary Hwang who had gotten Yeon Woo kidnapped and then informed Tae Ha about it anonymously to shift the blame on Chairman Kang. He wanted to make sure that there was chaos within the Kang family. He later visits Chairman Kang and reminds him about how he was responsible for his family’s death 23 years ago, when Hwang’s family got into a serious accident. The doctor who was supposed to perform the surgery on his pregnant wife had been booked by Chairman Kang to perform surgery on his own son, as he had also gotten into an accident on the same day. The lack of a doctor caused Hwang’s wife’s death. Since then, he has been seeking revenge on the Kang family and plotting to destroy them.


What will happen in the next episode?

There are a lot of new mysteries that are yet to be unfolded in the next episode. It is likely that Chairman Kang will target Yeon Woo next, just like he wanted to eliminate Tae Ha’s rebellious mother. CEO Min’s real motive for murdering Yeon Woo and her family in the past will also be explored in great detail. What Hwang has done to the Kang empire is yet to be explored in depth in the next episode. Will Yeon Woo go back to her past life to save Tae Ha in this life? It is most likely that she will take Cheong Myeong’s warnings quite seriously and ask her to transport her back to old Joseon just to save the love of her life.

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