‘The Serial Killer’s Wife’ Season 2 Theories: Will Detective Edgeworth Find The Truth About Beth?

Paramount+ series, The Serial Killer’s Wife, introduced the audience to Beth’s dysfunctional friend circle and family, with a serial killer and a pinch of vengeance in the mix. The four-episode series chronicles the story of Beth, whose seemingly perfect life takes a wrong turn when her charming and wealthy husband, whom she loved with all her heart, gets arrested by the cops. Tom Fairchild was taken into custody on suspicion of the murder of Katy Asquith, his ex-colleague. Tom was also told that he was also a possible suspect in the disappearance of Alison Mayhew. The case was looking strong, as the cops had found a ring with Tom’s initials on it near Katy’s cold body. However, Beth always believed that Tom had nothing to do with Kathy’s death, but unfortunately, her bubble soon brust, and she realized that her husband was no saint. It was later found that Tom had nothing to do with the deaths, and his troubles were just the product of his own wrongdoings. Thus, rather than handing in the evidence that could set Tom free and give him what he had lost—his career, reputation, and possibly a book deal—Beth chooses to destroy the evidence to make him pay for what he did.

Spoilers Ahead

Will Detective Edgeworth Discover The Truth About Beth?

In the final moments of The Serial Killer’s Wife, Beth annihilated all the evidence, rubbed it in Tom’s face (not literally), and filed a missing report for Adam, whom she pushed off a cliff herself. If, for some reason, you didn’t watch the last couple of episodes, here’s a major spoiler. In reality, all the killings were orchestrated by Adam, Beth’s best friend, who was secretly Tom’s greatest enemy. For years, Tom had maintained that Adam was his best friend, and that the last thing he would ever do was hurt him or his family. However, as expected of Tom, he had no intention of keeping his promise. As shown in the series, Tom was a womanizer and often cheated on his wife with other women, including Katy and several others. He was also a regular member of an underground, illegal sex group. This was the same place where he met Phoebe and Beth, and the trio often had fun together.

Soon after, Phoebe stopped coming to the club, leading the duo to date, and they eventually got married. After marriage, as a loyal wife, Beth never visited the club, but her husband wasn’t so considerate. When Tom was caught, he had no shame in his eyes and said that since he provided for Beth’s lifestyle, he had the right to do anything, even sleep with other women. Even though Tom never put it in words, he hinted that he lost interest in Beth (sexually) after she gave birth. Tom even slept with Adam’s wife on multiple occasions, unbeknownst to everyone. Adam eventually found out about Marnie’s infidelity and also the fact that his daughter, Jess, wasn’t actually his but Tom’s. Adam killed his own wife by hiding her EpiPen and making a video recording of Marnie choking and gasping for air. Later, he planned to use the same video to frame Tom for all the murders. Thanks to Jules, Beth learned about Tom and Marnie’s affair, but she couldn’t believe her ears.

In addition, Tom had also told her that the video was uploaded after he was arrested, way after Marnie’s death. This meant that someone had intentionally uploaded the video, and since Adam was the only person who had it, Beth’s suspicions fell on him. In his house, Beth found videos and a Polaroid that proved that Adam had killed Kathy, Marnie, Phoebe, and others and had framed Tom for it. Thus, for the safety of herself and her daughters, Jess and Poppy, she pushed him off the cliff and filed a missing person’s report a few days later. However, the road ahead won’t be easy for her, as Detective Edgeworth found out that Beth indeed knew about the illegal sex club, but chose to lie. Also, given Edgeworth’s determination to see the case through, it’s quite possible that she eventually finds the connection between Adam and the murdered girls. So, in the upcoming season, we will see her facing the law, trying to hide her tracks to avoid arrest. There’s no doubt that Edgeworth will eventually find out that the serial killer’s wife is actually a killer herself.

Will Tom And Jules Be Joining Forces?

Just when we thought season 1 had ended for good, we were treated to a cliffhanger mid-credit scene. The scene showed Jules, Maxwell’s wife, meeting Tom Fairchild in prison. Jules told Tom that she had intentionally borrowed some of her husband’s files, which contained information about him. The mid-credit scene ended here and left us pondering what information Jules was referring to. One theory is that she found some evidence or details that could get him out of prison. Maxwell was Tom’s lawyer and one of his closest friends; thus, him knowing everything about Tom’s explicit hobbies wouldn’t come as a shock. Jules would agree to help Tom, but in return for some hard cash.

If you didn’t know, Jules had separated from her lawyer husband, and it’s possible that the alimony she received wasn’t as generous as she had anticipated. And since Tom was a wealthy man, Jules would definitely demand some compensation, probably as much as a million pounds. Since the show needs some wings to soar, Tom would definitely be freed on all charges. If that happens, Tom will surely try to get his revenge and will ensure he makes his ex-wife’s life a living hell. So, Beth would have to save herself from both Tom’s revenge plans and Edgeworth’s probing eyes. The next season would also peel back the layers of Tom’s sexual exploits and explore more about his past that Season 1 chose to leave out. Or there’s another theory: what if Jules had visited Tom to learn more about the scandalous club?

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